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Matt Boggess, Director of the Vinton Parks and Recreation, spoke to those gathered on Sunday to dedicate the new shelter at Kiwanis park. He said, "I was sitting in my office and thinking about someone who has had a long legacy serving with the Kiwanis for over 60 years, and as President of the club twice, and we decided rather than to rededicate the shelter, to rename this shelter the Keith Ervin Shelter."

Surprising Ervin with the honor, the group showed their appreciation for Ervin as the new sign that will identify the shelter was held up. The Kiwanis have shown their love, care and support of the park, Boggess said. The Kiwanis park has been undergoing many changes in the last several years. Removing the old shelter and building, replacing the playground equipment, adding the splash pad and now the new shelter.

After announcing the new name for the shelter, they invited Ervin to say a few words. "It's a mistake to give a car salesman a microphone," he began, bringing a chuckle to the group. Giving the credit to Roger Elbert for the idea of putting a park at the location, he talked about all of the things that the club has done, and the willingness of its members to take a turn at making things happen in the community. Then he paused, looked the sign and said, "I'm shocked. I'm shocked! I didn't know!" Ervin exclaimed grinning. He then continued to brag on the members in the club and thanked everyone for all that they've done to make things happen for Vinton.


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MD August 15, 2022, 9:33 pm Keith has been a great asset to our community. He has served faithfully, I first meet Keith over 60 years ago. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
BE August 22, 2022, 2:30 pm Thanks Bill!
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