An online presentation called "Iowa Super - Vision" about the segment of Highway 150 that runs from Urbana to Oelwein can be seen at the following link:

While watching the video, you can make comments or suggestions about this segment of the highway. The page asks for a zip code, last name before allowing you to view the video or comment.

If there are areas along the road, you can also mark on a map the exact location which area you are addressing. Not all suggestions will be implemented of course. The presentation is 17.38 minutes long.

This section of road is 28 miles in length, and runs from I-380 to IA 281 at the edge of Oelwein. (so no, the roundabout is not part of this discussion.)

This study will give recommendations for turning and passing lanes, widening of shoulders and seeks a better option for passing through downtown Independence. The video notes that the majority of the road is in fair condition with only issues within Independence.

From 2017-2021 there have been 372 crashes resulting in 30 injuries, and 2 deaths. A third of these crashes were at intersections because of a failure to yield or following too closely. With these numbers, the study indicates that there are very few areas of concern along this section of road.

Right now there are 10 proposed upgrades to turning lanes, and upgrades to the passing lanes, "conceptual alternatives" in downtown Independence and roadway improvement in downtown Independence.

The study has also identified 10 locations for a needed passing lane, five in each direction. Two of these are located in Benton County, north of Urbana, one in each direction. Four are recommended south of Independence.

In evaluating the turning lane improvements, the study showed 348 points where this section of road can be entered which included 68 intersections. Because of this the study found the need for 10 new right-turning lanes. and 11 new left turn lanes as well as improving some of the existing turning lanes. During the presentation, maps of these locations can be seen.

Downtown Independence, will see changes from two-way streets to one-way streets. A map of the proposed changes is also in the photos above, but for a full explanation, watch the short video about the whole project.

The Iowa DOT seeks community input on all of the proposed changes. The link is above to watch the presentation and the opportunity to comment.

A reminder, "It is important to note not all recommendations may be implemented due to potential constraints encountered during the implementation phase," according to the IDOT spokesperson.


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