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Dear Editor,


It's a bit too late...

Well, Well...What a surprise announcement. President Biden now believes we have a border crisis. Where has he been? Hey, maybe he believed his VP from her noteworthy appearance on Meet the Press. "The border is secure."
He plans to make an appearance in the general area of the border this Sunday. What a photo-shoot that should be. I'm sure he'll be smiling and shaking hands and promising big bucks. I hope someone will write him "appropriate" responses for the questions he'll be asked. On many occasions, he can't seem to think of what to say unless he has a written speech or some notes to go by.
After millions and millions of illegals have come from everywhere imaginable, the President now states that he'll allow just 30,000 to come here each month IF they have sponsors. This pertains to those from Cuba, Venezuela, and two othercountries. Grab a phone book from each large city and start pulling out names, Joe. Are we supposed to think that this is his big plan ? THUMBS DOWN!! I heard no mention of stopping the ones from Mexico. [Unless those extra guards are taught to appear scary, or some more barbed wire is tossed around.]
I saw him make an appeal today to immigrants, "Please, Don't come here illegally. Do it the right way." I'm sure the millions and millions of immigrants watching TV in their warm housing snickered. THEY ARE ALREADY HERE being cared for. I'm certain thousands of our elderly and our poor families who are barely able to turn up the heat or put food on the table are thrilled to death with President Biden as they see federal aid go elsewhere.
The new year 2023 could be a long and grueling year for millions and millions of our Americans!!



Every American should have been up early on Sunday morning to watch "Good Morning America." They showed El Paso where there are masses of immigrants sleeping in front of businesses and on the edge of many streets. Hundreds and hundreds are huddled in masses wearing blankets and chanting. They are unhappy with their conditions. The immigrants will be fed because we must be humanitarians. [How many of our American taxpayers, elderly, and children are in extreme cold in their own homes this morning and may face little or nothing for breakfast?]WHERE IS THE CONCERN FOR OUR PEOPLE WHO BELONG HERE?

President Biden talked about the 30,000 that could come here every month if they have a sponsor. "We need to help them for a short term." He is joking, right? He's left out one thing: the four million immigrants already here. I thought the sky must have fallen and hit him on the head when he stated that the border is a crisis. Apparently not. I want to hear howBiden plans to deal with the masses already here. How are we going to house, clothe, feed, and give health care to them for years and years and years? They are illegal!! What about Jobs? Schooling?
If you saw GMA, you would have seen the border. The cameras scanned the landscape, and there were people three and four abreast extending back as far as the horizon. They were all moving toward OUR country. People who desireto come to America for a "good" life. As I have stated before, many of our people don't know what a "good" life is. And their chances are dwindling.
The President's plan is like a bandaid on a hole in a dam. Think about the massive wall crumbling and the water that's already out.


What a Makeover Can Do

Did anyone notice the massive change in EL PASO by Sunday? Could the Democrats have changed the appearance of thecity for the arrival of the President? The city said No, but the residents saidYes. Missing:Huddled groups of immigrantswith blankets aroundthem; men, women, and children sleeping in front of businesses; and others just milling around. Every part of the city was spitshined.
The President's facial expressions fluctuated from smiling to extremely "concerned." The last time he was extremely concerned was Trump's claim about the 2020 election. You hated being under O'bama, Joe. So, DO SOMETHING about the shape this country is in!!
On the National Desk this morning and GMA, they said President Biden promised more aid. If he had done something about these illegal people coming here, when he first took office; we could have spent millions and millions [soon to be billions] on other problems the country faces.
Peggy Kelley


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RB January 9, 2023, 1:30 pm It's never too late. With that said R's like to complain about immigration but they have yet to put forth legislation. The have blocked citizenship for dreamers. Even though all of us, unless Native Americans, had immigrants as ancestors. Let's get a policy to fix immigration.
It's a joke to say they are taking our jobs. They are doing jobs Americans won't do. Agriculture badly needs immigrants.

It's easy to be against something but hard to submit a policy and put your beliefs on the line. Trump had all branches and did nothing. We've had border issues and no one fixes a broken system. We should be issuing green cards for work. Maybe temporary status and if you break our laws you are deported.

Since you say it's too late. Please respond with a policy or idea to fix the problem. Remember, we have laws about those seeking asylum in this country and internationally.
DE January 10, 2023, 5:29 am Such concern about "the elderly and the poor". Always with the "immigrants are taking resources better spent on the elderly and the poor"! Except, they never seen to notice that the politicians T get vote for and adore have no answers for the "immigrant problem" and gladly cut resources already provided to "the elderly and the poor".

I guess their love for the "elderly and the poor" isn't as strong as their hatred of "the immigrants".
PK January 10, 2023, 8:01 am Who said they were taking our jobs? NOT ME!! They are illegal. Right? A fast path to citizenship?? You sound like the VP. That was one of her bright ideas on Meet the Press. Haven't you noticed that she is kept quiet and out of sight? Only relegated to situations she can't screw up or put her foot in her mouth. It's not up to me to have a plan; if it was, I'd tell Biden what to do.
KEEP GOING LIKE YOU ARE, JOE. DeSantis will clean up your mess!!
Do we have laws about seeking asylum in this country??? Really??
PK January 10, 2023, 12:05 pm Excuse me for believing our elderly and poor need to have decent housing, clothes, food, and healthcare BEFORE these immigrants!! [I don't hate these immigrants; I just don't believe 4 million of them belong here.] Do you really believe an elderly person should have to choose between their medicine...heat...and food? How about children who go to school with nothing in their stomachs? Right now these immigrants from everywhere are placed in warm shelters; they are being fed and clothed; and they are receiving healthcare. Can you honestly say that all the needs of our country's elderly and poor are in the SAME situations?

