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Lil Racer Car Club Events happening at the Benton County Speedway

The Lil Racer Car Club will be OPEN for business each Sunday night but will not be holding any big events ourselves for the next three weeks, as other track events have been scheduled.

This Sunday night, the Hoker Trucking Late Model Series will invade the high-banked speedway and the club anticipates adding a few new members from drivers’ families who wouldn’t normally attend the weekly shows at the track.

On June 6th it’s the annual Urbana 5 Night/Iowa Donor Network Night, and this group has lots of special things lined up for the fans and drivers in honor of the 5 young racing fans, taken from this Earth too soon. We will be purchasing a bike for their bike giveaway but will be more of a support group that evening.

On June 13th, Christine Rublack’s Guinness Book of World Records attempt to set the record for the “Largest Candy Dash (by Weight) at a Dirt Track! The record currently stands at just over 1,300 POUNDS and as of this writing, she is within a couple pounds of her goal! The club will be OPEN, and have plenty of plastic bags available for the kids when they head to the track to pick up ALL of this record-setting candy as it gets spread down the track! IF you know of kids who may not have taken part in this before, bring them to the track. Kids are not required to be club members to take part in this event.

 The Lil Racer Car Club’s NEXT big event takes place on Sunday June 20th with our “Lil Racer Father’s Day  Giveaway” AND, new to this event for the first time will be an ADULT fan giveaway AND raffle! MORE information, plus a list of raffle items to be disclosed very soon!

 Thank you all very much and see YOU at the Bullring!


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