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Letter to the Editor: VOTE NO TO EMS

Dear Editor,How many of you realize that voting yes to ems will raise your taxes .68 cents per $1,000 of your land value? That is a lot of money! If your land is appraised at $100,000 you are paying an extra $68 a year...after they just raised our assessments 30%. It's already hard enough to live, and this is going to crush some people. How much mo

Reason 1,472,358,234,7453,190 to appreciate our government workers

In my last opinion piece about why to get a government job, it was misunderstood by some government employees, Some thought that I was saying that ALL government employees are privileged simply by having a government job. That could NOT be further from the truth!When I write about the elected officials and what they say in meetings, what they do, how they act, decisions they make and at times when they push the law, in my mind they are the "government" and thus the "get a government job" remark.
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When you don't follow the rules...

If anyone was watching today's Board of Supervisor meeting, I would bet that your blood pressure went through the roof. The frustration of watching and listening to everyone on every side of the room, all boils down to decisions made by the elected officials. People do make mistakes. We all get that.But after watching for an hour hour and a half, I was disappointed by several things.

Letter to the Editor To the Citizens of Benton County

Citizens of Benton CountyI am writing in response to the many statements and insinuations that Virginia Gay Hospital has not been transparent with use of state grant and county funds.Budget information was presented to the Board of Health on multiple occasions and reports were made on activities completed. Financial information was shared at the February 10th meeting.

Reason 1,472,358,234,7453,189 to have a county job

At today's Benton County Board of Supervisors Meeting, I found that I might just need to go back on blood pressure medicine. Today's meeting left me frustrated and wishing that as a teenager someone would have said, "Get a county job, or state job, basically any government job will do." In a government job the rules are optional, doing things that should not even hint at being questionable is normal, sometimes.
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Former BOH member addressed the BOS, sharing her experience and the law

The Board of Supervisors were reminded in a letter dated October 17, of the appointment to the Board of Health of Katilin Emrich. Currently serving on the Public Board of Health in Black Hawk County, Emrich reminded the supervisors of the law concerning the Board of Health and its functions as well as the functions of the Supervisors.In a move by the supervisors, it appears that they are disregarding the experience of Ms.

BOH and how to increase a budget by 130%

In all the hoopla the last few weeks, it has become clear to me that I have a lot of 'splainin' to do as Lucy would have told Desi...(If you don't get the reference, you're a young thing!)The Board of Health is responsible for two departments Environmental Health and Public Health. The Board of Health is responsible if there's a pandemic, an outbreak of E.

Benton Development Group urges YES vote for EMS

 Emergency medical services are a matter of life and death and essential for attracting employers and residents. Safety is at the top of everyone’s list when choosing where to live or locate a business. Safety includes police protection, a safe environment, and prompt medical attention in an emergency. Without emergency medical services, Benton County will lose badly needed opportunities for growth.
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This last couple of weeks, I've spent a ton of time reading legalese. When digging into how government works it's like putting a giant puzzle together. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you see a "but" or whatever the legal word or phrase that is used to indicate that what you just read may not apply, if...When you follow that rabbit trail, you are taken in a completely different direction.

No bailers were harmed in the making of a story

This week I was talking to a professional in the field of minds and how they work, or how they don't work. We were talking about words and how I sometimes just draw a blank. That's not good for a gal in this business. Then she explained that I can thank hormones for that. I was incredulous...see, I can think of THAT word but for the life of me could not spell the word "baler.
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