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I don't know whether to say "most" or "a lot" of families in Vinton have a special place in their hearts for the Party in Pink Race. It's been held each year for the last 10 years, because of some women who have been there in the battle against breast cancer. Most/a lot of us have had family members who have fought the battle with breast cancer, many winning it, some losing it. I had a couple of aunts who lost the battle.

Usually, gals battle this cancer, but men can get it too. And when you're facing a diagnosis that involves cancer, your world changes. Now you worry about white blood cells. Sometimes the concern is about the diet. It's hair loss and wigs or not to wear a wig and choose hats or scarves. It's about side effects from treatment. It's about the treatment itself. If the treatment is working, if it's not working. If the treatment is working great, too great or not great enough. It's multiple trips to the doctor, vial after vial of blood being drawn and tested. And it's about the bills and the stress that those sometimes bring.

Every year when the Party in Pink is run, I appreciate every runner/walker in the race. Each one is helping those in our community that might be facing this diagnosis. Breast cancer is the number one cancer diagnosis in Iowa for women. It seems like there is a constant line of women in Benton County that face this diagnosis.

This has been one steady fundraising effort that supports women when they need it most. It warms my heart as I see the competitors from young to old competing for the fun of it, and some to win but all to raise money for a worthy cause,

Thank you to all of those who put this effort together. Thank you to the folks that directed traffic and cheered the runners, the ones who put out the signs and then collected them again. All of the folks behind the scenes that put in hours organizing and planning and recruiting volunteers and sponsors.

It's the folks like you that make things a little better for those that need it, thank you!


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