Dear Editor,

So I was recently called a "true believer" as if that's some sort of political pejorative. Really, the only thing I'm a true believer in is the truth. Facts.

I was called a "true believer" because I understand the fairly obvious truth that Biden has done more to strengthen the economy and the country's infrastructure than the previous administration even bothered to think about. The Secretary of the Treasury was too busy having his picture taken with a sheet of dollar bills that now embarrassingly bear his signature.

When we take partisanship out of the picture, and just look at the facts, there are some historical things of note. President Obama inherited a disastrous, failing economy from the Bush II presidency. But in his two terms in office turned it around completely, leaving his own predecessor one of the best economies of the modern era. That kind of momentum doesn't change the moment someone takes the oath of office. Trump was able to hang his hat on a lot of the success of the Obama administration, but he of course had no capacity for actually continuing that success.

Now, it wasn't all Trump's fault. COVID came along and even the best economists could not have ridden that wave with a continued upturn in growth. Certainly Trump and his cabinet were not exactly the image of competence. They ignored COVID as fake news, refused to take any leadership about dealing with it, millions of Americans grew sick that did not need to, and many even died. All because the President said it wasn't a real thing. It's a farce many cling to even to this day.

But apart from COVID, which even had it been handled intelligently would have had a destructive effect on the economy thanks to worldwide economics, the previous administration put in place many policies that aggrivated an already fragile condition. People love to talk about the value of retirement funds in 2020 compared to today, but absolutely refuse to put the credit where it belongs - to the extent that a president can influence the economy, President Obama did a fabulous job. Trump tore the economy to shreds and left it to Biden to try to put it back together again.

He's doing a marvelous job of it, but expecting to recover from the kind of damage Trump did after just two years of a competant administration is to thoroughly misunderstand how national and global economies work. Things will get better, probably just about the same time another GOP nitwit takes the oath of office, and then he will incorrectly claim credit for it.

I truly believe that facts matter, that context matters. I believe science is real, whether it's biology or economics or medicine. I believe that what people say matters, especially the President of the United States. And what we don't say matters as well.

If you take offense at what Biden said in his address the other night, you should be seriously asking yourself if that's because you saw yourself cast in an unflattering light through his words. Light shines on both the ugly and the beautiful, but it doesn't determine which is which.

We should all make sure we conduct our lives in a way in which we are not afraid or angered to have light shining upon us, revealing us for who we are.

Anthony Bopp


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GB September 8, 2022, 6:55 am Very hypocritical opinion Anthony. You should save some of that Kool-Aid to shed some of that light on Hunter Biden and the entire Biden crime family.
RB September 8, 2022, 2:01 pm Facts aren't really hypocritical. Biden crime family? Isn't it about time that you people admit that the Trump family is the real crime family? I mean isn't there at least four serious charges at this point against Trump not counting all the sexual harassment claim?. Stealing classified documents will be the next. Why can't any R's actually speak up against this travesty? I think a strong republican party is healthy along with strong democrats but only if they are willing to put partisan politics aside. A perfect example is Senator Grassley. Can't he at least admit there are issues with the character and performance of the most corrupt president in history. He use to be an independent voice. Those days are long gone. He is only running as a "place holder" and will retire if he wins so Kim (if she wins) can name his replacement.
DL September 8, 2022, 3:59 pm Bates, We recognize the fact that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation. And, that the investigation will turn up any wrong doing of his. You just won't find any of "us" bringing up some whataboutism to make excuses for him. President Biden isn't, has never been under federal investigation. At least based on public knowledge. It's only you Magas that keep dwelling on the things you {Think} he has done. If you have something you'd like investigated, concerning our current president, don't let anyone stop you from bringing it forward. Don't be shy like all of Trump's lawyers that were afraid to show 61 judges the evidence of fraud that took place in the 2020 election. You folks always find some type of whataboutism to bring up, when one of yours get caught.

Just in the last month, your cult leader, con artist extraordinaire has been caught with thousands of documents (almost 200 that are classified anywhere from Confidential to Top Secret SCIENCE) that are never supposed to leave the boundary of our government. Three months before that, one of his lawyers (on his behalf) signed a document stating that there wasn't any remaining government documents on the Mar A Lago property. Two months before the documents were found, he received a subpoena, ordering him to return all of the government property. Since those documents were seized, we've been told that at least one of them was concerning the nuclear program of some foreign country! Today, one of the con artist's "hit men" was arraigned on 2 charges of money laundering, of some $24 Million worth of donations from maga people. We all know darn well that many of those same people will donate to his defense fund. That is good old fashioned brainwashing there. Also today, we found out that, yet another investigation might be in order, of the Trump PAC that has been collecting donations since Trump left office.

So, based on that information, maybe you want to think a little more about throwing those (glass breaking), hypocritical stones.
JS September 8, 2022, 4:46 pm We are being lead around by the nose by the DC elites. MSM is good at protecting the mistakes of President Joe. As Graham has said and others as well Joe has not been right once, either in foreign policy or domestic policy - not once. Even Pres Obama has said - "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to F*** things up."

There is a move to tax cow farts. Been talked about for years - one of these days it will get done.

What does FSG mean and will it help or hinder the working middle class. A woke theory. This is in the works as well as "The Great Reset". Look it up.

What does MMT mean and how does it effect deficit spending. (Modern Monetary Theory). Another Woke idea. Government can spend as much as it wishes without penalty to the economy - What?? I don't believe that one.

Why even explore digital currency. As Exec. Order 14067 Section 4 is proposing.

Braden you hate the Trump, but you totally discount the good work he was able to accomplish even though the elite and MSM were not able to give him a break. Even now what has been found at Mar-A-Lago whether suspicious or not has been leaked drip by drip to the MSM. Good Grief, if he did wrong indict him and let him have his day in court.

There is no doubt that Hunter did questionable dealing on the legal side -Ukraine and China Bobulinski said as much ( This leaves Joe susceptible to China meddling. The laptop from hell may put both in legal jeopardy.

Stone, Bannon, Manafort, and Papadopoulos were all harassed by Muller the FBI or both. Andrew Weissmann is a honey badger of a lawyer and a snake. Most of the above were bankrupted by legal fees in their defense against a government with unlimited finances. Justice is supposed to be blind but in this case, only Democrats escape legal indictments and criminal trials. None of the above were charged with items that pertained to the service to the Trump Administration.

No doubt in my mind that Hillary mishandled secret sensitive material while Sec of State, but Comey and Lynch let her off. Democrats escape and are above the law. Not fair or right.

Remember November - a change is needed. Uncle Joe should go, but K will be worse.

Regards and blessings
BK September 10, 2022, 4:52 pm Anthony Bopp

As you said . . .

"He's doing a marvelous job of it"

I could not have thought of a better response to your offering than that to prove my point.

As the saying goes . . . "Party on Garth!!"

Bill Keller