Letter to the Editor: Hinson Right or Wrong?

In response to Mr. Dorman (Cedar Rapids Gazette)Congress may write law and a President may sign the bill into law, but it is the bureaucracy that finalizes the regulations. Congress routinely writes law that is vague (on purpose) and requires interpretation by various Exec. branches. These regulations have the power of law and are adjudicated in an Administrative Court.

Letter to the Editor: Get Your COVID booster

Dear EditorAll signs are pointing to a winter surge of COVID infections this winter, yet less than 4% of the population - far less in Iowa - are up to date with their booster shots. This will potentially lead to thousands of needless deaths across the country in the next few months. In Iowa, this highly preventable illness has killed more people in 2022 than it did by this time in 2021, thanks to COVID-Kim Reynolds and her policy of doing nothing through denial.

Letter to the Editor: Gas Prices - who's at fault?

Dear Editor, OPEC announced they are drastically cutting back oil production, which will send gas prices higher. Who wants to bet there will be letters to the editor claiming that rising gas prices are Biden's fault? Anthony Bopp

Letter to the Editor: Credit Card tracking of gun and ammo purchases

Dear Editor, Not only is this happening but there has been an infiltration of boards of directors at many of the big banks to avoid financing companies with a low EFG score.  Such as oil drillers, refiners, wholesalers, and retailers. I'm back in time to the forties when I was a toddler.  We were able to get rid of kerosene lanterns for light and get electric lighting.

Darling Conversations

For a generation that starts off its day with ingesting all different forms of media alongside their breakfast burritos and avocado toast (add Everything Bagel seasoning-it's DELICIOUS). I can't help but feel disappointed in the lack of meaningful conversations taking place around our collective dinner tables regarding everything we've seen and heard.

Letter to the Editor: An Investor Account and the Results

Editor: September 26, 2022Just looked at my Charles Schwab account, at the close today.   Not a large sum for decades of saving and investing, still a good savings;  but I looked back further.  On January 4, 2022 the value took an unrealized capital loss of 18.33% loss.  My IRA account has seen similar losses.  The biggest one was during Obama’s Administration minus $400,000 on my IRA account.

Letter to the Editor: Battery Facts

Dear Editor, Think again before we think "renewable energy" is cleaner than hydrocarbons.  Soon our landfills will be overburdened with windmill blades Also I have been led to believe the massive concrete base of windmills deteriorates over time so when the windmill lives out its life the base is not usable for a replacement windmill - ever - ever.

Letter to the Editor: Enough is Enough - Bad Behavior Must Stop

 Dear Editor,There’s an unfortunate trend continuing in Iowa and across the nation that must be addressed: the negative behavior of some coaches, parents, and fans at high school athletic events.Far too often, we see yelling, harassment, disrespect, and even physical assault directed at high school referees, umpires, and other officials during and after games.

Letter to the Editor: Inflation and other thoughts

Dear Editor: President Biden stated just days ago – “zero inflation”.  Hmmm?  My order of small fries at Mcdonald's went from $2.02 to $2.34 in about four weeks = 15.8% increase.  Lately, my Planters small pack of cashews went from $1.25 to $1.50 = 20% increase.  No there is no inflation – DUH!?  Oh, and I am not looking at my IRA or my Schwab Account for now – horrors.

Letter to the Editor: Never Forget

Dear Editor, I see a lot of people posting the phrase "Never forget." But never forget what? Here are a few things of which this day should always remind us.Never forget that there is evil in the world.Too many Americans during times of prosperity and peace, forget that true evil exists. Too often they try to placate and pacify evil for far too long simply allowing it to grow and fester in severity.
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