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We now have some new restrictions on firearms pending in Congress.But what are the numbers killed by gunfire in our major cities (short guns, i.e. pistols not long guns) hundreds on any weekend? By who- gangs - drug runners, others?Where did they get their weapons?I went through the protocol - filled out the proper paperwork and was allowed to legally purchase the firearm of my choice.

We have had 100,000 young people die of illegal drug overdoses this past year.Where is the hue and cry over this?Drugs laced with fentanyl killed them.Is there action by Congress to address this yearly problem?The ingredients come from China to the cartels in Mexico or the other South American States, and then they are mixed with other illegal drugs.Our youth not knowing what the ingredients take them for a high they wish - but maybe death is the result.So why are we not prioritizing "this death star" on the front burner of legislation?

The first order of business should be - COMPLETE THE WALL.There would then be funnel points where Border Control would be more able to stop the fentanyl flow.The Biden Administration is not doing this - Why?Tell me - answer that question.


John Stiegelmeyer


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Bob Lomeland June 16, 2022, 1:55 pm Did you mean the wall that you can cut thru in about a minute with a Sawzall? The wall that Mexico was going to pay for. I looked up the chain of command for the national guard and no where is Nancy in that list.the top person was trump.
Randy Braden June 16, 2022, 2:33 pm Hate to tell you this John but over 80% of the drugs coming into this country come in through our ports and points of entry and a wall will do nothing to change that. Gun restrictions are long overdue and many of those provisions are favored by around 80% of our citizens. Many people use Chicago as an example of gun violence and restrictive laws. What good does it do to have restrictive laws in Chicago when Indiana (Gary, Indiana especially) is just minutes away and they have much different laws? Explain to me why you are against red flag laws, universal background checks, raising the age to buy an assault weapon, etc! Isn’t it ironic in many places you can’t rent a car until you’re 25 but can buy an assault weapon at 18?

What exactly did Trump do to pass better, more restrictive drug laws? When Republicans had both chambers and the presidency please point to a piece of drug policy legislation for me that was passed.

I know build a wall and arm teachers is the answer! lol
Darrin Lindsey June 16, 2022, 5:13 pm I sure hope you never try putting one foot in front of the other, while you're chewing gum! This letter today, along with yesterday's, are disgusting!
First of all, check out Senate Bill S. 3399. It was passed in the Senate, then The House, and resulted in President Biden signing it into law, last December. I'm not admitting that it is going to squash the whole fentanyl problem, but it's something.
Now, do you realize that the whole distance of "new" fence that was errected by the Trump administration, was 40 miles? There was another 400 miles that replaced a previous fence. But, the type of fence that the Trump administration errected, was the same fence that the Obama administration put up. I'll also remind you that the Trump fence was paid for by illegally diverting funds appropruated to The Department of Defense. Mexico hasn't reimbursed us for that $15 billion yet, so no more should be errected until that happens. For Heaven Sake, 80% of these illegal/dangerous drugs come in through our entry ports! Part of the remaining porrion comes through our ports, via our postal system. No wall or fence is going to stop that! Our entry points need to be upgraded so EVERY vehicle can be properly checked. Currently, they can check 1 out of every 10 vehicles. The technology exists to check 100% of them, but your ilk won't let that happen! You're more concerned about the dark skin people coming across and having babies. Besides disgusting, I think it's horribly ironic that you show concern for our kids dying by overdose, but you don't care about bullets that riddle their bodies!

John Stiegelmeyer June 17, 2022, 4:28 pm Thanks, Gerald.

Randy if drugs come into the port - why not shut them down as well? Just sayin'
John Stiegelmeyer June 18, 2022, 2:27 pm To Mr. Lomeland:

I happen to own a sawsall – Milwaukee by name, very good tool. So then of the 750,000 who have illegally crossed our southern border how many a had sawsalls? Many? Only the coyotes would have them – even at that it might be a good move to buy their stock. Egads – you can’t be serious! Instead of sawsalls or other tools to cut through I suggest H2O – yes water. One can live weeks without food but only three days without water.

