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Tree planted in honor of 8th Grader Brennen Still

Brennen Still On what would have been Brennen Still's 14th birthday, May 4th, the middle school students and the Still family gathered to plant a Sycamore tree in memory of Brennen. Brennen was the young man who courageously fought a battle with cancer and passed away earlier in the school year on September 29, 2020.In honor of his life, the students gathered as the principal, Shelly Peterson spoke about Brennan.

The most wonderful place on earth isn't at Disneyland, it's in Vinton

I just need to face it. I'm getting soft in my old-er age. If I were sitting and talking to my friends I'd add on, "that or I've just had the crap kicked out of me enough that now I cry over everything." This of course would trigger someone in the group to say, "You need counseling!" I wouldn't disagree, but then, don't we all? Anyway, I just about turned into a blubbering old idiot in front of the post office tonight.
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Vinton Lions Club visited by Benton County Conservation Director

At their April 28th meeting, the Vinton Lion's Club met the new Benton County Conservation Director, Shelby Williams. Shelby is a native of Iowa County and an ISU graduate. She's been busy leading the department since February as they get ready for the summer season. Her duties include overseeing all 22 properties the county owns as well as getting all the buildings and facilities ready to go for visitors.

Welcome to the NEW Vinton Today

Tada! WELCOME to the new look of Vinton Today!This is the first in a few steps to getting Vinton Today to where we want it. The next thing to happen, won't affect you, you won't see it, you'll only notice it if something goes wrong. Next the "back end," the place where I spend all of my time loading stories, and ads, and "fixing things" will be reconstructed.

Vinton-Shellsburg High School Prom King and Queen Finalists Announced

Vinton-Shellsburg's Homecoming King and Queen Finalists Vinton-Shellsburg High School has announced the finalist for Prom King and Queen.Front (L-R): JJ Sloop, Ayden Bearbower, Damon Swenson, David Lapan-Islas, CJ Rickels.Back: Jaden Voshell, Maddie Atkinson, Emily Trinkle, Chole Tharp, Aza Swayser.The winners will be announced at Saturday's Prom.

How does it work again?

Someone asked me today a few questions about my article concerning the website fundraiser, so I'll try to clarify a few points for my readers.Why don't you use something like WordPress for your web design needs? There are times when "everyone else is doing it" that it might be okay. In the website business, it was clear early on that the traffic to this website is larger than any of us can even imagine.

V-S West Campus Students bring Journalism into the 21st Century

Traditionally, Journalism Class in high school brings back the idea of the school newspaper. For several years I've been wondering how long it would be before schools realized that traditional print is on its way out. Future journalism classed should include building websites, studying what works, what doesn't, design and what goes into that. While they are at it, they have their own little community to report on, the school district.

If you are feeding birds right now you need to read this

If you enjoy feeding birds, late winter can be a very exciting time as the migrants start to arrive and claim a place on the feeder beside the birds we've been watching all winter. It's also a time, however, to be extra vigilant about keep your bird feeders clean!Each year in Iowa, especially during late winter, our office receives reports of sick or dead birds at feeder locations, particularly in the southern part of the state.

Farm Bureau Financial Services, FFA plant trees in hard-hit derecho community

Area residents team up to plant trees in the Derecho damaged county Downed trees and branches scattered across yards throughout eastern Iowa in August 2020 after a powerful derecho ripped through the state. Fast forward nearly a year later and a comeback is taking root thanks to a joint effort between Farm Bureau Financial Services (FBFS), its’ agents and the Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter in Benton County.

Vinton Today prepares to roll out new website

Last year, just a few weeks before COVID hit, we began to plan to rebuild the Vinton Today website. Then, well everything was upended.Then we put that on hold figuring that we'd have people adjusting to the new situation. It's been a long process, but Vinton Today is finally just about ready to roll out its new website. For the last couple of years, our technology which brings you the news every day has slowly been breaking down.
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