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I have to admit that watching the weather on Tuesday night did not give me a good feeling. That sinking feeling is getting to be almost too normal in our neck of the woods.

While visiting with some friends we discussed if we had ever had weather like this when we were kids. If we did, were we just oblivious of it? Growing up in the "good ol' days," there wasn't instant access to all of the world around us. There weren't cameras in every pocket like we have with cell phones now. If we had a camera it took a couple of weeks to see what we had taken a picture of, and whether it was any good. The internet hadn't been invented to share our photos.

I can remember a few times when my dad stood on the porch and watched the sky. Growing up on a farm, I suppose that was how they "watched the weather" unlike we do on the television or our phones today.

Of course, we didn't have "wind chills" back in the day either. When it was time for recess in January, we went outside to play. There wasn't any hunkering down in the gym because it was too cold. There wasn't any school canceled either because it was too hot. We opened the windows and prayed for a breeze, but we still went to school.

Probably the only time there wasn't school was when there were snow days. That's it. And boy, did we pray for snow!

When storms roar through I love to look at the sky. It's awesome, gorgeous and of course scary. But it always reminds me just how small we are here on earth. Just a speck compared to the enormous clouds in the sky.

But most of all, I always hold my breath and start praying that it misses us. This one did, and I'm so glad that it passed through quickly and without major damage! I think I speak for all of us when I say that we've had enough of wind, floods, etc. Just give us boring weather, we aren't hard to please!


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