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Dear Editor,

There has been a lot of controversy over these vaccines & mandates, & it's only getting worse. Our government should not be censoring us, keeping information from us, & downright lying to us about what is going on. A few weeks ago, I sent a ton of information to our Public Health director, & asked for a response to every piece of information that I wanted her to look at. As of today, I have yet to get any kind of response, so I emailed her again. The following is the email I sent today.
This is about our health, & we deserve answers!Morning Katie!Well, it's been a few weeks now, & I have yet to hear anything back from you. There are many people who would like to hear some kind of response. This is about our health, & we have every right to ask questions & receive answers. There are members of congress & senate speaking out about this, they can see how wrong this is. They can see how the FDA, the CDC & others are making rules that make no sense. They can see that the doctors are being censored. OSHA has even come out & said this is a complete overreach of our government. Yet, here we are, you & the hospital are still listening to Biden, still pushing the vaccine, holding vaccine clinics, all while they refuse to be straight with the people, refuse to give up FOIA requests, refuse to look at natural immunity...& why??? The majority of the people now hospitalized & dying are the vaccinated!!! These "vaccines" are dangerous & are about nothing but control. It's time for the "leaders" in Vinton to speak up!! You better all realize that if you don't speak up now because you fear the government, it's only going to get worse. Pretty soon there won't be a chance to speak because we will be living in a communist country & the government will own you & everything you you can speak now & possibly keep your freedoms & lose your job, or stay silent & lose absolutely everything...including your house, your land, & your RIGHT to speak freely. You'd all better start doing some serious critical thinking, this is no joke, this is no conspiracy, this is what's really happening & you'd better wake up & start fighting the tyranny of our government before it's too late. Research the Great Reset, the Build Back Better Plan, listen to what the Dems are putting in these new bills, it's all connected, & it's all about government control.If you don't believe me, here is a warning from an ArchbishopAnd this is their plan on transhumanismDr. Nagase in Calgary on treating with ivermectinIt's time for answers, it's time to end this now before it's too late.It's time to save the human race,Valerie Bearbower


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Gerald Bates November 22, 2021, 8:06 pm Our government should never be forcing anyone to get the Covid shot. If someone wants it they should get it. If they do not want it, it is NOT and our government tries to force it, that is clearly a violation of our Constitutional Rights. This group of power-hungry idiots we have running the country right now do not have a clue what they are doing and for the most part. The press protects them by their overwhelming failure to report actual news. Their failure to tell the truth and consistent attempts to conceal it makes them no better journalists than what existed in the old Soviet Union where the Communists controlled the message. We are already at that point in America. If our leaders are not representing our value and beliefs, they should be voted out! I do not care If they are Democrats or Republicans... if they do not do the job they were voted in to do, they need to be removed and shame on the people who just vote straight party because that's what they have always done. Only a fool would continue to do that. It's that kind of thought that put us where we are today. We have elected fools to our highest levels of government and the entire world knows it.
Tyler Henkle November 22, 2021, 10:14 pm I sleep well at night knowing the people making medical decisions for my family and my community do not use Facebook as citable “research”.
Kryss Geiger November 23, 2021, 1:37 pm Tyler I agree with you. Good for you. Nobody that I know of that are demanding things their way, have the medical knowledge, education or research for what they are proclaiming to be truth. I live by the old saying. Never debate politics or religion.. your beliefs are all that matter for you.
Valerie Bearbower November 23, 2021, 2:39 pm Tyler, I shouldn't have to tell you that it is not Facebook doing the research, it's the thousands of highly accredited doctors, nurses, virologists & epidemiologists that have been censored by our government & local media. There are plenty of other platforms that they are speaking out on as well. It's coming from members of Congress, senators, governors & representatives. It's coming from funeral home directors. It's coming from actual data. Follow the money, & you'll find the truth. The government has already said they are censoring anyone who questions their "narrative", & that's exactly what this is, a narrative to fit their agenda. This is America, there are millions of people questioning why our government is doing what they are. We the people should not be silenced, have our freedom of speech taken away, or be punished for asking questions about our health, & the actions of the government. The government is there to work for us, they are not there to tell us what to do with our lives.
