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Big Brother is Listening

You probably already know that if you use your computer to search for white bath towels, or car parts for your '65 Mustang, that your Facebook feed will now show you ads for these products. (Probably just typing that, will produce them on my computer.)

I decided to let my 2-year-old granddaughter play on my spare cell phone. Just for giggles, mine and hers, I had changed Siri's voice to a British gentleman some time ago. I had completely forgotten that I did this. 

I constantly say to my granddaughter, "I love you." This is pretty normal for us, sometimes out of the blue I’ll hear, “I love you, Grammy!” I mean who doesn’t like to hear that? 

In the midst of our routine, I said to her, “I sure do love you!” Instead of getting a smile back, our moment was interrupted by a British gentleman who stepping into the room unbeknownst to us. The spare phone piped up in the British man's voice with "I think you're pretty special too." If anything I now know Siri has commitment issues. I guess that I am now in an online relationship. I’m pausing right here as I debate the next line, there are so many comments I could make right here, but I'll refrain...from another.

So anyway, if you see me walking around talking to my phone Siri and I are probably discussing our future, like how to get to some address...wait. This won't work. Asking a guy for directions? Something is wrong with this picture. Anyway, I suspect with Siri's commitment issues, I might have to let him go and switch to the Irish or Australian lads. For directions, I'll have to switch back to the female Siri. 


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