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Dear Editor

I have been following the lead-up to the 2020 election and there are some things that have become apparent among our local candidates running for statehouse. While many in our society are becoming polarized in their political views I still feel there are some core values and attributes that we can all agree on when deciding our elected officials. As I reflect on my interactions with these candidates some themes have emerged that I would like to share with other undecided voters in our area.

Some candidates have gone out of their way to respond to emails, communicate their policies and positions, and even ask for advice and additional information when needed. These candidates include Ruby Bodeker and Ivy Schuster. Other candidates seem to feel their election is "pre-ordained" and that it is unnecessary to have their positions tested or to even share them at all. Those candidates include Dawn Driscoll and Tom Gerhold. It is disappointing enough when those running to represent us cannot be bothered to reply to an email but when they do not even feel they need to participate in debates with their opponents or let their views and policies stand up to public scrutiny those should be flashing warning signs to all voters.

Now more than ever we need leaders that are accountable, have integrity, and common-sense values. We need leaders that are responsive to all of their potential constituents -- not just the ones they may agree with -- that do not shy away from scrutiny, and are not afraid to admit when they need to do more research on an issue and can ask for help.

To tackle the great challenges our district and state face we cannot rely on outdated ideas and special interest talking points. On the most pressing issues our community, state, and country face -- access to quality and affordable healthcare and education, high speed internet access, renewable energy, social justice, revitalizing our rural economies, and others -- the choices are clear. Vote for Ivy Schuster for Senate District 38 and Ruby Bodeker for House District 75 on November 3rd!

Michael Jacobsen, father of two (soon to be three!) and is a fellow citizen of District 38.

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