Randy Braden November 23, 2021, 2:59 pm You have so much misinformation in your letter but I’ll pick one. The vaccines have been proven to be safe and nearly 90% of the hospitalizations and deaths ate unvaccinated. It’s not hard to find that information. I also have one question: Children are required to have vaccinations before entering school. Is that a big, bad overreach by the government?
Valerie Bearbower November 23, 2021, 3:17 pm My suggestion to everyone is to get off of Google & really do your research on Bill Gates. Why get off of Google to do it? Because he owns Google, just like he gives billions of dollars to the media outlets, he is the WHO'S top financial contributor right after the United States....the list goes on & on, & after doing your research, if you still trust anything that he has his hand in, then they have done their job of brainwashing you very well.
Valerie Bearbower November 23, 2021, 4:36 pm Also, research what's going on in other parts of the world, like Australia, Canada, the UK. They are dealing with the same censorship, & loss of freedoms.
Darrin Lindsey November 23, 2021, 4:49 pm Dear Valerie Z, I have some questions and statements for you. Some of the questions I've asked you before, but I haven't received any answers yet. First, how is it that you, or anyone you know, is being censored by our government? Keep in mind, that our government isn't any social media company. Our government only consists of The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, based in Washington D.C. (reminding you again that the Senate is half of our Congress). You like to talk about "Congress and Senate" like they're two different entities. What is it that you think our government is lying to you about, concerning the vaccines for COVID-19? Use the CDC website. Everything you can possibly know about the virus, the disease, and the vaccines are right there for you. They don't listen to our government leaders anymore. That only happened between 2017 and 2021. There are no censors on them anymore. You made a comment about OSHA declaring that something "our government" said, or is doing, is Unconstitutional. OSHA is part of our government. They are tasked with making sure the places that we all work, are the safest they can possibly be. That's all that department does. In your letter to the Health Department, you made the remark " and the hospital are still listening to Biden". I'm wondering what you meant by that, and the person you wrote that letter to, is probably wondering too. Joe Biden is The President of the United States of America. If you don't like that, it's one thing (the election was administered with every aspect of our Constitution followed, with no exceptions). Telling a government official, to not listen to him, is a whole other matter. "Our government" as you put it, (The Health Department of our government) has been looking at the "natural immunity" aspect of this disease, since the very first cases were being dealt with. You can find all of that information on the CDC website also. Tell me what FOIA information are you trying to get? Again, if it pertains to the vaccine, you can find all of the information on the CDC website. If you're requesting something *that you think they have* but it really doesn't exist, then there's a reason that you haven't received it yet. Whoever is feeding you the crap about vaccinated people being the only ones dying due to COVID-19, has gotten you "hook, line and sinker". They *or you* have absolutely no proof of that! If you, *or they* want to file a lawsuit because you think this is true, gather all the proof THAT YOU THINK YOU HAVE, and file it! Keep in mind, that any lawyer that claims fraud in a U.S. courtroom, without any proof, is subject to immediate loss of the ability to practice law. As far as this Communism crap! There is nobody alive today, that will EVER see the United States of America under Communist or even Socialist control! That isn't my opinion, that is fact! You need a lot of education on how our government works (all three branches), how ideologies have evolved and what their characteristics are, how to read our Constitution (along with the Federalist Papers), and go in length to study historical documentation about the history of your country. Critical Thinking???? How can you talk about critical thinking, when you, yourself, prove with every comment on here, that you only listen to those feeding you lies? PERIOD! You try shovelling crap about the Build Back Better Act. You expect community members to believe YOU! You don't know yourself what is in that bill. Let me inform you. The following are the issues that are addressed in the Build Back Better Act, with the amount of money our state will be receiving, if it's passed. This is the bill, as it stands right now. The complete list of what the bill consists of. Each state gets their own, pro rated, amounts; Iowa Total $5.08B Highways $3.4B Bridges $432M Public Trans $305M Water $638M Other $307M Note: "Other"includes allocations for electric vehicle charging stations, broadband, airports, impacts of climate change and cyberattacks. The bill contains no other provisions. Thank you for your time.
