Too often young racing fans are seen covering their ears while crying, due to the noise, or shielding their eyes from flying dirt or dust. A special fund is being set up to expand the types and number of products offered at the tracks the Lil Racer Car Club serves to help combat these problems that the kids face. The club is actively seeking friends to sponsor the "It's ALL About the Kids in 2023!" Hearing and Sight Protection Program. We are looking for individuals or businesses who are willing to donate funds to us so that we may begin collecting these products.

The Lil Racer Car Club is a 5013 nonprofit public charity created in 2005. This allows sponsorships and certain donations to be tax deductible. Last season the club purchased and sold over 240 sets of noise-reduction earmuffs to the kids. We work hard each week to keep our kids as comfortable as possible, so they may enjoy fun-filled racing events with their families. The club can be found at 106 Ryan Street in Lone Tree, IA, or donations can be mailed to PO Box 311 in Lone Tree. The club also has a Venmo account at Lil Racer Car Club INC

Thank you from over 1200 Lil Racers who have registered with the club.

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