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Dear Editor,

When our leaders seeking office say "America needs farmers," all too often it feels like nothing more than lip service, a slogan which conveniently makes an appearance when career politicians pander to keep their jobs but one that's also quickly forgotten once they enter the halls of the Capitol in Des Moines. To that end, I'm asking my neighbors to support Justin Wasson, candidate for the Republican nomination in Iowa Senate District 42 (Linn/Benton counties) - he's someone who will truly have farmers' backs. We are seeing a disturbing trend across the state, family farms are going out of business and the political will to put Iowans ahead of the special interests which benefit from our decline is almost nowhere to be found. Wasson, however, believes that rural life matters and that family farms are worth preserving and protecting. His experience as a fellow small business owner, who has invested in rural Iowa, has furthermore given him the knowledge and experience to know our struggle up close and why it's so important we have better advocates in Des Moines. I've never endorsed a political candidate before but with so much on the line in the June primary I've decided to speak out. Please join me in voting for Justin Wasson. Respectfully, Heidi Liegl Farmer/small business owner


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