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Dear Editor,
Thanks to all for their comments. What was not considered by the naysayers was how much equipment given to the Afghani armed forces was given up when they dropped their weapons and deserted their army in the face of the Taliban - when U.S. forces left Bagram in the middle of the night without informing Afghani leaders - to me that was disgraceful. Too many of our heroic soldiers who lost life or limb to have our Country disgracefully leave those Afghanis who befriended and helped us against the Taliban and Isis. I can only offer apologies. No good has come of this betrayal. Our advisors trained the Afghanis to have aerial supremacy. When we left, threat protection evaporated - they were left with a ground light infantry that was not as functional. Damn us for doing that.I know it has taken me some time to recount, but that is as I see what has happened and how I blame the President for not recognizing the follow-up. You now have voted for this empty suit and are blameful as well. As Ronald Reagan said "We Win They Lose" Can't be more clear than that.I leave you with this: President Reagan's farewell speech to the Nation as he was leaving office to the next President.
If men were angels, no government would be needed. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary -- Federalist #51 James MadisonJohn StiegelmeyerVinton

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Gerald Bates April 26, 2022, 11:56 pm Thank you John.
Betty Thorsvig April 27, 2022, 2:31 pm Thank you John. I saw the list one day everything we left behind and there is NO justification period. Blatant stupidity and lack of any common sense.
Norma Gould April 27, 2022, 5:04 pm John, I know how you love to bad-mouth this administration but you always tell only half the story. You never mention the amount of money it would take to bring home the equipment that was left. They certainly didn't plan on the Afghanistan military to run off and leave everything. After being there 20 years do you really think they would ever have been ready to defend themselves? Were we supposed to stay forever? Wasn't 20 years long enough, didn't enough Americans die to please you. Another thing you failed to mention is your buddy trump negotiated with the Taliban and then released 5000 Afghan and Isis prisoners. He even invited the Taliban to Camp David. I am sure it was all because the Taliban was giving him praise because that was all anyone needed to do to him and you were instant friends. Besides when you look at his administration he loved crooks. Hopefully he will soon be indited for causing the insurrection. As far as your admiration for President Reagan, he was the one who started "Trickle Down Economics" which has continued and is what is causing all the income inequality and greed we have today from those at the top. Republicans always want to give corporate welfare to the big corporations and tell us that will trickle down to us but of course it never does. They don't pass any of that onto their employees, they just do stock buy backs and stuff their pockets. Now as if they haven't destroyed this country enough already they are making it harder for some people to vote. Maybe when our Democracy is gone because of republicans then you will have something else to complain about, but you won't be able to blame that on the Democrats. Norma Gould
Josh Geiger April 28, 2022, 12:54 pm Didn't the Trump administration negotiate the withdrawal directly with the Taliban while leaving the Afghanistan government out of the negotiations? Wasn't the original withdrawal actually supposed to happen May 1st under Trump's plan and Biden actually extended it to August 31? As part of the agreement that was struck by the Trump administration weren't 5,000 Taliban fighters released from prison? Isn't the $85 billion actually multiple aid packages that were distributed over 20 years? Do we think that those weapons, ammunitions, and equipment that were initially distributed 20 years ago are still lying around? Do we suppose any of it was used over the 20 years to train Afghan soldiers and fight the Taliban? If Ukraine loses Mariupol to Russia do you suppose some of the weapons we have given Ukraine will fall into the hands of Russia? Should we ask for our weapons back before Russia takes territories over? Is that how military aid works? Not a testament to the Biden administration by any means. Just questions and facts that should be considered in this argument. God bless
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