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Big Brother is Listening

You probably already know that if you use your computer to search for white bath towels, or car parts for your '65 Mustang, that your Facebook feed will now show you ads for these products. (Probably just typing that, will produce them on my computer.)I decided to let my 2-year-old granddaughter play on my spare cell phone. Just for giggles, mine and hers, I had changed Siri's voice to a British gentleman some time ago.

Making heads and tails of the Iowa COVID website, and doing the math

I decided to wade through the COVID number for our county once again. The information on the site is sometimes as clear as mud, so I thought it's only fair to drag you through all of the information too. This is information taken from on Saturday afternoon.Things like the actual population in each county are NOT included on the state's COVID website, but I added it in for reference.
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Letter to the Editor: Thank you to those who honored Veterans on Memorial Day

Dear Editor, As you have noticed on Memorial Day, Flags have been place lining our cemeteries and on veterans graves. George G. Luckey post 57 would like to thank those special people who helped us this year. Special thanks to Carol Arbuckle who arranged the Home School Group to help and America Corps and to Kelly Stephen and her students. Many hands make less work.

Thank you, again

First, before anything else, I want to say a great big, humongous THANK YOU to everyone who sent in checks and notes toward the website rebuild. We have crossed the 40% threshold and are on our way to 50% of the cost being covered so far. I do appreciate your continued giving toward this project. I always enjoy the sweet little notes that come with the donations.

Remembering Great Uncle Paul

My great uncle Paul who was killed while in training during WWII Memorial Day kind of snuck up on me this year. It's the time of year that we SHOULD pause and be thankful for our veterans and service members that didn't return home. Sure, we usually make plans to hang out with our friends and family and just relax on our day off from work, but if we fail to take a moment to say, "Thank you," we've failed. I had to stop and think about the veterans in my family.
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A letter to the Class of 2021

There's a book called, 'Oh the Places you'll Go," by Dr. Seuss that talks about all of the paths that your life will take. It's a favorite gift for graduates. It's a pretty good book of course. It doesn't tell you about all of the twists and turns though.It fails to tell you that the best place you can be is right here, right now in your life. As much as you might think that life is rough at this point, or that you are overwhelmed by the choices that you need to make, trust me when I say, your life will never be less complicated than it is right now.

National Police Week May 9th-15th

It almost slipped by without any notice to the residents of Vinton. It's National Police Week. In general, if you're like me, and I've said it before if you see a police officer your foot automatically lifts off of the accelerator and you say something like, "Oh no, what is the speed limit here??" We completely forget that they are out there unless of course, we need them.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the Present; remembering the past II

Memorial day 2021 It has been my honor and privilege to have been asked to speak before certain groups on Memorial Day – 2008, 2011, 2013. I recently looked up these documents stored on my computer.  Each talk was slightly different, but the message was identical – remember the fallen.  I am now in my December and know the end will come, but the day and hour will remain uncertain.
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Spiders, Crawlers and Web Bots target Vinton Today

This week has been crazy! With the schedule picking up, I am getting a reminder of just how busy life can be when things are normal!Then someone had the great idea that THIS would be the perfect time to launch a new website. Many of you have been emailing, or calling, or texting concerning the site, wondering were we were, did we know we were down, where's my email and so I think it would just be easier to pass along an [upd] from our tech guy.

Dr. Seuss and Websites

I had forgotten that along with launching a new website, it might look good, function well and give you no problems, until you move the silly thing to the new home web address. I'd been looking at it and had been driving my web guy, who is the real brains behind the operation nuts with my many ideas and changing my mind on ideas.Today I was trying to explain what it was doing on my end of it.
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