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Letter to the Editor: Deference

Editor:Aurora Borealis ---- is weird flying through green clouds, but beautiful and awesome at the same time.I witnessed this phenomenon over 50yrs ago while on Active Duty USAF.  I was based at Walker AFB, Roswell, New Mexico.  This mission was out of a base in Alaska.  Our KC-135 Stratotanker was as full of JP-4 fuel as temperature and runway length would allow.

On this day 11 years ago

Thank you Vinton for 11 years of support for Vinton Today! The last few years my ability to remember to send birthday cards, or say "Happy Anniversary" to my kids has just fallen off the radar. It's not that I don't wish them all the best and love them to pieces, I just can't seem to juggle everything. Today Facebook popped up with their memories of what I had posted. It's a good thing they have one because obviously I don't.
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Vinton Today, doing it for the smiles

I had a short chat with Vinton Today's "Sports Guy," Jeff Holmes last night. He shared that after shooting over 1,500 photos, and then spending hours on the computer going through and photoshopping some of the photos, and finding the perfect shots, he had uploaded 13 albums onto Vinton Today's Facebook page.Now let me tell you something about Jeff's philosophy.

One Ringa Dingy, Two Ringa Dingies

People like it when I write about funny stuff. So do I. It usually means I've chuckled all the way through just remembering it. Just typing the headline took me back to Lilly Tomlin and a skit she did as a switchboard operator and if you know what I'm referencing, you're old!Some of the controversial topics that I've written about have made my phone ring, and in a good way.

A Green New Deal might leave you Turning Blue

I have mixed emotions on the whole idea of wind turbines and solar panels. This past week has been a struggle for several of my friends and family who live in the balmy south.Vinton and the school district are looking at solar power and while that's all well and good, my experience with it as a kid has warped me into hating the word "solar." As a result of believing "the science" my private school installed solar panels.
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EEK a Trump Supporter was helping

I suppose I really shouldn't be online as much as I am, and yet, this job requires it, so it's a hazard. (I am resisting all kinds of smart-aleck remarks right here.) I am continually amazed at the sheer, I want to say stupidity, but some of you might get offended if I used that word. Let's see I'm amazed at the sheer whininess of people. No, it's not really whining.

Argh, she's mighty educated fer me, but wha' do I know

A Washington Post writer of tales, decided t' post an tale about how we shouldn't romanticize pirates. Th' poor dear be ridden wit' pirate poison.  Th' Super B game (we aren't allowed t' use th' proper name because of its trademark), apparently had a crew called th' Buccaneers. 'n that brought out all th' fun lovin' crazy scallywags, includin' Wench Jamie L.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the present, Remembering the past

Editor:This is our second day of being snowed in.  At approximately 1:00 PM today a Benton County Secondary Road Maintainer went by our East-West road; he then preceded South opening up the roadway to Highway 218, our normal pathway to Vinton.  We are grateful for his service to our community.  We now have to open up our driveway to our frontage road, but I am not as capable as I once was, so we wait for our Tenant Farmer, friend and good neighbor to arrive with his giant John Deere Tractor and homemade blade to scrape our driveway.
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Getting the news to you: A Three Hour Tour

A few days ago I prepared to begin an article. The story began with an email that took roughly 3 hours to take care of. It wasn't a problem on the end of the sender, it was restraints on my website. First I put all of the information onto the website, and then I walked away and forgot to save it. I put the information on a second time and started to add the corresponding pictures, and then saved it that time.

Thanks Guys

We had this much snow Thank you to all of the men out there that drove around in their pickups and tractors complete with blades on the front of them this weekend. Thanks especially to every guy out there that took a ribbing from the women in their lives about their "toys." Thank you to the guys in the small tractors, the four wheelers, the ATV's. When we get as much heavy snow as we did this weekend, every woman that has to shovel is looking out the window in hopes of one of those knights in shining armor to roll up and plow the driveway, or hoping that someone with a snowblower will have pity on them and stop by.
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