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Letter to the Editor: Living in the Present; remembering the past II

Memorial day 2021 It has been my honor and privilege to have been asked to speak before certain groups on Memorial Day – 2008, 2011, 2013. I recently looked up these documents stored on my computer.  Each talk was slightly different, but the message was identical – remember the fallen.  I am now in my December and know the end will come, but the day and hour will remain uncertain.

Spiders, Crawlers and Web Bots target Vinton Today

This week has been crazy! With the schedule picking up, I am getting a reminder of just how busy life can be when things are normal!Then someone had the great idea that THIS would be the perfect time to launch a new website. Many of you have been emailing, or calling, or texting concerning the site, wondering were we were, did we know we were down, where's my email and so I think it would just be easier to pass along an [upd] from our tech guy.
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Dr. Seuss and Websites

I had forgotten that along with launching a new website, it might look good, function well and give you no problems, until you move the silly thing to the new home web address. I'd been looking at it and had been driving my web guy, who is the real brains behind the operation nuts with my many ideas and changing my mind on ideas.Today I was trying to explain what it was doing on my end of it.

Thank you from the Smith Family

"The family of Sergeant Jim Smith would like to thank the Independence community, our church families, citizens from across America, Iowa COPS, Governor Reynolds and other leaders of this state, the Iowa State Patrol and his brothers and sisters in blue for helping us through this very difficult time. Your support was, and still is, incredible as we navigate through life without our Superhero.

New Streets VS. New Internet Service

Updated: Service was restored at approximately 9:15 pm. For the second time, iVinton was hit by Boomerang Corp. as the two competed for underground space. Unofficial word is that Boomerang had cut service lines twice today. The first time along 10th St. The second time it has still been unconfirmed of where the cut has been made. However, it appears that it is on the 2nd Ave.
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Letter to the Editor: Thank You Vinton!

These past few days have once again reminded Julie and me how wonderful the people of Vinton are and have been for the past 32 years. We just sat down to relax after spending the past 3 hours reliving memories with old and new friends at Total Balance. It was a reception that we will always cherish as we [st] off to Dubuque. Our good friends at Bethlehem Lutheran, Tilford Elementary School, Vinton Unlimited, and countless close friends have also shared memories with us in their homes, along the street, or on Facebook.

Iowa Passes “Constitutional Carry” Just what does that mean?

So, Governor Reynolds has signed HF756. It’s being referred widely as the “Constitutional Carry” bill – meaning that a citizen of Iowa derives their right to carry a weapon from the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. So what has changed . . . and what hasn’t?As a disclaimer – I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV, Netflix or Prime.

Letter to the Editor: Hint of Impropriety

Dear Editor,Does the Mayor's employer winning bids for the City hint at improriety ? Iowa Code 362.5 Interest in public contract prohibited — exceptions.3. The provisions of this section do not apply to: d. Contracts made by a city, upon competitive bid in writing, publicly invited and opened.If you stopped reading Iowa Code 362.5 at the end of 362.
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Letter to the Editor: A note from and unhyphenated Patriot American

Editor:First off I am an unhyphenated Patriotic American, but I have been called a “bitter clinger”, a “deplorable –irreconcilable”, and lately a “Neanderthal” thinker.  And now according to Leonard Pitts’ opinion piece in the April 1 DMREG – I am a coward, liar, and a fool because I do not fall for the Liberal/Marxist/Communist wing of the Democrat party.

Getting back to nature

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a stupid person. Well, people without common sense I should say. And then I became one.I used to be in that smart group, the ones with common sense. The shook my head at the people that did stupid things. Do you remember the segment on Jay Leno's show called "Stupid Criminals?" It was a segment highlighting things that the criminals did that usually got them caught.
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