Darrin Lindsey November 23, 2021, 5:13 pm Gerald Bates, let's set some things straight. Our government isn't forcing the vaccine on anyone! The only way to eradicate COVID-19, is to eliminate the ability for the virus to strive in our bodies. Teaching our bodies (immune system) to snuff out the virus, is the only way to do that. OSHA is a department of our government that has only one task. That's to force all employers in our country, to follow all safety practices necessary to keep all employees safe. That's the only thing OSHA has done since President Nixon created the department, in 1971. If you think that what they do is UnConstitutional, you need to talk to your Supreme Court friends. I think you used the term "actual news". How can you possibly know what actual news is, when you only believe what Trump allows YOU'RE "news sources" to say? He's a lifetime con artist, that even his lawyers have said, that he's unable to tell the truth! Which of YOUR representatives, in Washington D.C., haven't been voting for what YOU voted them in for? Perhaps you don't understand that we live in a very large country. Each and every area of this country are allowed to vote on who gets to represent them, in Washington D.C. If any people, in any area of our country, aren't happy with the way they're represented in D.C., they can vote them out, once their term is over. NOT EVERYONE is required to vote for the same representation the YOU say they should. That's the great thing about our Constitutional Democratic Republic. So, your argument about the people in Congress, not *voting for what you voted them in for* is rather silly. Maybe you need to check the voting record of the people that YOU voted for. Don't speak about the people that you had no chance to vote for, not voting the way YOU voted them in for. Because YOU didn't vote them in. There are only 3 people representing you! Just like everyone else in this country.
Darrin Lindsey November 23, 2021, 5:29 pm OMG Valerie!!! If the government is censoring someone, they wouldn't be opening their mouths to let the garbage out of their mouths! To be censored, is to have no ability to talk about something to anyone! You're being ridiculous about our Constitution! The 1st Amendment of our Constitution says that the government cannot retaliate against any citizen for using their voice, or any type of expression, for criticizing or otherwise demeaning the government. Our government IS NOT censoring anyone from saying what they want to say! There might be some companies that are retaliating against their employees for saying or expressing something that the company sees as damaging to them. But, that's not the government. If you are relating this to OSHA, once again, the only thing OSHA exists for is to make sure all U.S. employers give their employees a safe workplace. That's the only thing OSHA has done since President Nixon created the department, in 1972. GEESH!!!
Valerie Bearbower November 23, 2021, 6:17 pm Darren, Hate to break it to you, but, I'm not nearly as misinformed as you. Best of luck to you & your're going to need at after all of the booster shots & pills they're going to continue to shove down your throat. God help anyone who continues to hold Fauci on a pedestal, & only listen to the advice coming from him. You think I'm an idiot for listening to alternate media, doctors. Nurses, virologists, immunologists & epidemiologist, respected people that have everything to lose by standing up against these mandates....while you trust the CDC, FDA, the federal government, vaccine makers & the WHO, all who have something to gain by forcing these jabs on you. I think I'll keep listening to the people I have been. & yes, I do know a lot of what is in the Build Back Better Plan, I've watched hours of politicians speaking about what is really in that plan, it's more like the Build Back Broke plan.
Valerie Bearbower November 23, 2021, 10:42 pm Darren, Right here is your proof...forward to listen to Dr. Martin.
Todd Frank November 23, 2021, 11:16 pm Gerald, you said "shame on the people who just vote straight party because that's what they have always done. Only a fool would continue to do that. It's that kind of thought that put us where we are today. " You vote for people from both parties. Good for you!
