Dear Editor,

As the Star Wars dirge plays (in my mind anyway) in the background and Philadelphia's Independence Hall - the birthplace of America's Constitution no less - colored in the Black and Red of the Empire and our government's Storm Troopers in their dress blues (I felt embarrassed for these two Marines) rather than their battle armor - Darth Sidious made his way to the podium. Leader of the Sith, we were treated to a 26-minute and 34-second speech on the "extremist threat to Democracy" - the MAGA Republicans. Honestly, I was fully expecting lightning bolts to shoot from his fingers frying any MAGA-ians within range.

It seems that THEY are a "Clear and Present Danger" to our country . . . all 74 MILLION of them - myself included I suppose. It was a demented speech by a brain-addled president just 60-ish days from an election that looks to pretty much wipe the Sith - sorry - Democrat Party from control of Congress. Who knows. There will undoubtedly be another outbreak of covid-monkey-chicken flu-pox just prior to the election so with mail-in ballots, ballot drops, and changes to the voting rules on the fly in the days prior to the election - it is certainly well within the possibility that the Sith - sorry, Democrats - will mount yet another "convincing" win. Time will tell.

We had also been told just days before that the MAGA-ians shouldn't mess with the Government 'cause they'd need a heck of a lot more than an AR-15 against an F-15. This seems kinda a strange statement since folks that live in the 7th Century handed Darth Sidious his butt just months after he took over the big chair of the empire using only AKs and raw, pure grit and determination. In addition, after nearly 18 months causality free, they left a parting present - 11 dead Marines, 1 dead soldier and 1 dead sailor while forcing us to leave an estimated 15,000 US Citizens behind. To top it all off, they are now the best-equipped terrorist organization on the face of the earth - good job there Darth!! Based on that performance, the current command staff installed by Darth Sidious shouldn't pose much of a threat to a weekend squad of paintballers - let alone 74 MILLION MAGA-ians. Just sayin'.

America has arrived at a very dark place. Rhetoric such as Darth's speech, the weaponization of the Justice Department, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA to handle dissenters to Darth Sidious and the Sith party leads down some very dark trails - including a repeat of the 1860s. I suggest that those in the Sith party that still can view things with both an eye to history and a desire for America's best possible future, that they encourage Darth Sidious to change his path and put the nation ahead of his base desires to simply RULE THE EMPIRE . . . that's not how our country was founded nor is it how hour country works.

Bill Keller


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JS September 5, 2022, 7:32 pm We are indeed witnessing a move to the DARK SIDE. First I was a bitter clinger to my bible and my guns and adverse to people who didn't look like me - OBAMA.
Then I was a deplorable an irreconcilable full of all kinds of 'isms. HILLARY CLINTON. A racist and bigot - I am neither.

Now an ultra MAGA. A terrorist? A former USAF Officer with a Top Secret Clearance - who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. and to obey all LAWFUL orders of those appointed over me. Seeing a short combat tour in SEA. Perhaps I should turn in the AIR MEDAL awarded to me. I think not - I earned the award as did so many others who crossed the hostile fire line!! True Americans - brave bold and traditionalists.

Yep I'm a clear and present danger to the woke - left - progressive communist/socialist Democrat Party. Yee Gods. May divine intercession save us. Amen.

Remember November!!!! A course change is needed!

AB September 5, 2022, 8:02 pm Biden passed legislation to stimulate the economy, build infrastructure, fund semiconductor production, pay for veterans’ health programs, regulate gun sales, lower prescription drug prices and roll back greenhouse gas emissions.

In two years he has undone much of the catastrophe done by the previous administration, even those elements requiring congressional approval. The United States is in a far better place, economically, internationally, and morally, than today's republican leadership can even conceive of.

Palpatine is alive and well in the guise of Donald Trump as he seeks a destructive re-election. A known criminal that 20 years ago would have been unthinkable as a serious candidate for president, and yet our country has deteriorated to the point that many still hang flags in his honor.

How has America as a culture become so corrupt as to give credibility to the current state of the GOP? I ask this as a person who used to vote a straight GOP ticket. We must must not concede lawlessness through a vote condoning lawlessness. The GOP madness must stop for the safety of democracy itself.
DL September 6, 2022, 9:06 am Keller, Are you embarrassed by that disgrace of non-articularion? You sure should be. President Biden, on more than one occasion during the speech, distinguished between the maga Republicans and the true Conservative Republicans. Yet, you claim he lumped all 74 million voters into the maga crowd.

You like talking about the 1860s thing. Although your "side" would certainly do a fair share of murdering real Americans. The fact that our Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard will be your ultimate enemy, makes it all sound silly to me. Truly sad that you would want to do that, based on 6 years of lies from the most prolific con artist in the history of our country.

