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Dear Editor:

President Biden stated just days ago - "zero inflation". Hmmm? My order of small fries at Mcdonald's went from $2.02 to $2.34 in about four weeks = 15.8% increase. Lately, my Planters small pack of cashews went from $1.25 to $1.50 = 20% increase. No there is no inflation - DUH!? Oh, and I am not looking at my IRA or my Schwab Account for now - horrors. Folks I depend on these for retirement income. Stop Government overspending - that will solve the inflation problem!!!

We have 8,000 a day crossing our Southern Border daily. But V.P. Kamala Harris says the "border is closed". We have 300 per day dying of illegal drug overdoses daily, many include fentanyl - coming from our Southern border; courtesy of China and the Cartels. We have crime increasing in our major cities - often where minorities live. We have vicious criminals let out of jail early, no cash bond, and lawbreakers laughing at our courts and law enforcement; Looters taking hundreds in merchandise with no penalty. Yee Gods!

Then to top all this off Pres. B. warns us of ultra-right MAGA hoards. Well, it seems he has trouble with math but not with division. We have become further apart since the last election, and his last speech with that disastrous RED backdrop - man that sure brought us together. Is there a cure? I believe there is - vote the bums out. Return us to a government that cares about the lowly people rather than the elites and big corporations. Zuckerberg, Soros, and others should not be able to put millions into local or national elections. The rich should not be able to buy an election!!! That is for "we the people".

It's up to you - remember November.

Human beings would believe even the most outlandish lie as long as it fell close to what they wished to be true. - Tom Clancy page 209 Chain of Command by Mark Cameron

Regards and blessings

John Stiegelmeyer


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Anthony Bopp September 17, 2022, 4:40 pm "On Wednesday morning, the U.S. got its first bit of truly good news about the rising cost of living this year. The Consumer Price Index, which has been surging in recent months, remained essentially flat in July. That was largely thanks to tumbling gas prices, which canceled out rising costs elsewhere."

Sorry about your cashews and happy meals, but I'll focus on my broad household budget, thank you.

And just to point out, government spending is not causing inflation. The pandemic is responsible for that, and it largely exists because our former president refused to acknowledge that COVID was a real thing, and actively dissuaded people from doing anything to protect themselves.

"The number of border crossers from India, Turkey, Russia, Haiti, Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua increased in part because it is harder for border agents to subject some of those nationalities to the Covid-19 border restrictions known as Title 42 that let the U.S. quickly send migrants back to their home countries. India, Russia and the other home countries of these migrants are reluctant to accept the migrants back. As a result, the data shows that most are allowed into the U.S. to pursue their immigration claims."

Again, COVID is ultimately the culprit here, and was made much worse by the previous president's incompetence and a Congress that was willing - even anxious - to bow to him.

We have grown further apart since the last election, because MAGA hoards don't see any particular problem with an attempted violent overthrow of a democracy and a legal election, and are apparently happy to elect as president a man who would support such base evil.

The cancel culture is alive and well in the GOP. They want to cancel a lawful election. Even in our own community they want to cancel availability to critical information by our children that would help them better understand themselves and live happier lives.

Conservatives also have a monopoly on the woke culture, denying all scientific knowledge that doesn't align with their political agenda. They are apparently enlightened enough to know better than those who've devoted their lives to studying things like what affects climate, or how many genders there might be. GOP believers are too some too woke to for that nonsense.
Gerald Bates September 17, 2022, 7:24 pm I honestly do not understand how anyone on the right or left could say we have what this country needs for a President right now and keep a straight face while saying we do. It's a sick clown show right now and rather they admit it or not, everyone knows it.
Anthony Bopp September 18, 2022, 7:36 pm I'm not a big fan of Biden. Primarily Brevard he's soft on crime, particularly white collar crime. It's been years since the previous president was lawfully elected out of office. Yet to this day he has not faced one criminal charge against him for his multiple felonies, and evidence mounts weekly for me charges that ought to be brought.

