I'm still adjusting to city living. I look three times before cracking my door open in my jammies to throw something out in the trash now.

Then there's is the trash can. For me, it's just large enough and awkward enough that it's not something I take to the curb without careful maneuvering. Throw in hands that don't function quite right, it's a pain.

Last night I saw that the northern lights were out and I thought, a thought which is why I never carry through on said thoughts. On this odd night, I thought, I'll drive out to see them.

On the tail of THAT brilliant thought, I thought, I might as well grab the trash and take it to the street. It happens about once a month at my house, and I could've waiting another week, but it was on the way.

It was after midnight so I thought I'll just throw a sweater on over my jammies and NOT fix my hair and no one will know. Surrrreee...

I grab my keys and phone, then the trash can and proceeded to scare the neighbor who happened to be outside on his porch.

In turn, he scared me!

As I'm laughing and trucking out to the curb with the annoying garbage can that drives like a car without power steering, I step wrong on the edge of the sidewalk, land in the grass, spilling the trash, losing my keys and proceeded to die of embarrassment.

I found the keys, threw the trash back in the can, but how do you stand up the monster garbage can on wheels? Fortunately, my young neighbor, I'm sure after he was done laughing, came to the rescue and wrangled the can to the curb as I embarrassedly thanked him and got in the car.

I start it up and notice in addition to the one dash light that has been on, another one got in on the fun. Great. I figured out what that light is telling me, and I will have to break down and make a call to the car parts place and then to the mechanic.

In the morning, I'll make a second call to the chiropractor. I can already feel it. I mean, I was thinking it was about time to go and see him anyway, I mean a bit of discomfort I will tolerate a long time. When I can barely move, I will gingerly walk in to see the chiropractor, I mean let's NOT overdo it...I really like the guy, I'm just not quick to nip the aches and pains in the bud unless I'm in REAL pain.

Tonight, after "taking my trash out" for some reason my knees and elbows now hurt. Ironically, my back feels better. So who knows, maybe in the morning I'll think, "I'm good" and hobble around for another week. But what I won't do is assume that I can sneak out after midnight in my jammies without the neighbor getting a good laugh!


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PK April 24, 2023, 10:22 am Spontaneity is not my problem. It's procrastination! I purchased a beauty of a Celestron telescope almost two years ago. It's hogging one of my kitchen chairs...still in its original huge box. I bought a heavy duty case to protect it. The cats like to lay on it because it's on top of the washer. I could have used it last night. Go figure...

BUT...I don't like our garbage containers either. Getting it to the curb is like pulling a whale from the ocean!!