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Every year I am in awe of the things that the Vinton Parks and Recreation do for our little town. They have a host of activities going year-round for the kids. Even in the winter, there pull-out bingo for a fun family night to break up the monotony. Their crowning event is always Party in the Park. It's a great time for kids of all ages. Starting with the kiddie parade, the event is clearly a fun time for all. (Of course, it all begins with a kid favorite meal provided by Farmers Savings Bank and Trust.)

Events like this take months of planning and coordinating and getting the park ready. Add in a case of vandalism this year and that required extra preparation for the department. As usual, you wouldn't have known that there had been any snafu with all of the other activities.

I can't say enough how awesome this department is and how well it works for Vinton. Hats off to all of the men and women who work their tails off to make this an extra special weekend.

Thanks to all of you who provided an extra set of hands and feet to the department, who supported it with your donations, and to those who brought their food trucks to add to the festivities.

To the Vinton Fire and Police Departments as well as the Benton County Ambulance Service thanks for being on hand "just in case" you didn't go unnoticed.

We all get to do this again with the Benton County Fair! Save your money up for a few rides on the Midway, stop and see all of the hard work of the local 4H kids, and swing through the animal barns to see the animals that the kids have been preparing for this week.

The fair details can be seen in the at this link!


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Matt Boggess June 21, 2022, 6:50 pm Thanks for the kind words Valerie
Kryss Geiger June 21, 2022, 11:27 pm Valerie thank you for the positive opinion post! It is so nice to read something nice and thankful on this forum. I like reading opinion however the negative and hurtful posts are getting totally out of control in my opinion. Thank you for your appreciation of our community.
Connie Bennett June 22, 2022, 2:17 pm Good job, Parks and Rec! It is SO good to see a more positive attitude here in Vinton!
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