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Laugh with Kathy: Swim With Your Feet

A number of years ago, Gene had a meeting in St. Thomas and we decided it would be a great anniversary gift to ourselves to combine business with pleasure. We had stopped in St. Thomas on our honeymoon cruise and it was our favorite island. Unfortunately, the President decided to fly into Eastern Iowa on that day and we scrambled to get to the airport before they closed it down for several hours.

Life after Cancer, Laugh with Kathy: I feel so Stupid

“I feel so stupid!” How often have we said these words after we have done something on impulse or carelessly? I couldn’t count the times. But most of these moments end up being funny stories after we have time to think them over.Several years ago, I was enjoying a warm, spring day and decided to go through my favorite car wash. I pulled in and a smile appeared on my face as I anticipated the rainbow of colors that would appear in the wash cycle.
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Letter to the Editor: Covid-19 Debate

Dear Editor,I have been hesitant to get into the Covid 19 debate but Vinton Today seems to attract wannabe medical professionals and Trump apologists. No, the President did not cause this pandemic but his dithering and ego has made the situation worse.I do not believe anything he says and neither should the American public. For two months before the virus starting to get going in the US, I attributed his nonsense including that the virus would just disappear and his unwillingness to understand the severity of the problem as just the ramblings of an ignorant self-absorbed person.

Letter to the Editor: How the Coronavirus kills

Letter to the editor:This video was sent to me by my good friend and TWA colleague.  We have known and trusted each other for more than 30 years.  He has never given me any false information.  I also want our many readers to know that I will never-never write anything I do not believe to be true.   As I understand it this virus crossed from animals, possibly a bat, to a man in Wuhan, China, although there seems to be no definitive establishment of where this virus originated.

Letter to the Editor: VMU Board Appointments

Dear Editor,As chair of the Vinton Municipal Utility Boards, I am in a unique position to understand and provide insight into the future needs of the utilities.The long term goal of both utilities is to provide the best possible services at the lowest possible cost to the citizens of Vinton.The short term need of the electric utility is prudent investment of assets.

Letter to the Editor: Speaker Pelosi's bill in response to Covid-19

Editor:These items were in Speaker Pelosi’s house bill on funding American workers who are not now employed or soon will be because of “shelter in place” rules required by most if not all State Governors.  Note that not one item helps any worker who has rent, food, or other items that need attention-  it takes cash.  This plague is not their fault, they need our help, not the junk listed below.

Letter to the Editor: Thanking Heroes

Dear Editor:I just want to thank all the unsung heroes we have working on our behalf during these difficult days--from elected officials to city, county and school district employees, to all the private citizens who are still performing essential services every day at their jobs despite the risk, like at Virginia Gay Hospitals and Clinics, and the folks at Fareway, the pharmacies the gas stations, the drive-up food folks, and the truckers who are supplying them all,   as well as to all the volunteers who are stepping up in whatever capacity to meet on-going needs in our area.

Letter to the Editor: Covid-19 pandemic

Editor,As I approach my 78th summer on this planet I have been encouraged to remain at home, but if I leave to purchase food, medications or adult beverages I am to maintain at least a six foot distance from other humans.  So, what have we learned so far?  The spread of this virus is not curtailed in Italy, and is growing in New York, Washington State, and California.

Letter to the Editor: Vinton Utilities $8 Million Cash Reserve

Dear Editor, No time like the present to help the citizens & businesses in our town when we need it most!As Kurt Karr pointed out in a letter to the editor on December 15th, the Vinton Municipals have a cash reserve of $8+ million dollars. Kurt also mentioned that this is enough money to cover every electric bill in town for two years!The COVID-19 crisis is going to have a significant financial impact on the majority of us.

Letter to the Editor: Shopping made funny

Saturday morning, since I'm in the older generation, I decided to do my weekly shopping myself without putting that ugly duty on to my family. No bananas, no potatoes but that's ok.I'll survive. I did grumble under my breath a bit. But when I got to the toilet paper aisle I laughed out loud. Busch  beer was on every shelf, almost the full length. Not sure what the message was,  but a few people around me had a few fun things to say.
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