Gerald Bates November 24, 2021, 12:08 am Once again Mr. Lindsey blesses us with his vast self-proclaimed knowledge about anything and everything. Mr. Lindsey, let's get this straight, you know so much that just isn't so... I am confident I am not alone when I say you're consistent corrections of people's views do little to impress the readers. Time and time again you the fool spouts off as if to be speaking from some position of expertise. I would hardly consider you to have any real expertise or understanding of the Constitution except when you slant it to meet whatever position you have taken on an issue. Instead of constantly attempting to educate someone's post, you clearly need to improve you're knowledge of not only the Constitution but also with current events on both a local and national level. I would suggest following the rulings made by the Supreme Court. We recently had one which clearly addresses government attempting to force vaccinations on its citizens. You may also be surprised to know there are currently hundreds of court cases across the country and in several states and jurisdictions challenging the actions of government to force workers to be vaccinated. Some simple research would vastly improve your knowledge of facts. Then you would not have to rely on whatever source you are using. Clearly you must live a lonely life when you are able to actually write page after page of false information to challenge every person with an opinion different than what you have. It becomes ridiculous when whatever point you were attempting to convey becomes lost in you're bitterness and open unbridled expression of sarcastic words. You clearly know so much that just isn't so...
Mary Coots November 24, 2021, 8:56 am I believe the vaccinations children are required to have to enter the public education system are fully approved and have been fully tested. The mRNA genetic therapy is not a true vaccine and has not gone through the testing procedures other medications have. The testing is being done on the world populations. It should be each and every individuals choice to participate or not.
Mary Coots November 24, 2021, 10:11 am Oh, I forgot to mention, the source of the information contained in my previous comment is Dr. RW Malone. He is the inventor of the mRNA technology used in what we are calling the COVID-19 vaccine. He has been warning people since the emergency rollout that this technology was never designed to be used in the manner it is currently being used.
Darrin Lindsey November 24, 2021, 11:20 am Valerie, let me give you a simple legal lesson on something about that video. First, I watched it a little more than 2/3 through, and never saw a Dr. Martin. But, I had had enough by then. So, here we go. That guy running that podcast, or whatever type of media it's is, is bending over backwards to skirt around the subject, when he talks about what he thinks about what's in the vaccine. He does everything he can to keep from calling it a vaccine or a COVID shot. He calls it a "bio-weapon", "this shot", "this injection" and "this mystery substance". This is a trick that all of the "Conspiracy Theorists" do. They know what they're telling you is a load of crap. So they avoid directly saying what they're actually talking about, so when they get sued, they can claim that they were talking about something else. This trick is used heavily, in tv commercials. If you don't watch close enough, you'll never know it's happening. The diet pills are guilty of it a lot. They show you two pictures of a person, on the screen. One is incredibly over weight, and the other is lean and fit. As long as they don't claim those pictures have anything to do with the product they're talking about, they are perfectly legal. Another trick on that video, is the lady talking about that weird product being in the COVID vaccine (I don't remember the name). During that interview, that lady admits to being a "Conspiracy Theorist". She does this to save her butt from lawsuits. The ONLY definition of Conspiracy Theorist is; A person making a claim without having a single piece of evidence to back it up. As long as she admits, on air, that she is a conspiracy theorist, she can claim whatever she wants to, and be covered legally. Now, I did look up this Dr. Martin. I don't know what he claims to be, but, for the last 20 years, he's been an anesthesiologist. He puts people to sleep for surgery. Why would you use him as a resource for a vaccine? Would you go to a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist for problems with your feet?
