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Dear Editor,

I find it very interesting that Gould and Braden bring up objections that have no legitimacy. Name one person who has been denied their legal right to vote. I brought up two items that seem to have much contention that is an ID and requiring a person to vote in the precinct where they are registered. Again you have not discussed the issues I raised. You seem to have a disease called "What about" ism. President Biden has criticized Georgia and Texas law but says nothing about the more restrictive election laws in his home state of Delaware. I see nothing that is overly restrictive in Iowa's election laws. Your words are empty and mean nothing.

Mr. Frank I don't see what your question has to do with the current discussion. I doubt very much if it matters how many Asian, Latinos, or Black Americans I have had discussions or contact with. The fact of the matter is I have not had any interaction with any of the former since my retirement from Trans World Airlines. Frankly, it didn't matter to me what race or skin color the Maintenance Technicians had. I only cared about their competence in doing the work required to give me an airworthy airliner. Note: I was never disappointed in the work they did on my behalf. It was always my contention that TWA had the very best maintenance personnel in the industry - period.

Where tillage begins, other arts follow.
Social Crusaders never have to take responsibility for the chaos they cause. Thomas Sowell

John Stiegelmeyer

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GERALD BATES July 16, 2021, 12:02 pm Thank you, John. Very well put. The same is true for the military. Race never played a part in anything and we were all green!
They always throw in race. It seems to be the generic answer for everything! Like I said in another opinion, all too often the person who drags race into a discussion is often the one who is racist.
Randy Braden July 16, 2021, 4:37 pm Stiegelmeyer Failed yo answer a simple question and that is shouldn’t it be easy to vote? Again, we had the most successful elections ever and no v9ter fraud. Why the push to make voting more restrictive? Please answer that one! You’re watching too much Fox News. Let logic be your guide. If things are working well what is there to fix? I’m waiting for your answer Stiegelmeyer!,
Norma Gould July 16, 2021, 6:23 pm My letter has no legitimacy because you get all your information from one place. You need to look a little further out into the real world. Just because you think an ID is easy to get doesn't mean it is for everyone. For some it takes money they don't have, it takes forms of ID they don't already have, they don't drive so they don't have transportation, and if they are elderly or handicapped it is extra hard for them. You can stop looking down your nose at other people like it it is easy because for many it isn't. Besides each state will require and accept a different form of ID.

Republicans do not want black and brown people to vote because they most often vote Democratic. Have you read any of the new voter suppression laws that have been passed in states across the country? Until you do that you don't have a right to criticize what has been said as if you know everything because you sure don't. As I told you Fox lies all the time so if that is where you get your news you are getting "Fake News."

Making it harder to vote is their plan. People in Iowa now only have 20 days for mail-in voting. I use mail-in voting because I no longer drive and because of arthritis have issues with walking and standing, but now I have to also have to be concerned with trump putting Louis DeJoy in control of the post office and as he slowly destroys our postal service that also makes mail-in voting more difficult. I remember seeing Ernst get all excited, smiling and rubbing her hands together with glee that things were being "tightened up" in Iowa when the new voter restriction law was signed. I asked her what she meant by "tightened up" but she refused to explain it to me. So why did Iowa's law have to be changed? As I said it went from 40 to 29 to 20 days of early voting and I am sure republicans are not done. They will keep destroying early voting as long as they are in charge but again I ask WHY? The only answer I have is to make it as hard for people to vote as possible.

The select committee has their first meeting scheduled. For all the republicans who will be complaining about it they were offered the bipartisan commission with everything they wanted and then they said no because they wanted to protect trump. Well he will be investigated anyway and I hope he goes to prison along with some other republicans who were involved. Republicans investigated Benghazi at least 7 times and never found anything against Hillary but I bet there will be something against trump.

Norma Gould

Patty Morgan July 17, 2021, 10:16 am Norma,
If Republicans are the ones not wanting black and brown people to vote...why the hell is Biden refusing black and brown people from Cuba, entry into the United States? He is allowing everyone else but specifically said Cubans cannot enter. Is he afraid that these black and brown people, living under communism will vote Republican? or is he just racist?
As for voting, tightening the rules for voting isn't stopping anyone from voting. The whole "suppression" argument is pretty lame. You have to have an ID to go to the doctor, no one throws a fit about "patient suppression"...because obviously it's not an issue.
Gerald Bates July 17, 2021, 7:32 pm Norma,
As soon as I read where you were attempting to legitimize not needing an ID and how "difficult" it is to get one, you lost me and I stopped reading. I'd bet everyone else did also. You don't appear to research anything! Again everything you put out is irrelevant to anyone who did not crawl out from under a rock last night. You do not cite any legitimate source. You continually spout out propaganda. Drink all the kool-aid you want. Just don't get drunk on it and expect everyone else to jump on the bandwagon.
Darrin Lindsey July 19, 2021, 9:59 am Patty, there are no Americans being denied reentry into our country, no matter what their skin color is. On that same note, Cubans are not allowed to enter our country. They haven't been able to for decades, except for a short time in President Obama's second term. There is a country wide demand for rights, by the Cuban citizens right now. President Biden just made it clear that we weren't going to accept anyone looking to flee the Communism.
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