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Laugh with Kathy: The Law of Good Intentions

While visiting my family in Texas over Thanksgiving, Gene enjoyed trap shooting one afternoon.  He talked about it for days (Like seriously days! It takes twelve hours to drive from Texas to Iowa and he JUST KEPT TALKING!), so I decided that a great Christmas gift would be to buy Gene a clay trap thrower.  How hard could it be?  Well, it turns out that it is a bit more involved than just having good intentions.

Letter to the Editor: And so it goes

Dear Editor:  Democrats and my critics will have a hard time backtracking if this works before other therapies are available.  My prayer is that recoveries increase and fatalities decrease!! And that researchers find plasma or other therapies 100% successful.  Time is of the essence we can’t wait for traditional double-blind trials.
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Being a Senior Citizen from the mid 1900's

It's finally happened. I'm old. I had shut the CD off in the car. The player holds 6, but some idiot wasn't that hip on how to change the disks, so while driving, she ejected a disk and pushed another one into the player. She forgot that there is an "eject" as well as a "load" button. It was the state of the art design for my 2002 Lexus. I now had 2 disks in the same slot.

Laugh with Kathy: Jurassic Park

There is a part of our yard where the grass meets the woods that I respectfully refer to as Jurassic Park. I say respectfully, because things cross into there and don’t come out again. We have lost bird feeders, shovels, potted plants and other items to the abyss. I have seen squirrels and chipmunks run into the woods not to be seen again. Our dog won’t venture past the grass line.

Laugh with Kathy: Games without Game Pieces

We’re all feeling the effects of Covid 19 in some way, and many people are trying to find ways to entertain their children while waiting for school to resume.  We have always lived quite a distance from our family, so long car trips were a regular occurrence for us.  Keeping our children entertained on these trips resulted in some great games without game pieces.

Area man demonstrates how to make a personal face mask without sewing

An area gentleman has been trying to find a way to make masks without the need for a sewing machine. The talented man could probably sew if he needed to, but he has been researching how to make a mask of his own that fits properly for him, as well as something that could be adjusted but with more layers than a simple bandana. Sharing with me that his future granddaughter, a lab tech, is required to hang her mask up each evening for use the next day saving it for a week, Steve Lucas decided to try his hand at making a mask simply and quickly without needing a lot of equipment to do it.

Laugh with Kathy: Green Acres

It is hard to imagine that we have lived in rural Iowa for over ten years now, and I’m happy to report that we are both still alive and facing each new challenge with a laugh and our trusty Kubota. My stories about our adventures have received so many comparisons to the old T.V. show Green Acres that I was determined to take a similar photo for our holiday letter.

Fun activities you can do online as part of your educational journey from home

Back in the good ol' days, before the internet, well, even before homeschooling was a thing, those of us who chose to homeschool had to rely solely on books from the library and curriculum that could be ordered. Now, homeschooling can be so much more fun and can expand outside the four walls of your home. If you look around, everything around you is an education.

Laugh with Kathy: Hello Neighbor

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in my home office when I turned around and noticed the back end of a large animal walking by my window. I jumped up and went to the front door to see what it was, only to discover a very large, curly haired dog in the front yard. When I opened the front door, the dog looked at me for a minute, then came right to me and leaned on my hip.

Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 treatment

Editor:To the critics and naysaysAs a WWII bomber pilot of the 8th Air Force reputed to have said after returning from a mission over Nazi Germany, "If I am taking Flak I know I'm over the target."Question?  Why are you critics so vicious?  My only intent is to inform. and see this pandemic ends as soon as possible. Make no mistake this virus kills without discrimination.
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