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Dear Editor,

I see a lot of people posting the phrase "Never forget." But never forget what? Here are a few things of which this day should always remind us.

Never forget that there is evil in the world.

Too many Americans during times of prosperity and peace, forget that true evil exists. Too often they try to placate and pacify evil for far too long simply allowing it to grow and fester in severity. Supposed leaders sometimes think if they can sit down and talk with these evil people that they can reason with them. This weakness and lack of willingness to act has caused the death of millions. You cannot reason with someone who is unreasonable. You cannot expect sanity from the insane. Always remember that in order to ensure peace, you have to be willing to destroy evil.

Never forget that the strength of a people is not based in the material realm.

Our enemies attacked the Twin towers, the Pentagon and the White House for these structures represented the strength of our economy, military and government. Herein lies the folly of weak-minded people. They attack emblems. They did not abate our strength. Such an assault fortifies and bolsters the true power of a people bound by the unseen principles of duty, sacrifice, liberty, patriotism and the bond that exists in the hearts of those who were born free

Never forget that good always ultimately wins against evil.

There are shameful periods in human history, some which last for generations, but light always prevails over darkness. MLK Jr rightfully stated, "We must believe that the arc of the universe is long, but that it bends toward justice." Believe that. Believe it even when some in your own society say it's not true. Never forget, as in the words of Tolkien, that there is still good in the world and it's worth fighting for. There can be no morale if there is no morality. We have to believe we're fighting for something good, for something better than what opposes us or we will not have the will to fight. This is why the left's attack on everything that is wholesome and good must be opposed with all our strength and resources. This is why the supposed progressives are the most dangerous force we have faced in generations. They are creating a generation of angry, irrational followers who are becoming destructive sycophants. You will not fight for a country in which you do not believe.

I still believe in America. I still believe that even though we have problems, we are good. I believe the unseen and eternal principles which have guided us since our inception are just as valid and worthy of defense as they were at Bunker Hill, as they were at Gettysburg, as they were at Bastogne, as they were on September 11th.

Never forget.Todd Smith


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Darrin Lindsey September 13, 2022, 4:23 pm It's funny. That last 1 1/2 paragraph totally contradicts everything else before it. The maga Trump party are the only people that are currently fighting to destroy our democracy, all of our laws and our Constitution. It is their cult leader that is the lifelong criminal con artist. It is he that said (while he was playing president) that "America's laws are stupid!"

Without Democracy, there is no Constitution. Withou Democracy, there is an Authoritarian. Authoritarians make there own laws as they go. As an aside, there has never been an Authoritarian, on the face of earth, that has let it's citizens own guns. A con artist has a way to brainwash their subjects. They tell their subjects that the enemy is doing what they (the con artist) is actually doing. Their strongest attribute is getting their weak followers to believe that what they see happening is the enemies fault. When it's actually he that is pulling the stings on his puppets (the brainwashed, clueless, followers)
Gerald Bates September 15, 2022, 2:10 am It would appear Lindsey believes it is his job to post his hate behind everything posted that does not fall into his reasoning.. Disgusting..
Darrin Lindsey September 15, 2022, 8:17 pm Bates, there was no hate in anything I wrote. Strictly facts that are backed up with evidence. You are brainwashed to believe that true statements are hate speech. Donald Trump is the most prolific con artist in the history of The United States of America. 🇺🇸
J Todd Smith September 16, 2022, 4:39 pm I think what Gerald is trying to say to you Darren is that you lack objectivity, the ability to look at things impartially and make a rational judgment. I do not know you but the fact that you brought up Trump in this setting where he was not mentioned when the article was simply about patriotism, shows that your hatred towards Trump has possibly tainted your ability to deal with things honestly and in a factual manner.

It is a funny juxtaposition of perspectives. A few weeks ago I was reading and hearing how the left kept saying that Trump supporters needed to get over him and move on. That day I went to the front web page of MSNBC and Trump's name was mentioned 27 times and there were 16 pictures of the former president.

The only thing more irrational than the "Always Trumpers" and their support of a person over principles has been the irrational disdain of the President by the left and the illogical sycophants that it has brought out into the social domain.

One thing I do want to point out in your reply is that we are not a democracy. You seem to be an intelligent man and I'm sure you know this but sometimes intelligent people fall into the trendy trap of using those trigger words which are used in a wrong way but whose purpose is just simply further an argument. We are not a democracy but a Republic and there is a huge difference.

One thing with which I will disagree with you is about what you feel to be the greatest threat facing us now. There is no greater threat to our Republic than one of our national political parties which has lost its mind and is essentially un-American (a concept that could need unpacking) and a modern media which is complicit in pushing their ideology.

Our national principles and concepts face no greater threat than the amalgamation of the un-American democrat/progressive/media/corporate interests which are tearing at our social fabric.

All the Best.
J Todd Smith September 16, 2022, 4:45 pm Darrin,

I did mean to ask you what you meant by saying that the latter part of my submission contradicted the previous part.

All the Best.
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