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Letter to the Editor:

These unprecedented times have provided many in our community with excess time on their hands, me included. Time that some have spent voicing their opinion on the Vinton Today Opinion Pages. I commend Valerie and the Vinton Today website for printing each and every letter she receives.

We hear on the news, read on the internet, and tell all our friends that we must work together and we will get through all of this. However, if you have read the opinion pages recently, you might just come up with the conclusion that working together is entirely impossible. There are consistent players and themes in the Vinton Today Opinion Pages. Since we all need a little humor, with just a little bit of sarcasm mixed in, I am proposing a fun way to turn those uncomfortable minutes we experience when reading the most recent installment in the "war of words." I call it Vinton Today Opinion Pages Bingo. Print off your card and play. No buy-ins and four corners do count. It is very easy to play, just mark off the appropriate space as soon as you read it. Our first game will be a double BINGO. The winner will have their choice of a MAGA hat or a COEXIST bumper sticker.

Stay safe, healthy, and happy.

Darran Sellers

If you REALLY want to play click to print here.


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Kurt Karr April 23, 2020, 2:19 pm Thanks for the entertainment!
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