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Lil Racer Car Club invites kids under age of 12 to stop by the clubhouse

The Lil Racer Car Club invites all kids under the age of 12 to stop by the clubhouse across from Main Concessions at the Benton County Speedway,  "The Bullring" this Sunday night and bring their grandparents along and introduce them to the Lil Racer Crew. We THEN give the grandparents a ticket, good for a drawing at intermission where THEY have a chance to win gift cards from local businesses in the Vinton area! ( if any local business wishes to showcase themselves we can do that and all it takes is a 25 dollar gift card! Just contact Mitch at
The Lil Racer crew realize that most grandparents these days live on very fixed incomes, and this is a way to HELP THEM out, plus allow the kids a chance to enjoy the races with them. 
IF the grandparents are not able to make it and the parents might know an elderly couple at the track that night, invite THEM down! WE are NEW to the area and don't know whose grandparents belong with whom anyway! IF you have a business in the Vinton area and wish to be recognized by the club, contact us and we will work with you. We are a 501C3 tax exempt public charity, paid for through sponsorships and donations. 

See you Sunday at the Bullring for Grandparents Night in the Lil Racer Clubhouse!


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