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Dear Editor,

Can anyone remember the 60 Minutes Show when President Biden slammed former President Trump about the classified papers he removed from the White House and refused to return? I believe he called it disgraceful. Whose face is red now?

The President copped an Attitude about the papers in his "locked" garage. "They were in my locked garage with my corvette. It isn't like they were out on the street." I thought, Did I just hear that statement come out of the President's mouth? Sounded like a whiny six-year-old who left his toys all over the garage floor. "Well, Mom, at least they aren't out in the rain."And it is almost comical watching his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre get through a short briefing. She continues to display poor eye contact with the news reporters. Why? Too often she refers to notes on the podium saying: "Uh, well..." "I said before..." "Um" Who wrote her notes? The President? [I'm certain she's crazy about her job.]Maybe it would be a grand time to focus not only on the President but also on Hunter Biden. What is the confusion about his precious laptop and saying that the home where the President and Jill live is his? What about China and taxes and guns? The Republicans need to take aim and shoot this time!Another item online on FOX NEWS caught my attention. It hits right on one of my previous opinions. You might recall I said that the immigrants wouldn't be just sitting in the shelters watching TV and playing checkers. Seems like a number of them have been drinking alcohol and having sex on the stairways in the hotel where they are staying. If they are destitute, where are they getting the money for alcohol, cigarettes, etc.? Are the taxpayers footing the bill, or are they using "idle hands" to obtain money. Regardless, the crime rates in these areas are bound to go way up.Hopefully, the President's run will be shorter than the years and years and years we'll reap the fallout from the 4+ million immigrants! It will take a strong Republican like Ron DeSantis to make this country and the Presidency GREAT again!!Peggy Kelley


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DC January 13, 2023, 1:10 pm Thinking maybe Joe's handlers have used him up and are throwing him under the bus.

Dave Coots
RB January 13, 2023, 1:10 pm President Biden contacted the national archives right away when he discovered them. Trump refused to return the documents, then had his lawyers sign that everything was returned. Trump kept more documents and didn’t return them. See the difference!

If we are going to investigate Hunter Biden, I sure you are ok with taking a look at Jared and Ivanka’s shady dealings, right? 2 billion dollar loan from Saudi Arabia, Ivanka’s dealings in China. Trump’s bank account in China? All fair game right?
DL January 13, 2023, 2:45 pm Maybe we should start wondering about the Marines that are assigned to protect these documents. Any time these documents are outside of a secure, government facility, an active Marine must be in control of the documents. If they give them to someone, that person signs for them, with the date and time. The documents are to never leave the sight of the Marine courier. Are these Marines being bribed? Are they part of a bigger conspiracy?

So far, we know that a former president had more than 300 separate government documents at his home, and beach house, for more than a year. We know that our government attempted to get those documents back, for more than a year. We know that a search warrant was issued and executed by the F.B.I., to go to his residents to get these documents back. The former guy then filed a lawsuit, claiming the government documents belonged to him. That case ended in court, with our government being awarded the government documents that belong to the government. That former guy continues to tell his loyal cult followers that the documents belong to him. We The People wouldn't have known about this F.B.I. search, without the former guy announcing it himself.

We now know that the current president had his property and former office space searched by his lawyers, to make sure there weren't any government documents in his indirect possession. When his lawyers found some documents (less than 15 reported so far), they immediately returned them to the proper entity. We The People still wouldn't know about this, except for a if it were not for a reporter asking the right questions.

Neither one of these presidents, either former or current, have/had a reason to possess these documents, without the Marine that was assigned to them present with them. We The People need to know more about this than what is on the surface.

