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A few months ago, the microwave that I had been saving until my old one died, finally came out of the box. It was the Coca-Cola red color, which I am so over now. That's how long I had been waiting to open the new microwave, It's always fun to have a new gadget, so I plugged it in and used it for a while. Then it died. The microwave I had bought on a clearance rack for $10, was worth that $10. Ironically, I had to pay $15 to get rid of it.

So I got online to find yet another microwave. I found the adult Version of an EasyBake oven. It microwaves. It even air fries. It bakes. It has a convection oven in it. It seems like it does other things, but one thing at a time here. I haven't attempted to air fry anything. But microwaving, I have that down. The convection oven has me scratching my head a bit. I forget that things cook faster on that setting. The pizza I made yesterday had the 2 year old granddaughter looking at it, and back at me and back down at the pizza. I explained that it was hereditary. My mom burned everything too, but that was with a regular oven. I cut a circle out of the middle of the pizza for her. She rejected it. It was the wrong shape. So I cut it into 4 triangles and we were good. that section was probably saved from the extra cheese piled in the middle.

I need to bake a pie for thanksgiving tomorrow. I also need to cook a ham. I'm thinking the crockpot might be safer for that ham. Maybe even the pie. I suppose I'll have to do a bit of googling to figure out my adult sized EasyBake oven. I'll see if someone there can tell me how long to adjust the cook time, or the temperature.

I remember shopping for the very first microwave that our family had. It was a Christmas present for my mom. My dad was so excited. He bought it for I think $200 along with all of the microwave pans that we never used. Then it needed its own stand. It was an expensive gift for sure. He was proud to do it. Mom was thrilled to have it, and truth be told, we were too.

The grandkids when they arrived could now have frozen/nuked bologna sandwiches. It was a tradition. The bologna would be removed from the package and placed in the microwave. Frozen in the middle but cooked on the outside from the microwave, like only grandma could make.

When cooking for one, it's really not worth the hassle. So microwave meals, the Salisbury steak one, has become my go to. 8 minutes to zap all the extra liquid out of the cardboard container and the patty is somehow still mush, so you know it's made of prime beef right from the ranch. But until I get sick of those, that will be my go-to.

I'm not sure about putting the apple pie in. Maybe I should just let it thaw and light the top on fire. It would save a lot of time, and the inside might be salvageable. Then I can get on to destroying the ham.

Sigh. And to think I taught my kids to cook and bake...and they all do it better than I do. Oh well. You can't win 'em all.

I'm off to ruin Thanksgiving one cooking disaster at a time!

On a serious note, take today to reflect on the good over this past year. Love each other and hug each other. Happy Thanksgiving!


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judy trygstad November 25, 2021, 11:41 am Hilarious and so much truth in this writing! Thanks for the humor this morning to start my day.
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