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I had a note a few months ago that it was time to visit the eye doctor. Then COVID arrived and I just put it off. Then I started using a magnifying lens to read the fine print. And then things started to look a bit blurry on the computer, which required me to zoom in to work more comfortably. So I finally broke down and made an appointment.

We went through the whole hand sanitizer and taking my temperature when I walked in the door. Even though I was in the hot car, my temp was 97.5. Shew. I'm glad no one is panicking about low temperatures.

I admit it, I'm of the opinion that since we have had a whopping 43 diagnosed cases, in our county out of a population of 25,645 residents, and of those 33 have recovered that we've probably already been hit with this stuff and just didn't know it.

I do have to admit, I didn't miss those pesky hugging people until it's been months since being attacked by one.

But anyway, I proceeded to my appointment when the masked doctor entered the room. I only gave a small chuckle at how funny the situation was and then we proceeded to check my eyes.

I've been doing these tests since 1st grade. For some reason, my eyes are getting better. I really could make so many comments on how funny that is right now.

Following the eye exam, it's time to go and pick out some new frames. I hate that part more than anything. I hate shopping. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Put me in front of a wall of eyeglass frames that honestly look pretty similar and ask me which one I like the best, well, you're going to get an eye roll.

I don't care.

I really don't.

I don't have to look at the frames, I just look through the frames. I told the gal to just grab a pair and I'd take 'em.

I only had one requirement they have to have hinges that bend both in and when the grandbaby grabs them they are flexible enough to bend the opposite direction.

There were 5 samples that she pulled off the wall for me to try on.

The first one, nope, second, too square. Third, meh. I was between frames 4 and 5.

I chose number 4. It was in purple. They felt, well right. I told the gal that my only requirement is that they NOT be the purple that they were. After all, purple doesn't go with anything. So she pulled up the frame to see which colors it came in, "You can get those in gold, brown or purple. You don't want gold." She's right I didn't. "Let's go with the brown," I say.

Now, last time I bought glasses, I ordered the frames I had before because, well, see the above, it's just easier. I liked that pair so I told them to just order the same ones. They thought that was a little weird, but they went with it.

So as the gal sat down to write the order form she paused.

"A.." then she did a double-take.

"This is the same frame that you already have!" she said.

"No wonder I liked them," I chuckled.

I guess I'm one of those weird gals that hate shopping, and honestly, as long as the glasses work, I don't really care what they look like, unless, they look like Sally Jessy Raphael or George Burns frames. So for probably the last 5 years I've worn the same frames, and I wouldn't be surprised if I pick "new" frames again and end up with the same ones.

They must be good frames, I've never had a problem with them. The only thing new this year will be my trifocals. I'm not sure how my eyes getting better now require a trifocal, but we'll go for it and see if I need my magnifying lens again.

I don't know, all of these years maybe I've been choosing the wrong frames. The granddaughter thinks it's hilarious every time I take my glasses off. She just looks at me and giggles.

So here's to routine, even if it is in the same eyeglass frames that you choose.


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