As far as immigration. Yes, we have a problem! Many voters from the right side of the spectrum like to write articles about the problem. May I suggest that the whole lot of you start writing letters to the R's that are representing you in Congress. The D's in Congress have been trying to get a reform bill passed, but the R's don't want anything to do with it. Yet they get all of their R constituents all fired up by complaining about the problem on TV every night. They complain about it, just like the whole lot of you. But they don't want to actually do anything about it! If it were to ever get fixed, they would have one less topic to get all of you fired up about.
SG January 13, 2023, 4:12 pm President's have the authority to declassify papers, Bush, Bush, Trump all had papers. (Obama is shredding his no doubt.)
Hillary, not a president, Biden, not a president at the time had classified papers.
The difference here is that we have a sitting president who STOLE classified papers as did Hillary.
If a president can declassify papers, I don't know who gets to "reclassify" them.
Seems like we need clarification on who makes these calls.
I WILL say, keeping them "in the garage next to my Corvette" is MUCH less secure than Trump's special LOCKED room.
Trump was cooperating with the FBI, but boy all the flashing lights made a great photo op didn't it? And where are the leaked photos of Biden's papers? I mean, there were framed magazine covers in Trump's stuff and everything, that's some classified stuff right there!
PK January 13, 2023, 10:37 pm I have never liked Donald Trump; obviously, some of you have never taken the time to read my earlier opinions. Still extremely upset with myself for voting for the owner of the "little silver corvette." What was I thinking?? His border mess and his papers are going to take him down! As for myself, I can't wait for spring to start getting my DeSantis signs out! [Can't even imagine who the Democrats will dig up to run!] What a pity!
PK January 14, 2023, 8:42 am Are you thinking clearly?? Even IF a new immigration bill were to be written and passed, WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE 4+ MILLION WHO ARE ALREADY HERE?? Ideas?? Ideas?? Not worth the paper they would be written on.

GB January 14, 2023, 4:14 pm RB, Biden did not contact the National Archives "right away." These documents were discovered before the midterms. They kept it a secret until last week! Even the discovery is highly suspicious. Bidens attorney who discovered the first batch of papers was allegedly moving boxes. I'm not sure how many attorneys you know, but I do not know of any who would perform an ounce of manual labor doing anything. Another interesting fact is that this attorney was Biden's campaign manager and resigned her position on Biden's staff one or two days before finding these documents only to become part of Biden's legal counsel. Just in time to make a claim of attorney-client privilege.
DL, where do you come up with your material? When was the USMC put in charge of securing classified documents from the President? Not their function.
I know of no part of the Armed Services who are in charge of making sure a Vice-President does not illegally take classified documents except maybe the White House Communication Unit and that would be very limited. Probably not the type of material the Biden Crime Family would be funneling to the Chinese. They should seriously investigate this issue. If it turns out as it appears, there should be trials for treason for every single one of them.
PK January 15, 2023, 8:31 am A question brought to mind: Why were the "Locked closet" papers found on November 2nd, and then the "story" only released to the public early last week? [MID-TERM ELECTIONS??] Maybe to keep the Red Wave from rolling in??

While having my first cup of coffee this morning, I learned that more papers have been found at the Biden's residence. Just like the title of this opinion I wrote, Papers...Papers Everywhere.

I am considering the fact that that Hunter Biden's fingerprints might be on them. After all, Wasn't planting them hinted at? By the Marines, and even other Democrats

This morning, the President is giving a sermon down in Georgia in honor of Dr. Martin Luther
King, jr. I just hope when he gets to the podium, that he has the "right" papers!

