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Letter to the Editor: Don't blame me

Dear Editor:

RE: Leonard Pitts, Sunday op page Gazette

I do not see how I am to blame for the shortcomings perceived or real of minority races (citizens) of our Nation. My people did not immigrate until approximately 1870; up until my generation they were all farmers - rarely did any receive education beyond grade school. I am the first to graduate from a four-year college in an agricultural pursuit. But that does not mean that I am more learned than those before me. On the contrary, they learned by doing and in "doing" so learned from their mistakes. Hard work and persistence are what made them successful. I suggest the same for all minorities - this is the land of opportunity, only the outcome is in doubt.

What really matters is what accomplishments blacks and other minorities have to their credit. I see tons of success in certain individuals namely: Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams (RIP), Justice Clarence Thomas, Congressman Tim Scott, Thomas Payne, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, Leo Terrell, Herman Cane (RIP) and certainly others. These people are heroes to me, they overcame.

I see the lowest dregs plundering, looting, drugging, shooting, and killing - unfortunately for your cause the majority of these lawbreakers are black and other minorities. Seems to me you have a great problem unsolved and one I cannot help you with. The solution must come from the minority community. I am certainly approving of judging people by the content of their character.


John Stiegelmeyer

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