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Dear Editor.

I agree there are more good officers than bad ones but the bad ones like the one that murdered Mr. Floyd should not have been allowed to remain on the force. He had many charges against him and should have been fired much earlier. The code that police officers follow that they stick up for each other and lie for each other must change. They are there to protect the people, all the people, not just those with the right color of skin. Again I must say I think the majority of the officers do the right thing but it has been proven not all of them do.

The two officers in New York who shoved the 75-year-old man to the ground where he lost consciousness and was then in the hospital for days was totally unnecessary. Then the entire group behind those two officers resigned in solidarity behind them. Did they really think that was the right thing to do to that elderly gentleman?

Police officers like that have to go. They are not fit to be on the force. The one who murdered Mr. Floyd had his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck for almost 9 minutes while he looked down at him and watched him die. He knew exactly what he was doing. Even after he lost consciousness he kept his knee on his neck just to make sure he was dead.

Have you ever heard of a policeman doing this to a white man? I don't believe I have. This is a very racist society we are living in and because our current president is racist things are now more out in the open. Also because of everyone having a camera on their phone, the police will no longer be able to get by with the things they have in the past no matter how much they lie and stick up for each other. The other three policemen that stood by and watched the murder have now been charged. They should have stopped it. A 17-year-old girl filmed that murder. If she hadn't those policemen would maybe have been able to cover it up. I pray a jury will convict these murderers. I repeat if you can't protect all the people,, resign your position.

