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RE: Ms. Gould

You say I only know half of the story, so what is the other half I seem to have missed?

What do you glean from the misinformation media?

So then you are an expert on military tactics and strategy? So where did you go to "boot camp" and where did you go to Officer Candidate School? Where did you go to Squadron Officer School, Command and Staff School and finally Air War College?

O.K. I hear the answer - NONE.

What makes our infantry so effective? You know the answer - right? Air Superiority! Our Armed forces won all of our battles in Vietnam (but we lost the war) because we had "fast movers" - F-100s and other aircraft flying cover over our infantry.

I suggest you read "We Were Soldiers Once And Young". Major Hal Moore outnumbered and in a precarious locale - prevailed. Our guys took casualties and the outcome appeared hopeless. They would be overrun by superior numbers of NVA regulars. So, how did they prevail? Air power, F-100s and helicopter gunships, and rescue helicopters. And the courage and bravery of those left.

"Fix Bayonets" that command signaled the last - no one would survive; no infantryman wants to hear that command. But, they did - those that were last able to walk showed their bravery to the NVA and they prevailed. We were able to evacuate those who could remain upright. Our guys won that confrontation although seriously outnumbered.

That was my point all along - when the air cover was gone the Afghan Army lost its cover. They could not prevail against the Taliban and/or ISIS. They realized that dilemma and shed their uniforms and arms and disappeared as best they could. You missed that point.

Also, you missed the point that prior to Biden's election and swearing-in - no KIAs months before when Trump was President. Why? But after abandoning Bagram, multiple Afghanis and 13 servicemen were dead due to a suicidal bomber - explain. Let's hear it.

You just can't see the truth.


John Stieglmeyer


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Gerald Bates May 1, 2022, 10:22 pm As a veteran and Infantryman, I would also like to hear this expert testimonial from Norma..
Randy Braden May 2, 2022, 1:22 pm Thanks for my humor fix for the day! I don’t always get to thank you for submitting such non-partisan delusional opinions! lol You support for Trump explains a lot! 😀
Darrin Lindsey May 2, 2022, 1:42 pm Mr. Stiegelmeyer, you criticize about someone's military knowledge, because you were in the military... 50 years ago. I respect your service, and mostly, I respect the things that you had to endure while in the Southeast Asia theatre. You have a right to your opinion on the exit strategy from Afghanistan. But, do you truly know all of the details surrounding the actions our military took? It's hard for me to understand how your experience from 50 years ago, would give you an upper hand on the knowledge of the decision making that went into the Afghanistan strategy. If you have spoken directly to someone present on Bagrum, the night of the exit, and the days leading up to that. Do you know what information President Biden was given by DOD and the General in Afghanistan, about the strategy they would've suggested to the president? I know that the buck stops at the chair behind the Resolute desk. But, this president doesn't make decisions on "gut feelings." As I said earlier, you have just as much of a right to an opinion, as the next person. You certainly have military experience from 50 years ago. I think I've asked you this before. But, with you publishing your opinion, on such a public forum, why do you get so upset, to the point of retaliation, when someone else shares their opinion with you?
Laura Van Deest May 2, 2022, 3:26 pm A big thank you to Randy, Darrin, Norma and Josh for actual facts. Thank goodness people like you and 80 million others, helped rid our country of the worst president in recent history. Nothing is ever perfect, but President Biden and his administration are giving our country a fighting chance to be respected once again.
Norma Gould May 3, 2022, 5:01 pm John, I'm not going to answer your questions because it would be a waste of time. Someone who thinks they know everything will never accept anyone's my answers as you have already proven with your letter. I will just say this, if the withdrawal had happened during the Trump administration the same thing would have happened and you would have excused him for everything. I can hear you now saying how was he to know that the Afghanistan military would drop their weapons and run. That is what happens in a time of war. That would have been your excuse for Trump. No, I do not have military experience like you do John but regardless of that I have a right to express my opinion the same as you do. You want explanations but don't give any yourself. What about the 5000 prisoners Trump released and the fact that he invited the Taliban to "negotiate" at Camp David or that he invited two Russians into the white house and then revealed "highly classified information" to them. All of that is ok with you because it was Trump who did it. This country is not made up of all Republicans and in fact fewer today than before Trump. I know their plans are to completely take over the country and never release it again but we will never allow that to happen, guaranteed. 63 American soldiers were killed during the Trump administration and 23 of those were during the last year and a half. That is the time period republicans are lying about. In 2019, 23 service members were killed, and 11 were killed in 2020. Check your facts John and put your superior attitude away. Norma Gould
John Stiegelmeyer May 5, 2022, 10:48 pm What proof to any of you to what you wrote. I would welcome those facts. What the majority of you have is from the main stream media that has a bad history of getting things right.
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