Darrin Lindsey November 24, 2021, 12:03 pm Mr. Bates, I am going to continue to correct you, and those of your ilk, as long as you keep spreading nonsense. In your original comment here, you made some claims, that, at best, could be considered opinion. I'm not saying that opinions aren't important. But, when opinion become dangerous for our country, they need rebuttal. Your first opinion was; "The government should never be forcing anyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine". You never give any proof or references for your statements. This analogy has been wore out, but if you ever had kids, you would know that our government "forces" kids to get several different vaccines, before they're allowed to attend school. What's different about this vaccine? Let me guess. Trump says it's not necessary? You don't like Dr. Fauci, because Trump told you he lies? It's a vaccine for a disease that Trump says is a hoax? If you'll indulge me for a second... Remember back when this "hoax" started, and Trump said "we have 15 cases right now, but they'll just magically go away soon"? Remember when this all started, and the very respected medical analysis group from the University of Washington predicted that 1.2 million Americans could die from this disease? Trump laughed at that, and said we would ONLY see about 50,000 deaths. Well, were pushing 800,000 now. Only 400,000 more to go, to get to that 1.2 million. We're 3/4 the way there, and going into the Winter months, where we lost 225,000 in a 4 month span, last Winter. Here's another quote from your first comment. "Our government tries to force it, that is clearly a violation of our Constitutional Rights. You seem to talk big about your Constitutional Rights, but, you never cite any part of our Constitution that relates to the rights you are claiming to be violated. Why is that? "The press protects them by their overwhelming failure to report "actual news"... " Their failure to tell the truth and consistent attempts to conceal it makes them no better than the journalists than what existed in the old Soviet Union. WE ARE ALREADY AT THAT POINT IN AMERICA" Once again, a lot of talk, with no substance. Clara Peller would be shouting "Where's the beef"? That claim about the old Soviet Union, is a very stout claim. What you're referring to is State Run Media. In the old Soviet Union, the only journalism was a product of the government. Absolutely nobody could publish, or otherwise produce, any "news" that wasn't first approved of by the government,or they would be arrested. Today's Russia is a little less strict. There are independent news agencies, but the government reserves the right to arrest, or kill, anyone for for speaking out against the government. Please tell me who you know of that has been punished by our government, for something they have said or expressed. Where's your proof that this exists in our country? Don't cite anything that the government did between 2017 and 2021. Any government punishment in that 4 years, doesn't count for this example. "We have elected fools to our highest levels of government and the entire world knows it. This statement contains both opinion and a claim of fact. But, the fact isn't backed up by any proof. Please let me know where those statistics are, that proves "the entire world knows it".
Darrin Lindsey November 24, 2021, 12:14 pm Mary Coots, Dr. Robert Malone was one of hundreds, if not thousands, of virologists that worked on the development of mRNA technology. Did you check with all of the others involved? Or did you just find the one that said what you wanted to hear, and went with that?
Darrin Lindsey November 24, 2021, 12:21 pm Mary Coots, Oh, I forgot. Do you remember when the Polio vaccine was developed? If you do, you might also remember that it went into service, almost the day it came out of the test tube. COVID-19 is extremely more contagious than Polio was. The only way Polio could be spread from human-to-human, was for someone to get another human's feces in their mouth. This could even happen from packaged food. Yuck, right?
Valerie Bearbower November 24, 2021, 1:43 pm Darren, you obviously didn't watch 2/3 of the video. Dr. Martin starts speaking at minute marker 26:14, the video in whole is 55:50. If you would have forwarded to listen to him, then you would have seen the evidence, seems you have a problem with math & instruction as well. Mary Coots is spot on, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA, has warned against this from the very beginning, but I suppose you are going to be able to tell us why he doesn't know what he is talking about either. I'm sure Dr. Zelenko, who has been a doctor to the presidents, also is wrong? Dr. Peter McCullough, a well known & respected doctor, is wrong as well? Damn Darren, I can't believe you haven't been hired as Fauci's #1 man, or running a medical school somewhere since you seem to hold so much more knowledge than the thousands of medical professionals speaking out against this. If you know so much, why are you just sitting around wasting your time, talent, & knowledge on correcting us?
Darrin Lindsey November 24, 2021, 5:16 pm Valerie, do you have an issue with me correcting you? If you're going to spread conspiracy theories, I'm going to lay the facts out, about what you're spreading. The fact that you believe a guy that claims to have "invented" the mRNA technology, that hundreds of doctors across the country worked on, is really sad. He had no more part of the development, than any of the rest of the researchers. Your Dr. Martin is an anesthesiologist! You name a few other doctors, but you say there are thousands of them that are against the vaccine. If that's the case, they have certainly gotten some type of protest letter together, that they've all signed on to. I'm unable to find that list on the internet. Does it not register with you that there are probably millions of doctors across the planet that stand behind all of the vaccines? Even the one that doesn't use mRNA technology.
