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To the Editor,Our names are Peyton Frank and Taylor Frank, Co-Directors of Better Together Animal Rescue in Vinton. We are writing you today regarding the current Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Benton County.Benton County long ago adopted BSL banning Pit Bulls, or those resembling as such, from Benton County. As Co-Directors of the only animal rescue in Benton County, animal advocates and citizens of this County, we are in favor of laws and regulations that protect our community members. This regulation, however, has several pitfalls to it that we hope you reconsider. One reason laws are created is to keep consistency amongst civilians, yet the term "appearance" is subjective and makes the current regulation only pertinent to some. Without proper DNA testing or a licensed veterinarian, we question how an officer can determine an animal's breed based on their appearance and to further call for the removal of said animal(s). Canine breeds may have breed standards regarding their appearances, but to make assumptions and demands regarding such opinions seems hasty and unethical, particularly when the animal(s) has no history of behaving dangerously.The larger issue, however, is why these judgement calls are even being made. BSL is an antiquated practice originally created to "protect" communities from specific breeds of animals. Laws and regulations should be enacted and enforced based on facts and as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has cited, there is no evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer for people or companion animals. Instead, we urge you to consider supporting strong dangerous animal codes that protect Iowans' rights to choose the dog(s) that is the best fit for their families. We are proud to be members of this community and believe Benton County and the towns within it can be more forward thinking than this current regulation suggests.We and Better Together Animal Rescue, Inc. strongly oppose BSL in any manner and join the vast majority of animal organizations in Iowa that instead support dangerous animal codes. We humbly ask you to reconsider the current regulation and work towards ending BSL in our community.Respectfully,Peyton Frank, Co-DirectorTaylor Frank, Co-Director
Better Together Animal Rescue, Inc.


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Miranda Miller July 28, 2022, 12:32 pm Dear Peyton Frank and Taylor Frank, Co-Directors of Better Together Animal Rescue in Vinton:

Because of so-called pitbull advocates like you, dogfighting has increased across the country and around the world.

Because of so-called pitbull advocates like you, shelters across the country are FULL of pitbulls and pit mixes that no one wants. Consequently, millions of people are left to "rehome" their pandemic pets via Craigslist, Facebook, Next Door and other apps, where the above-mentioned dogfighters are waiting along with the people who collect bait animals for them.

Because of so-called pitbull advocates like you, the number of people losing children, grandparents, their own life or their arms and legs has increased. Scroll through the National Pit Bull Victim database since you've turned a blind eye to it.

Everyone reading this should read the Pitbull Insanity page at thisisadvocacy dot org and related blog posts. Enough is enough.

Miranda S. Miller
Anthony Bopp July 28, 2022, 8:13 pm Every breed of dog will be violent if raised to be. No breed of dog is inherently violent.

If a dog injures someone, hold the owner responsible, not the dog.

Everyone, please use common sense when approaching issues such as this. Don't get your opinions from agenda-driven websites.
Nancy Carmen July 29, 2022, 9:04 am @Miranda S. Miller. Before you single out and attack just ONE opinion letter on this topic, why don't you attack ALL of them? There were several and you need to attack all or none. Thank you.
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