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Trying to function with a cold nose

I've noticed that life can go from a dull and boring pace to warp speed in no time flat. Right now I'm in the warp speed pattern and missing the dull and boring. I stumbled in the door after a 12 hour day and collapsed into bed on Friday, vaguely thinking that it felt a little chilly in the house, but I had just come in, and was too tired to ponder it further.

Letter to the Editor: VMEU board vacancies and appointments

Dear Editor:I understand that there are now two vacancies on the VMEU Board of Trustees, so I have written to Mayor Maynard to urge him to appoint Amy Edison to one of those seats. Ms Edison previously applied to serve on the board and is not only qualified to do so, but she brings unique actuarial expertise to the table.Over the course of several meetings this past fall and winter, I watched as the mayor and council moved to (re)appoint someone to the board contrary to state nepotism and gender balance laws.
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Letter to the Editor: Threats and Intimidation Unacceptable in Vinton

Dear Editor, Recently a member of the community was threatened with violence for providing a service to the citizens of Vinton. On the surface, it may appear Ms. Valerie Close misinterpreted the intent of the comment. No city wants negative publicity. Having meetings recorded could be unsettling to board members as they may feel under a microscope.

All you need is love

Today is the day that all of the sweethearts take a day to show their love for their mates and sweeties. It's a day for the rest of us to look on and cheer you on as you continue your journey together to your happily ever after.Marriage isn't a piece of cake, even though it often starts with one. It has it's ups and downs and hopefully, there are more ups than downs.

Saying goodbye to a giant of a man

I suppose there is in the memory of every former child a teacher that will stand out to you as you think back on your childhood. My kids don't have much variety in that department. One of my sons filled out the Facebook "fill in the blank" form that was going around about your teacher in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade....for every grade he filled in the same thing, "Mrs.
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Letter to the Editor: Threat to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am having a hard time with the statements made by a Marion police officer about threats (during a TV story which included an interview with VT editor). Did he mean that the police officers decide if the threat is credible? If the threat was said in the heat of the moment? If the person that made the threat is sorry that they did? (More than likely if a police officer is asking if they meant it-the answer will be NO!) I was arrested for telling a police officer "I'm not going to let you take my truck!" That was said in the heat of the moment.

Letter to the Editor: Requesting the City to do the right thing

Dear Editor,I have been wondering if any of the City Council members took the time to read the papers that we gave them?I understand that they passed it off to the City Attorney. Passing the papers off is not what we asked for, that isn’t what we asked for, And we explained that in the very beginning of the letter! And as I stated before, It doesn't take a scholar to figure out that neither the City’s ordinance or The Iowa Code were followed in their entirety.

Those Dang Russians, there they go messing with our elections again

Have you ever planned for months and months, saved your pennies, nickels and dimes, packed your bags and headed down the road for your vacation, arrived and then decided to just drive on by? That's kind of what happened last night with the Iowa caucuses.The Democrat candidates dumped millions of dollars into Iowa's economy, spent all their time here counting on, well, people counting, only to discover that they were ripped off.
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Caucus Predictions, just for fun...

I love politics for the most part. I have to admit I've never gone to so many presidential rallies in one year before, but I found it fun, entertaining and I really did enjoy seeing the candidates up close and personal.Next week all of the political ads will take a bit of a break and I predict that Iowans will choose Joe Biden.Why?Because...Tom Steyer has convinced us that he really is a LOT like Trump, and I’m not sure if Steyer has figured out that in his world, that is NOT a good thing, but hey we learned that rich guys can buy a spot on the stage.

A Joke is only a Joke when People Laugh

Click to viewI've attempted this article several times over the last 10 days. Many of you have asked about the apology at the City Council Meeting last night. I will try to both delicately yet as strongly as I can explain what that was all about. Following the VMEU (Vinton Municipal Electric Utility) Board meeting last week, I stumbled into a conversation that was happening about the "bad media press coverage" that Vinton had been getting lately.
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