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World's LARGEST Candy Dash on a race track in Iowa/Father's Day Fun at the track

Sunday, June 13, join us at Benton County Speedway’s HUGE candy dash, sponsored by Christine Rublack,  as she attempts to set a Guinness Book of World Records feat by dumping the MOST candy (by weight) on a race track in Iowa! Make sure kids, to head out there and sign in and grab a bag from your Bullring Lil Racer Car Club! There will definitely BE enough for everybody! The total weight to be announced right before it's all spread down the front stretch of the race track!

Wonderful Father's Day gifts will be on display that Lil Racers can try to WIN for their dads on June 20th at the Benton County Speedway Lil Racer Car Club! Lil Racers, when they sign in for the night, get tickets that THEY drop in red buckets in front of the respective prize that they THINK their dad would like to have for Father's Day! Winners announced at intermission.

There will also be an ADULT RAFFLE happening on the NORTH end of the grandstands, AND a balloon toss in front of the grandstand, sponsored by the Urbana 5 group, where balloons can be purchased for a buck each and then tossed at a list of 15-20 drivers and track personalities standing in front of the wall!

Did I also say that there will be some fantastic racing hitting (no pun intended) at the track for Mid- Season Championships that night? See you at the Bullring!


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