Can i keep a straight face saying Biden is a good president? The better question is how much horror and outrage does anyone feel that a significant part of the population in this country thinks so little of America's ideals and principles that they would rather see a confirmed fascist as president than someone who values democracy and spent his entire life strengthening it rather than trying to tear it down.

Remember November. Democracy still means something, but not with republican extremists in power. Vote for freedom. Vote for maturity. The very soul of the nation depends on it. Don't let our children and grandchildren witness the end of democracy in this country. It really is that important.
Darrin Lindsey September 19, 2022, 1:11 pm Anthony, they're too far into their devotion to their cult leaders. So much so, that they think that all Democrats have to be totally devoted and loyal to Biden. They automatically think we're 100% behind everything he does/has done. Because they, themselves, will be shunned by the magazine if they speak out against anything the leaders say. Just like is idol, Hitler, Trump tells them not to believe anything anyone else says, and for heaven sake, don't believe your lying eyes. They can't see what is really happening, just like the Germans in the 30s.Trumps idol took down the German democracy, with the same tactics he is using now. We just have to stay strong, together, and hope that public opinion doesn't get squashed by the legislatures in those red states.
Norma Gould September 19, 2022, 2:37 pm Gerald, I honestly do not understand how anyone on the right or left could say we had what we needed from the Trump administration. This country has what it needs now and I can keep a straight face when I say that.

We did get a gun bill passed even though it didn't go far enough. The previous administration did nothing.

We got an infrastructure bill passed. Republicans would not allow President Obama to do it and all trump did was declare "infrastructure week" and then do nothing. He wouldn't do anything about infrastructure as long as the Democrats were investigating him. Proof that he always put himself first. He was more concerned about himself than he was about the people and what was best for the country. The sick clown show was during the trump administration.

There are a lot of things in the Inflation Reduction Act that are good for the people and this country. All republicans want is what is good for the wealthy and big corporations. Remember it was Reagan who started "trickle down economics." Anyone with half a brain knows it never trickles down to the rest of us.

Why would any one vote to give all the benefits to the people at the top? Why would any one vote to allow the wealthy and big corporations to not pay federal taxes? Why would any one vote to put party over country. Why would anyone vote to make it harder for people to vote? Why would anyone vote to make women second class citizens by taking their healthcare decisions away? Why would anyone de-fund the IRS so they couldn't afford to go after tax cheats?

John, you are hilarious. You said: Return us to a government that cares about the lowly people rather than the elites and big corporations. John, that is what we have now and what we DID NOT have under trump or republicans. Tell me what did trump do for the "Lowly People" You are right the rich should not be able to buy an election all though trump sure tried and is still trying.

Norma Gould

Randy Braden September 19, 2022, 3:59 pm John, all you have to do is examine the Trump tax cuts to see who favors the top 1% and corporations. Biden actually has done some very good things. Finally showed leadership in handling the pandemic, the infrastructure bill, Help broker an end to a potential railroad strike, and the inflation reduction act are just a few that will have a direct impact on me.

There is more to do but the Republicans continue to be the party of no with no alternatives offered. Almost everything listed above was done with not one Republican vote. Just in this state our esteemed Governor has slid public money for schools to private schools.

As far as immigration goes let's have Republicans pledge to do a bi-partisan immigration reform. Dems have been asking for that for a long time.

John, I'm still waiting for you to call out Trump for interfering with an election in Georgia, instigating an attempted coup, stealing classified documents, inflating his property to acquire loans and then underestimating the value when it comes to paying property taxes. People that do that mean everyday people will pay more property taxes. John, if you are such a patriot, it's time to be honest with yourself and call out the most criminal President in history. If Obama or Biden had done 1/100th of what Trump did you'd be foaming at the mouth! I'm still waiting John!
Dave Coots September 21, 2022, 4:02 pm Trump this, Trump that....He is not the one in charge of our country. How about focusing on the real problem, Joe Biden. You know, the guy that can't find his way off the stage....he does a great "air handshake" though. What would the narrative be if the last President would have shown just a couple of these tendencies that are an every day occurrence with good old joe.

Flame away.

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