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Jess Henkle, Director of VGH Nursing & Rehab, partnered with Kirkwood Community College for the Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A) Registered Apprenticeship Program. VGH was the first nursing home in the region to sign on for the opportunity. Honored at the event were Alyssa Slight, Jess Henkle, Lisa Stein, Cindy Shaver and Jodi Bearbower.

VGH congratulates Alyssa on completion of the Registered Apprenticeship program which included geriatric training. A C.N.A. apprentice is hired as a full-time employee, as an earn and learn opportunity. They are assigned a mentor throughout a one-year training process, gaining greater skills and an increase in wages as skills are acquired.

Over the years, Kirkwood Community College has been a great partner and resource in training C.N.As and certified medication aides providing quality care in VGH's long-term care facility. A Certified Nursing Assistant helps patients with activities of daily living and other healthcare needs. In a statement to CBJ Journal, 2022 Workforce Innovation magazine, Jess Henkle stated, "Becoming a C.N.A gives you the chance to make a difference in the lives of others. C.N.As play a crucial role in the health care field, and right now, the demand is high. It is a fulfilling career for those that are energized by caring for others".

Virginia Gay Hospital congratulates Jess and the Nursing & Rehab staff for their continued excellence of care for those in our community and for pursuing innovative options to support educational opportunities.

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