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VGH Legacy Honoree Recipient - Dean Luze

Dean Luze understands what is meant by community. Who would have guessed a pandemic would occur and everyday resources would come to a halt. The hospital and all of the community all of a sudden was in great need of numerous personal protection supplies that required coordination and skill. Dean Luze was immediately aware and working to fill the gap, becoming the centralized contact person for the sewing of personal protection supplies.

VGH Legacy Honoree Recipient - Katherine Ervin

Katherine Ervin served as VGH Board of Director from 1985 to 2003. Kathie’s tenure dealt with numerous major decisions that significantly paved the road to success. Previous to Kathie coming onto the board, VGH was in a management agreement with St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids. A radiology suite and emergency trauma areas were enhanced. But within the 10 years of St.
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VGH Legacy Honoree Recipients - John and Beverly Anderson

John and Beverly Anderson’s generosity of spirit is unrivaled. Helping provide the community with access to excellent healthcare has long been at the top of John and Bev’s list of community involvement. John served on the Health Care Foundation Board for 12 years from 2006 to 2018. He co-chaired the “Commitment for Caring” Capital Campaign with Keith Mossman renovating Virginia Gay and upgrading much of the equipment and has provided leadership in numerous other campaigns.

VGH Legacy Honoree Recipients - Keith and Janet Elwick

A few days before his 103rd birthday, Keith Elwick was recognized for his work and support on behalf of VGH with a Legacy Honor Keith and Janet Elwick/Kvastad Farms Keith and Janet Elwick from early in their lives have had an appreciation for rural healthcare and the ability of access in the community. They had been blessed over the years with grateful patient experiences. Dr. Koontz and Dr. Woodhouse are two of those doctors who made a difference. Keith served on the VGH Board of Directors from 1971 to 1985 providing leadership and guidance.

Thank you Benton County Veterans, past and present, for your service

An Iowa Regiment in 1910. To our Veterans and their families,Thank you for your service and for your sacrifices. That seems like such a tiny phrase for the monumental service that you've given to our country. As we take today to recognize you, we hope that you know just how much your service has been appreciated by all of us.Cara Martin, of Benton County Veteran's Affair, located at 811 D Ave, Suite 34 is available to assist all veterans.
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Lions Club Screens Eyes of Local Students

Mark Wilberg, Don Weideman, and Dr. Alan Woodhouse provided eye screenings at Tilford Elementary.  Lions Club members Mark Wilberg, Don Weideman, and Dr. Alan Woodhouse provided eye screenings at Tilford Elementary school. The Lions Club is part of the Iowa Kidsight program which is a partnership between Lions volunteers and the University of Iowa Ophthalmology Center. Since 2004 our local volunteers have been trained to screen preschool children for visual health at no cost to their families.

Vinton Lions Club hosts Melissa Croy of Benton County Volunteer Program

Melissa Croy, Executive Director of Benton County Volunteer Program Vinton Lions Club hosted Melissa Croy, Executive Director of Benton County Volunteer Program. Melissa shared the mission of Benton County Volunteer Program and their driving program. The program matches community members needing a ride to regularly scheduled medical appointments with volunteer drivers. Drivers donate their time and use of vehicles and are reimbursed for mileage.

Virginia Gay Hospital receives donation from Fareway for Gifts of Hope

Fareway makes $633 donation to Gifts of Hope Virginia Gay Hospital is grateful to Fareway and its staff for participating in Round-Up for Hope, raising and donating $633 to Gifts of Hope. Their efforts of support make a difference in our community. The Gifts of Hope funds provide free mammograms and diagnostic services for women (and men) who need financial assistance. Pap tests and/or pelvic exams are also available for women who need them.
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Young Parents Network assists Young Families with needs

Tisha Ritter, the director of the Young Parents Network out of Cedar Rapids, made a trip to Vinton to address the area Kiwanis. YPN assists both mothers and fathers as they parent their young children. Ritter said, "Do you remember as a parent, they just hand you the kid and you leave. It happened to me twice!" YPN's goal is to help young parents.YPN first started in Cedar Rapids 35 years ago.

Courthouse to display Christmas Lights once again, this year...or next

An old photo from December 23, 1980 Cedar Valley Times via the library online archives For some of us that have lived in Vinton for decades, we remember that each Christmas when you returned home from out of town you could see the courthouse. It wasn't because of its size or location, but because there would be lights on the courthouse. The lights would stream down from the clock tower over each corner of the courthouse. Melody Snow of Vinton Unlimited, approached the County Supervisors a few weeks ago to see if they would be willing to do this again.
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