That con artist have gotten you to believe that he's the victim for having Top Secrets of our government, in his possession, at his living space. He has you believing that he deserves to have them, and no investigation should be done as to why he thinks that. He has you believing that President Obama has Top Secret documents, someplace in Chicago. Well, truth is that there are some documents in Chicago, but they aren't Top Secret, and they're at the NARA facility, just like the law says they should be.
DL September 6, 2022, 9:16 am Stiegelmeyer, Whether you consider yourself a maga Republican or not, is you choice to make. Since you didn't address it, I must ask if you are willing to join Keller in taking up arms against your country, in the style of the 1860s?
JS September 6, 2022, 7:57 pm Bopp
Thousands of dollars we do not have as stimulus? Hmmm This MMT (modern monetary theory) - I don't see how printing or putting in over $4,000,000,000,000 dollars into the economy can have any result other than inflation! My small McDonald's fries went up +10%. My pension fund is in jeopardy - my IRA is in jeopardy - my small Schwab account is in jeopardy. Yep, I am so much better off than the economy under Trump. This man? Biden is so far into old timers disease he should resign. This should be apparent to all. But then we have a hyena laugher Harris. God we are so lucky.
KG September 6, 2022, 8:22 pm Excuse me but if my memory serves me right I believe the covid outbreak STARTED under the TRUMP administration.. my how memories fade and change over time. BE NICE!
BK September 7, 2022, 10:42 am Anthony Bopp

Well . . . I suppose you can I can see some changes that Biden has brought about . . .

Inflation is running at nearly 9% . . . under Trump it was around 2%.

Home interest rates are approaching 6% . . . under Trump they were around 3%.

Gas I running $4- been high as $9 . . . Under Trump it was under $3.

Biden is searching the world for places to buy oil . . . under Trump we were a net exporter.

Under Biden more than 5 MILLION illegals have gained entry into the US and been allowed to stay . . . under Trump for FY 2020 458,088 were apprehended, most were returned.

Biden has shut down all off-shore drilling, greatly reduced drilling on federal lands and stopped gas pipelines – the result is higher prices, increased reliance on foreign sources and pretty much drained our emergence oil reserves . . . again, under Trump we were a net exporter of oil and gas and the reserves were topped off.

Under Biden our primary enemies – Russia and China – are greatly expanding their sphere of influence . . . under Trump they did not.

Under Biden the nation was locked down . . . masks, closed schools, businesses . . . which both the CDC and NIH – using the power of hindsight – admitted did nothing to reduce the spread of CoVid. The vaccines that were demanded . . . did nothing to prevent getting CoVid. I will fault Trump here for being railroaded into a “warp speed” development and implementation of a vaccine – there is simply no such thing as “warp speed”. Biden did nothing to reign it in – in fact his administration DEMANDED that everyone get “the jab”. The world is just beginning to see the folly of that choice.

There’s more, you get the idea. I get it, you’re a true believer. You are willing to accept higher prices, higher costs, restricted travel . . . and virtually total control of daily life by your government because “they” assure it’s needed. I am not.

You seem happy with the spending bill that was just passed – by the single vote of Kamala. It did not receive a single Republican vote. Remember that. The result will be all on the Democrat party – and it’s going to be brutal.

The left seems to think all they need do is to print money, write checks and all will be well. Honestly, that’s not how an economy works. All the printing of money does is to reduce the value of the currency already issued. Print more money, the value of it goes down . . . and things cost MORE . . . because the value of the currency used to purchase raw materials is worth less. Have you noticed that vehicles have increased in price by over 30%?? Your food is up. Clothing is up. Building material is up. Because the currency used to purchase it is being diluted by the flood of cash rolling off the federal printing presses.

True value in a country is developed by taking a nation’s raw materials and converting them into items people want to buy. Farmers grow food. The auto industry builds cars. Construction companies build homes and buildings. Restaurants feed people. Oil workers harvest oil. Miners mine minerals. Foresters harvest wood. And if these costs are increased, the costs of products increases. If the raw material is limited – say oil – the cost of related products goes up. Gasoline, nylon, plastic, lubricants – a whole host of items that rely on the availability of oil. How are we going to make cars, build buildings, build bridges without coal?? Hello?? Buehler?? Buehler??

How about your electric bill?? As power plants are closed and energy becomes more and more restricted – as a resource become less – costs become more. It can get to the point where electricity simply disappears. Can you say Colorado, California??? Here in the Midwest our MISO is one of those most effected by this. As I type this less than 5% of our power comes from wind and solar. 78% comes from coal and gas. You really want to take those plants down? As for dependence on wind and solar -

Biden and the Democrat party as it is currently being run by the far left is a sure road to destruction – period.
BK September 7, 2022, 10:44 am Kryss Geiger

Actually the beginning of the mess started in 2014 under Obama when the NIA and CDC contracted with the Wuhan lab to do Gain-of-Function research on the SARS and COVID viruses to make them more lethal. You and I and the taxpayers of our country PAID THE CHINESE to develop this virus. So there’s that.

As for Trump’s part – yep, started on his watch. So, he followed the advice of his closest advisor – Fauci. In January 2020 – on national TV – he gave an interview where he stated that the new virus showing up in Wuhan was no threat to humans. It was probably from the Pangolin and that there was no need to worry – we were absolutely safe!!!

March saw him “tut-tutting” the use of masks. “If they make you feel better – fine. They will not stop the virus.” Here he was telling the truth – that changed.

And don’t forget DeBlasio and Nancy Pelosi screaming after Trump stopped flights the end of January 2020 because of the Chinese festivals in San Francisco’s China Town.

Not saying there isn’t plenty of blame to go around, but the heaviest burden lays with Fauci, the CDC and NIH – they have lied and misled throughout this whole mess.