GS January 15, 2023, 6:39 pm The sad truth is that in the setting of politics discipline, competence and integrity are outliers rather than the norm. Even the military members who work in the political setting are there more for how they look in their dress uniform than their military acumen. This creates a dangerous environment in which to transact national security matters. As one who's seen more than one military member or DoD civilian walked out of a building under security escort for mishandling classified material this double standard is nauseating.
All these instances just prove we need to start electing people who are competent and have integrity no matter what party they represent. Further, why don't we expect them to hire staff members who we can trust to do their jobs rather than let these idiots act like rules, regulations and laws don't apply to them.
I read so many oddball comments (Hunter Biden, sex in stairways, Marines being bribed) here that I wonder if any civilians understand that information is classified for a reason. Usually that reason is to protect our military members, our capabilities or those that are cooperating with us to help keep our country safe at risk to themselves. Sure, the Marine or whatever that supports the POTUS is going to say 'No Mr. President you must give that document back to me so I can put it back in the SCIF safe." They'd have orders to Minot or Djibouti within a week. Oh and the declassification of a document is a long, deliberate process not just someone (even the POTUS) blurting out "I want this declassified". Source documents have to be edited, security classification guides have to be referred to and changed. Worst case, we have to let a human source know they are about to be thrown under the bus.
How about as a minimum we stop electing people who think that rules, regulations and laws don't apply to them. Consider whether you'd actually trust the person you're voting for to be the Commander-in-Chief over your children if they served in the military. Oh, and maybe someone who isn't 80 years old and cognitively challenged by just basic decision making and good judgement.
Glen Shepherd, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
VHS Class of '81
PK January 16, 2023, 8:57 am Oddball comments...Really?? I had an uncle who was a Lt. Colonel in the Army; an uncle who was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy; my son was in High Level Intelligence in the Air Force; and two more family members were in the service. I am a proud American, and I still get a lump in my throat when the National Anthem okats. I understand more than you think, so I don't appreciate your condescending attitude. It doesn't take a genius to see what a weak President we have or how he has begun to destroy this great country!!
DL January 16, 2023, 12:40 pm GB... ALL classified documents are kept in locked areas secured by members of the Marine Corps, guarding the doors. If someone with the proper clearance wants to view any of the documents, they are signed into the area by a member of the Marine Corps standing guard. If someone, like the president or vice president want to see specific documents, a member of the Marine Corps is assigned to check out the documents, from the secure area. That Marine then takes those papers to the president or vice president. When the president or vice president take receipt of the documents, the Marine has to have them sign, date and note the time of the transfer. That Marine is responsible for staying within eyesight of the documents, and signing, dating and noting the time that they receive it back. They are then responsible for taking the documents back to the secure location.

These presidents having these documents alerts all proud Americans, that we have a huge problem with the security of our country.

No matter how much you hate the dark skinned president,that we had, The National Archives has said that they have all of the documents from his 2 terms.

Ya see, whenever a classified document is created, the National Archives is alerted of such. They know what documents they have to account for.

Whatever documents that you say were from the Bush years. You should get a list ready. Either the National Archives or The F.BI. office in Cedar Rapids. If you have any informants on that issue, you might want to let them know.
DC January 16, 2023, 9:11 pm Inside information always takes precedence over facts, I've noticed.

Dave Coots
GB January 16, 2023, 10:23 pm DL, clearly, you are delusional in what is actually reality. The Marine Guard at the White House is largely to augment the inner physical security of the President and his family. During the Clinton years, Hillary believed the Marine Guard were there to serve snacks and drinks to her friends at parties and social gatherings. Again not sure where you come up with your stories but maybe you should move out of the Fiction Section at the Library.
Not sure why you believe I would have an issue with anyone, much less a President because of his skin color. It has ALWAYS been my experience that the first nit wit who brings race into a conversation is likely the REAL RACIST. It has also been my experience when you actually pin down a person with extremely far-fetched liberal theories they claim as facts (like how you misquote case law) they are real quick to accuse the person of racism.
I regret that you have appeared to drag race into a conversation where it did not exist before you put it there.
It is my hope that you find peace within yourself and once you find that, you can learn to find peace in others. Maybe try attending one of our local churches. I will pray that God heals your angry heart.
GS January 17, 2023, 12:40 pm PK, I certainly didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's great that you can list off a bunch of 'other' people who have served. But from the perspective of someone who's served the Department of the AF on active duty and as a civilian for 35 years it just makes the nonsense more perplexing. Also, you might want to not advertise your relatives' clearance levels. That's supposed to be between us and the component we serve.
PK January 17, 2023, 6:03 pm Thank you...GS! Sadly, the only one left of those who served is my son. Who knows how all of this mess will play out. I guess time will tell!
Thank you for your service!
PK January 22, 2023, 11:07 am More papers?? "There is no there "THERE." The only more ridiculous and stupid remark out of a president's mouth than Joe Biden's [in my lifetime] is "I am NOT a crook!" Watching the various news conversations this morning brings to light that even Democrats [both the elite and the ordinary] are beginning to speculate that something is "not quite right" in the White House. I believe President Biden is edging up right along side former President Trump. [Yes, I did say that!] Makes Joe Biden's appearance on 60 Minutes a farce!

Let's see IF the President will give up some of the programs he wants to spend money on, so people can still get their Social Security and Medicare benefits. Hey, maybe those of us who might not get our SS checks can stand in line with the illegal immigrants. Because we have to feed them!! RIGHT??

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