Norma Gould


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Tom Boeckmann June 10, 2020, 12:54 pm I think you need to do a little fact checking on the guy in NYC! Further, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That's one of the great things about this country. Let's wait until facts are out before we make judgement. Remember, the video that the mainstream media has been showing is just one angle. I'm guessing there's a LOT more to this story. And why don't we here about police officer / white criminal interactions? It's not sensationalism so the media doesn't show it. We watched on EVERY channel, the 4.5 hour-long funeral of Floyd (attended by thousands) while a murdered cop's funeral was held in St Louis at the same time - with limited attendance due to the political hot-potato called Coroinavirus.
Norma Gould June 10, 2020, 6:02 pm Well I have done some fact checking on him. The president has told some lies about him that have been proven wrong but all he did was walk up to the officers and they shoved him backwards. Is that the way an officer is trained to treat a 75 year old man regardless of what his politics are? I believe they could have moved him out of the way, not shoved him to the ground. Last I heard he was still in the hospital. Again is that the way our police officers are trained? Not any that I have ever talked to. Police are not supposed to treat people according to what side of the political isle they are on so why did you even bring up politics.
Gerald Bates June 10, 2020, 8:31 pm Norma, You need to stop watching so many movies and so much CNN. Police Officers come from the same communities they serve. Sure there are some bad cops. Just like there are bad Priests, Doctors and of course bad Lawyers. There are bad people everywhere. When a bad cop is identified, that department has got to address it. Yet to blanket all Police and all departments as some sort of corrupt, lying and organized gang murdering and abusing people's civil rights is as ridiculous and absurd as the mainstream media that reports and even manufacturers that BS. Of course, there will always be those who drink the Kool-Aid of what the national press and special interest groups pour into your glass. Where was the national outcry like what we have now when the same agency in Minnesota had a black officer (a Somali Immigrant) shoot and kill a white female who was unarmed and just happened to be the same lady who called the police in the first place. Her crime was nothing! Not even a criminal record... Norma, where was your opinion then? This same department has a history of issues if you took the time to look into it. Like most people, you probably did not do that. The problems with that same department can also be directly linked to the quality of the political leadership in that community or lack of. I invite you to do just a little bit of research along with just a little individual thought. Maybe then you will not jump on the bandwagon of blanketing law enforcement as some sort of corrupt society where they all lie and cover for each other. You clearly have not done your research and collected the real facts because if you had, you would have come to another conclusion. It is that same attitude generated from a lack of knowledge that only makes the problem larger. Where was the outrage when BLM recently vandalized a Civil War Memorial in Massachusetts, which by the way was dedicated to an ALL Black Union Unit from the Civil War? Where is your outrage over the fact that 94% of blacks murdered, are murdered by of all people, other blacks? That is the real news and yet you do not mention it. Could it be you did not know this?
Norma Gould June 11, 2020, 5:18 pm Oh my my Gerald Bates have you lost your ability to read? Where in my letter did I say I was talking about "all police"? In fact in the very first sentence I stated that there were more good police than bad. Why don't you put your glasses on and read it again. The ones who commit the terrible in justices like Derek Chauvin did should have no longer been a policeman. Then maybe George Floyd would still be alive. Trying to make all black people look bad does not excuse what Chauvin and the other 3 policemen did so I don't know what your point was. Imagine George Floyd was your brother or your son or imagine you have lived your life as a black man and been pulled over for driving while black or walking with your hands in your pockets and just looking suspicious because of your skin color, all things you can do as a white man with no problem but police would stop you if you were black. Black people and white people live in two different worlds. Norma Gould
Gerald Bates June 11, 2020, 9:21 pm My my Norma, You seem eager to drink the Kool-Aid or give it out. Not sure why you feel the need to make hypothetical claims of how I would feel living my life as "a black man and being pulled over for driving while black or having my hands in my pockets." Again, you speak in hypothetical terms. That may be your perception of reality, yet that doesn't make it fact. I do not believe anyone can logically believe that what happened to George Floyd was not disgusting and Derek Chauvin should be in prison for what he did. Everyone agrees with that! The media, special interest groups and some individuals, now use that situation to expand and export the issue of what occured in Minneapolis to communities across this country. Groups like ANTIFA and even BLM have an agenda and they expand that agenda with fear tactics and intimidation. They turn a blind eye to the same treatment to others they claim to defend in others. I would argue that all lives matter. Regardless of color or political positions. Again, this is 2020. This isn't 1960. If you honestly believe the police are out stopping people because of color, give some examples. List examples where nothing was done to the police through being fired or prosecuted when they did. No one argues that there are not bad cops out there. Just like there are bad people in every profession. To make an assumption that if I was black (you do not know that I'm not) I would be in fear of being stopped for driving black or just for having my hands in my pocket is wrong. Your opinion just like mine is just that. Everyone has one. At the end of the day its just an opinion without fact being attached.
Norma Gould June 12, 2020, 12:34 pm Mr Bates, this conversation is over. When you make a comment like "Again, this is 2020. This isn't 1960. If you honestly believe the police are out stopping people because of color, give some examples." If you honestly believe that things are so much better for minorities today you are to used to living in small town Iowa and living to much of a sheltered life. There is no hope of having a real discussion with you. You or someone said I shouldn't listen to CNN but maybe you should listen to CNN instead fo Fox because Fox is lying to you about what is really going on. CNN has real black people on there. Listen to Don Lemon for a change and get some news about what is going on in the world of black people instead of letting Fox lie to you and letting the impeached one lie to you because you do realize that the numbers he gives you about about how wonderful it is for the African Americans today and how much they love him are all lies. If you don't know that you are living in fantasy land. I am done talking to you because you are hopeless. Norma Gould.
Gerald Bates June 12, 2020, 3:55 pm Norma, You clearly did not mean it was "over" when you continue with your blurred perception of reality. You clearly have some motivation to push an agenda that better fits into the political views you have. You list no facts or evidence and when you get called out on the comments you make, you personally attack the person from a point of the perceptions you cling to. My point that I make is not based on the same foundations you use to sling words at people. You should not judge me by what you "think" is my race or where I happen to live. You clearly watch way too much CNN, MSNBC and the View. This is still America and you can do whatever you like. I would only suggest getting some actual facts together that actually match the view of the world you "think" you live in before you start pressing your views on others. Its always a lot better to know what you are talking about, before you start correcting others.
Darrin Lindsey June 12, 2020, 6:39 pm Mr Bates. You have your FACTS completely wrong. First of all, you obviously don't have a clue about what Antifa or Black Lives Matter are all about. Let's tackle BLM first. You FALSELY accused Norma of throwing a blanket over all police officers. You speaking falsely about BLM, is the exact same thing that you accused Norma of. BLM is a peaceful organization. You throwing a blanket over all black citizens as being part of BLM, is like someone accusing you of being part of KKK. Just because they're black, doesn't make them part of BLM! Now, let's tackle Antifa. That organization ONLY gets violent with one type of people, Fascists/Nazis/White Supremacist. Antifa is short for ANTI-FASCIST. There isn't even an organization of Antifa. It's just random people from around the country, that go places where Fascist/Nazi/White Supremacist are gathering. Want to know who the original Antifa were? They were all of the patriotic soldiers that stormed the beaches of Normandy, on June 6, 1944. They were sent there to rid the world from Fascists/Nazis/White Supremacist. Like I said, they do get violent. But, only when they are taking on the people in our country, that have the same values as Hitler and Mussolini. So, take your lack of knowledge, and racism, and show it somewhere else. This is not the right place.
Gerald Bates June 12, 2020, 8:36 pm Darrin, Antifa is factually more aligned with the Communist Party than any American on the beaches of Normandy. Clearly either High School level history failed you or you were too busy cutting class. It would not require a great deal of thoughful deliberation to conclude some simple facts. You fail at thoughful deliberation and facts. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid..
Gene Geiger June 14, 2020, 12:57 pm Norma Gould: Don Lemon. Hahahaha Gerald Gates: Right on. Can't call you a lemming.
Blake Benson June 17, 2020, 5:35 pm A few days ago I was visited by the landlord at my dad's residence. Which my dad rents. He asked if I was living with my dad and said that needed to stop because I'm not on the lease agreement. Understandable, under "normal circumstances," I agree. A little background on my dad. 92 years old, under constant oxygen, 4 time purple heart recipient, prisoner of war, very humble and soft spoken man. Now he is very concerned about the pandemic so as I was in the process of moving out of Vinton he asked if I could stay until pandemic was over. Of course, I said yes it shouldn't be a problem because where I'm moving to was not ready. The landlord doesn't see it that way. Gave me until the first of July. Fine. Today an officer of the Vinton police stopped ( K9 officer) and I was told not to put grass clippings near the curb it was against city code. I was going to tarp them and take them to the brush dump north of Vinton a few day ago but injured my back. Anyway, before the officer left another officer pulled up and "was just giving him shit" about something. I went back outside and pointed at a neighbor around the alley and all his garbage, furniture, and junk behind his garage. The response I got was why I'm ticked off at our brave and fine enforcement officers Mr. Mayor. This is what I was told " yes we know there are tons of those messes in town. Vinton really needs a full-time inspector to deal with it." I have not once heard this brought up in a meeting? But if it's available I will send you my resume. Thank you for risking your well-being so I can pick up my grass.
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