Tyler Henkle November 24, 2021, 6:40 pm The most troubling thing beyond the original poorly punctuated taunt and haranguing email is the subsequent responses to the people of the city you will soon serve. This is immature. This is not a request for answers; clearly you have all of them. I hope you can find a more respectful and professional tone as a city leader or these loud and adversarial relationships will mean a short time with the council.
Gerald Bates November 24, 2021, 7:34 pm Mr Lindsey, Even a fool is thought to be wise until they open their mouth and remove all doubt. This is still America (for now) and you certainly have the right to act foolish. At some point, you might make an effort to hold an intelligent and productive conversation. I'm not sure if you are just bitter at something or someone but it clearly consumes you and hampers your ability to communicate clearly as well as intelligently. Maybe you should seek professional help. Regardless few people actually read the consistent rambling of your comments. Everyone just sees the name and know the trash the comment will continue and accept it with the same awareness as when a toilet is flushed. There is no need to read it, you already know what the contents are and so most intelligent people just allow it to go where we all know it ends up. You really do not impress anyone with so much that you just do now know..
Dave Coots November 24, 2021, 8:46 pm Two things I've learned from the All-knowing expert here is that Donald Trump lives rent-free in all liberals' heads, and that "we have hired fools to our highest levels of government and the world knows it., " Libs are in control, own it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey, it's costing 24% more than last year when we had a president without dementia.
Jeff Davidson November 24, 2021, 11:02 pm Darrin Lindsey must be some sort of goofball! What clown has so much time to sit around posting books as a response to everything someone posts? Get a job Lib-tard if you need something to do! Guess your savior Biden ain't doing too well and you're mad..
Valerie Bearbower November 25, 2021, 10:39 am Well you went to Google & saw the first Dr. David Martin you could find & assumed it was him....wrong! Wrong Dr. David Martin. Keep getting your "facts" from google. I don't care that you keep trying to discredit me. You refuse to even open your mind & listen to the people & that are warning against this shot, & when I put the evidence out there, you absolutely refused to watch it, you watched everything I recommended to fast forward through, & then spent your time blasting me about that. You apparently haven't bothered to look at what is happening in Canada, Australia, the UK, & many other places around the World. Many governments have put a stop to this mRNA shot after looking at their own research. I stand behind my opinion after countless hours of listening to medical professionals, & seeing their undisputable evidence. You can stand behind yours. I know there are millions of people that stand with me on this. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day with family.
judy trygstad November 25, 2021, 11:52 am Thank you Tyler for putting this whole angry, vindictive thread in perspective and may it rest in peace.
Rose Rouse November 26, 2021, 5:20 pm It amazes me how everyone is basically attacking and belittling each other over their opinions. Everyone has a right to their own. I got the vaccination but that was my choice. Whether or not anyone else chooses to get it is their choice. I don't care why they chose to get or not get the vaccine. That is their personal choice. Why all the arguing trying to convince someone else why they are making the wrong decision about what they put in their own body?
John Stiegelmeyer November 27, 2021, 5:34 pm Amazing the fire and brimstone from the liberal Progressive Woke three or four or was it only from two. Anyway the woke is wrong - if you only read the unreliable liberal press or the propaganda of ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC. you will have a jaundice view what is really - real. The various vaccines are not 100% effective. But it does seem that "break through" infections are less severe. There are side effects to the various vaccines that effect some with other health issues. A discussion with one's health provider is appropriate. It is increasing apparent the the Health bureaucracies are giving advisories that may be contrary to what clinical Physicians actually treating the sick are seeing as effective treatments. Dr. Anthony Fauci flip flops more than a dying carp. He can not be trusted to give accurate advice on treatment. We are considering with caution getting the booster vaccination Regards,
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