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As I think through my now, 81 years on this planet, I wonder what is our legacy? What are we leaving our younger members? Do we have problems that require solutions? Is there a logical sequence to follow to solve these problems? Are the solutions political or are the politicians responsible for these problems? Can the "people" more readily solve the problems than a big overreaching top-down government?

I remember some of the sequences -

1. Define the problem.

2. What are the facts that bear on the problem?

3. What are possible solutions to the problem?

4. Which of the solutions are most likely to solve the problem?

5. Put that solution into action.

6. Evaluate the result.

7. If the result is unsatisfactory - change -- put another solution into action

8. Evaluate. Don't be afraid to change.

As written before: When you hear that we should pack the Supreme Court, that we should censor speech and expression, that we should eliminate the Senate Filibuster, that we should ignore our borders or that we should scorn our laws and vilify our police; you know we are approaching a tipping point.

These are not the ideas of people honestly seeking solutions; these are ideas of people who want to undo this Nation as we have known it. This describes the ambitions of the Democrat Left; the Progressive- Marxists - the "Squad" - the George Soros-backed Political Action Committees and other anti-American groups.

The portrayers of these ideas are not the voices of people who are acting in good faith, but instead voices of people who shift blame from policies they themselves promote that have proved to fail the working middle class. Note: Not all people who identify with either Political party are at fault, but it is the political elite in Washington D.C. I am only guessing, but I am of the belief that there are still some Moderate Democrats. Joe Manchin cannot be the only one. He seems to be the only force preventing Schumer, Pelosi, the "squad", and company from political suicide. Damn Republican "progressives" as well. "Social Crusaders never take responsibility for the chaos they create." -Thomas Sowell.

I previously offered to define the problems and possible solutions. The biggest problem for our financially challenged labor is inflation. Caused by our out-of-control inflation started on the very first day of President Biden's Administration.

1. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

2. The canceling of petroleum leases on government-owned lands.

3. The withdrawal of drilling permits on these grounds.

4. Government pressure on the big banks to withhold operating capital from petroleum drilling companies.

5. Disallowing oil exploration on coastal waters (East and West) including the Gulf of Mexico.

6. The many exec orders that got in the way of producing goods and services.


The masses crossing our Southern Border illegally.

100,000 drug overdose deaths last year from counterfeit and fentanyl laced drugs coming from the drug cartels. The Cartels own our Southern border. This is as deadly and a clear and present danger than many outside sources; Including Russia, China, and Iran.

The rising crime and murder rates in our major cities.

The relaxed criminal incarcerations due to the lax attitudes of certain District Attorneys.

Reduced or no pretrial bail on perpetrators of misdemeanors and felonies.

I offer this challenge to the critic crowd: You don't like my solution offers - what are yours??

I and many of our readers are waiting for your gifted solutions. What say you? A note to Braden, "What about isms" do not solve present problems. It doesn't matter what the Previous President did or didn't do; we are living in the present. I know one thing for sure, I was better off financially with Trump than I am now with Biden. Economic matters count and will be a big factor in November.

Where tillage begins, other arts followIf you don't make excuses, then you are looking for solutions. If you educate yourself well and look for solutions you will be successful.


John Stiegelmeyer

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Anthony Bopp July 27, 2022, 7:34 pm "You don't like my solution offers - what are yours??"

It's important to point out that you don't offer a single solution in this letter. The entire exercise never proceeds beyond point 1: Define the problem. And most of the problems defined don't actually exist or are misrepresented so that they look like problems rather than the solutions they actually are to problems that seem to have escaped notice.
Larry Kemp July 28, 2022, 4:50 pm John, You and I are on the same page. We grew up when we were at war and times were tough. People respected each other and worked on solutions to our problems. Not much of that going on today. Passing out money to buy votes.
John Stiegelmeyer July 28, 2022, 8:28 pm The challenge was define the problem. You did not!

Norma Gould July 28, 2022, 9:09 pm John you need to listen to something other than Fox. They are giving you false information. Don't be so gullible and believe right wing information like it was true. Fox lies all the time. Use google and do a little research. I hope you have been watching the 1/6 hearings, You really need to know what you supported from 2016 to 2020.

Norma Gould
Anthony Bopp July 29, 2022, 6:22 pm John

"The challenge was define the problem. You did not!"

Please refer to the following letter.

And you literally asked in your letter whether people liked your solutions, of which you offered none.
John Stiegelmeyer August 2, 2022, 12:34 pm The challenge was and is, 'what are your solutions?' I laid out the problems if you don't perceive these items as problems, then they don't exist??

Ms. Gould,
How do you know Fox lies???

Associated Press, Reuters, NBC, CBS, ABC used to be good at basic journalism. Now not so much. As one commentator has said "journalism is dead". Too many of their employees have a distinct Leftist bias. Their views can no longer be trusted. At last count fully 90% who give political donation gave to Democrats.
Tracie Walker August 2, 2022, 9:07 pm Off topic a bit, but I wonder where we would be if the Regan Administration had not gotten rid of the fairness doctrine. He was a Republican if I remember. That’s why we are stuck with news organizations who lace their facts with opinions for ratings. If you watch one channel exclusively you more than likely do not even hear about some stories and your opinions are formed as such. Fox is certainly no better than any of the organizations you mentioned, John Stiegelmeyer.
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