As a 74 year old person living on a very tight fixed income, I resent your opinion. But I thank God that I am better off than the people I'm talking about.

Aren't you an American first and foremost?
DC January 10, 2023, 1:15 pm Immigration reform is on the way.

Dave Coots
NG January 12, 2023, 4:36 pm So why don't the republicans work with this administration to pass immigration reform? Its because that is not part of their plan. Their plan is all about obstruction. They want to destroy as many people in this administration as possible. It is all about revenge because the Democrats have been investigating Trump. It is time for republicans to put this country and all its people first, ahead of their party.

Norma Gould
GB January 12, 2023, 11:48 pm NG,
You do realize the majority of this country believes the Democrats should be the party who needs to put this country and Americans first, right? With the recent developments today with regards to the classified documents found in Biden's garage and other locations along with the millions of dollars funneled from foreign governments through the Biden Foundation and into the pockets of the Biden Crime Family, of course the House will investigate. It's pretty clear the Democrats in Washington have NOT been doing anything except selling this country out to the highest bidder. That's usually China. That used to be called treason.
DC January 13, 2023, 8:47 am I was brought up to believe laws were to be followed or pay the consequences.You don't just pick and choose which ones. Just because you don't agree with the law is no reason to blatenly ignore it. Heads should roll.

All of us in this country will pay for the complete disregard of our border.

Dave Coots
GB January 14, 2023, 4:25 pm DC, you are absolutely correct. We will all pay a price for this illegal entry into our country. The problem is the current clown show in Washington. We have a bunch of incompetent ignorant nitwits in the Whitehouse running this s#!@ show, and we've already been paying a heavy price in terms of inflation and fuel costs. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
PK January 15, 2023, 10:54 am Thanks DC...We are definitely ALL going to pay for the millions and millions and millions of ILLEGAL immigrants who skipped happily to the USA. [Approximately 1.7 million came across the border in Biden's first year.]Guess he was too busy basking in his big win to notice. The US is in a horrific crisis mode! We have the state of California being battered day after day with bombastic cyclones, mud slides,flooding; and people are losing everything. There are blizzards, record cold temperatures, and tornadoes. There is an active volcano; and sooner or later, hurricane season will arrive once again.
If all of this isn't bad enough, we have the Biden Administration to deal with. Has anyone heard of the Tower of Babel? Joe may be leading us there. [And the "blind" may not notice!]

NG...You say it's time for the Republicans to put this country and its people first. Well, Biden and the Democrats are clearly putting the illegal immigrants FIRST and ordinary US citizens SECOND. Ask some of the residents of cities where masses of these illegals now reside FREE; and I'll bet, they will say they feel like second-class citizens in their own country!!
PK January 17, 2023, 3:25 pm Did anyone notice that the mayor of New York City [a Democrat] flew to EL PASO to view the effects of the illegal immigrants on the city? He reported that the city's peril was immediately apparent. Obviously, the city didn't clean up the streets for him like they did for President Biden. EL PASO's mayor is also a Democrat. Both state that their cities are crisis...and need help. Mainly financial. The mayor of NYC said that his city doesn't deserve this situation; neither does EL PASO or Chicago or any other city in our country. Could the number of elite Democrats unhappy with their fearless leader be growing? What about the disenchanted Democratic voters? He can only sweep so much under the White House Welcome mat before he trips over it!

PK January 19, 2023, 4:14 pm MORE thoughts about the illegal immigrants: A spokesman from Yuma, Arizona said when interviewed today that one of their hospitals has 23 MILLION DOLLARS of unpaid bills from treating the illegal immigrants. As he was talking, he showed an ambulance there treating an illegal who fell into the river and needed help. "All of this is taking away our help from the citizens of Yuma." He pointed to the immigrants walking around Trump's partial wall. Some of the wall has NOT been erected and is rusting on the ground. The sheriff of Yuma stated that clearly the border "crisis" is NOT a TOP priority of the Biden Administration. Every day more and more people cross our border. He also pointed out that the VP was in Arizona, but 100 miles away. [BUT REMEMBER THAT THE VP HAS THE MISCONCEPTION THAT THE BORDER IS SECURE!]

Did anyone happen to see the story yesterday about Biden's "Ace in the Hole"? It seems as though the Republicans would not move to impeach Biden due to who would then lead our country. YIKES!!! Even some Democrats might shiver in their shoes at that thought.

31.4 Trillion dollars in debt?? Double and triple YIKES!! I can't speak for all the people on Social Security in this country, but I am fairly certain that everyone needs their monthly checks. RIGHT?? MY BIG question is Are we still going to house, clothe, feed, and provide healthcare for 4+ million illegal immigrants when our citizens who earned this money don't get their monthly checks? The thought of this possibility makes me livid!!!

Let's rent a Pied Piper and have him lead ALL of them back across the border where they belong!!!

PK January 23, 2023, 3:39 pm I see the VP put her foot in her mouth once again; or did she? With her it's so difficult to tell. Was she just confused or forgetful or trying to make a point? Obviously, she made the headlines regardless. Too bad it wasn't a positive news story. The White House could use one these days.
[I learned "We hold these truths..." in 7th grade.] Shouldn't we hold our two top elected people to a higher standard than little old ordinary me?
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