John Stiegelmeyer June 18, 2022, 2:30 pm Randy: Where have I ever written that I do not favor “red flag” laws? I have never addressed that issue. I do not believe I have ever written in opposition to “uniform background checks” as I have been subject to them for years. I have never written about age requirements for purchasing pistols or long guns. In fact, we have a really good group of student members of “Red Cedar Shooters” who routinely shoot trap at Izaak Walton trap range. I have not ever stated that teachers should be armed. The decision to carry a weapon is an indivisible choice and one that should require a great deal of thought – this is a serious choice. Next the fence: You may or may not have a point – but it is not in dispute that President Trump wanted to complete the wall on our Southern border where appropriate. What is happening now is that the materials not used are lying on the ground rusting – not being used. This is material that taxpayers have paid for that is now deteriorating in the Southwestern Sun. So Mexico funding the wall – just rhetoric – not a big deal in total – likely cross border business and or tariffs would have paid for some. I do not see how you can say I do not want every vehicle, every person searched for illegal drugs. Never said anything of the sort!
I have never ever issued any remark that would indicate I am a racist or bigot. We are all God’s children. Some have more advantages than others, that is not my fault or any other American’s fault - that’s just the way it is. Governments do not always put the people first.
The deal about drugs through the postal service – there should be a way of preventing that from occurring – you seem to, “oh well nothing to be done”. What do you propose to stop the death toll of our youth to fentanyl laced illegal drugs – I’m waiting to read your wisdom?

Gerald Bates June 16, 2022, 6:00 pm Randy,
Not sure where you obtained your stats but why not check with Customs before throwing out a percentage of 80%. I have included a link to help you when attempting to quote stats on where most illegal drugs enter our country. Regardless if you agree with John or not, the policies under the Trump administration worked. The policies under this President do not. Under Trump, illegal immigration was at an all time low. Drug overdoses in this country had actually started to decline. Under this administration, overdoses have doubled and yet no one in Congress even mentions this. The Wall worked and would have worked even better had it been completed. Also, strong language against illegal immigration and actual enforcement of immigration and criminal laws work. This administration does neither and even encourage illegal immigration. They are fully aware of the problems and how the Cartels are funneling migrants to points on the border to clear Border Agents from other areas where they run illegal drugs and weapons across the border. It is not rocket science. Just like and person with an ounce of credible intelligence and ability to think for themselves could look at our fuel prices and have at least a basic understanding of how supply and demand works. If we shut down our own energy independence by restricting drilling on a massive scale, that fuel has to come from other countries. As a result, we now not only pay those countries for fuel, we also pay what they want to charge for that oil.
I'm not okay with sending Iran, Russia and Venezuela billions of dollars for their oil. Especially when we have oil here but won't drill it.
These are the things that happen when fools are put in charge of an economy they do not understand and security of a country when they themselves have accomplished little in their own lives except live off the labor of others...

Moving on to another point made based on a uninformed opinion.. Fact (look it up) Trump authorized up to 20,000 National Guardsmen to secure the Capital prior to January 6th. Another fact.. Nancy Pelosi being the Speaker of The House has total and absolute responsibility for security over the Capital. She refused the offer of 20,000 National Guardsmen. Had she taken the offer, January 6th would not have happened. I am not saying she intentionally turned down the added security knowing somehow January 6th would occur, but I am saying her incompetence greatly contributed to the issue at least equally to others. Why does this January 6th Committee ask questions related to this point? Well, I think any person with half a brain could quickly conclude the reasoning why they don't.
Anthony Bopp June 18, 2022, 8:45 pm It's probably worth mentioning that guns are the #1 cause of homicide and suicide in the US, and the #1 cause of death by legal intervention, and the #12 cause of death overall. But let's not do anything at all to reduce gun availability in general. That would be unconstitutional! Please don't bring reason into the discussion.
Anthony Bopp June 18, 2022, 8:49 pm "The first order of business should be - COMPLETE THE WALL.There would then be funnel points where Border Control would be more able to stop the fentanyl flow.The Biden Administration is not doing this - Why?Tell me - answer that question."

Because it would serve no purpose?
Anthony Bopp June 18, 2022, 8:57 pm "Under Trump, illegal immigration was at an all time low."

Good Lord.
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