Where: Izaak Walton Red Cedar Chapter 2 miles north of Vinton, Iowa on HWY 150

What: Black powder muzzleloader fun shoot and Can Drive

Best 3 round group at 50yards and

Best 3 round group at 100yards

When: Nov. 12, 2022 @10am

Entry fee is 2 nonperishable food items for the Vinton food bank

Lunch provide onsite for $5

Hog raffle drawing @2pm

Please join us for a Black powder fun shoot. We will be shooting open sights at 50 yards and 100 yards from a bench. Sand bags are welcome. Modern muzzleloaders, flint locks, matchlocks, and percussion caps are all welcome with open sights. If you bring a scope you are more than welcome to shoot but will not score and be eligible for a prize. Must have eye and ear protection.

Our goal is to get people together to raise food for the food bank, have good conversations and let some powder burn. Please bring friends and family. Note: We encourage youth involvement in the outdoors and activities but don't offer childcare, you are responsible for your children.

Playground available for kids

Coloring station for the kids

Walking trails are open

Hatchet throwing

If you have any questions, contact Joe Redenbaugh @319-504-0827 Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/iwlarcc


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