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Dear Editor,

Two noteworthy things occurred in 1966: I graduated from Washington High School here in Vinton, and Joe Paterno was hired as the coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. [Only kidding about the first part!] I became a HUGE Penn State fan. I'd bleed navy blue and white.

Even though Joepa won a record 409 football games, the last Rose Bowl appearance was in 1995. Penn State was overdue. They were supposed to lose to Utah who was ranked 9th in the Final Top 25. Penn State finished 10-2 with an 11th place ranking. But they surprised many sports' experts with a 35-21 victory.Nicholas Singleton broke the 14-14 tie with a run of 87 yards. [Third place now in the record book] The real excitement was yet to come. Shawn Clifford heaved an 88 yard touchdown pass to KeAndre Lambert-Smith. And the Penn State fans went wild! The first Rose Bowl Game was held in 1902. Clifford and Lambert-Smith now hold the record for the longest pass in Rose Bowl history. I've replayed that highlight again and again. I was laughing and yelling and running around my house until I went to bed. My cats thought I had lost my mind. [Maybe I did!]I know almost everyone in Iowa is a Hawkeye fan. You won your bowl, so I know you're happy. When I got up this morning, a song popped into my head: Donna Fargo's "I'm the Happiest Girl in the Whole USA." And I am!! My Nittany Lions are AWESOME!!!!!Peggy Kelley


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PK January 3, 2023, 10:19 am Pray for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin! A fantastic young man.
DL January 3, 2023, 1:15 pm As a long time and proud Hawkeye fan... Praying for all of the children having to reside at The Stead Family Children's Hospital and Thankful for the hospital itself. Praying for Damar Hamilton and all of the Doctors at The University of Cincinnati Hospital trying to save his life. Go Hawks!
PK January 3, 2023, 2:06 pm Yes, I am aware of the wonderful things the Iowa teams do for our children. I do live here, after all. I may be an "oddball" for loving Penn State for over 53 years, but diversity Makes the world a great place to live. Don't you think?
SD January 10, 2023, 3:46 pm Be sure to include the victims of the Penn State football program under Paterno and his friend Sandusky in your prayers
PK January 16, 2023, 3:33 pm You need to do more investigation!! Sandusky and his son are in prison. Joe Paterno did what he was supposed to do; he went to the head of the athletic department who went to the president of the college. JP was their scapegoat. He and his wife Sue gave millions to the Penn State library. He put his heart and blood and soul into his team!! He had 7 kids and 17 grandchildren. Read his son's book. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SHOOT YOUR MOUTH OFF ABOUT A GREAT MAN AND A LEGEND!!! Stick to your Iowa Hawkeyes!!!
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