Letter to the Editor: Inflation and your Investments

Editor:As of last Friday's close I have lost $28,369.98 from the high of Jan 4, 2022 on my Schwab account (basically a 17.70% loss in just 10 months).  Technically this is an unrealized loss as I have not sold all of my Schwab investments.  But the more important losses are to my IRA accout that I rely on for most of my retirement income.

Darling Conversations: Affect Heart

I was one of those kids who were fortunate enough to not be saved from the worst humanity had to offer. Just having ringside tickets to the gore and horror probably would have been enough for anyone in childhood to grow up permanently desensitized by the cruelty. Completely blind to the suffering of others. Somehow I went in the opposite direction, empathy that was completely destructive.

Letter to the Editor: Re-Elect Thompson

Dear Editor, A few years ago, Ken Popenhagen, former Benton County Sheriff, stopped by my farm for a visit and it lasted over three hours. We talked about everything from A to Z, and of course we talked about politics. The name David Thompson came up. Ken, a Republican, told me that he and two or three other law enforcement officers around the county (you know who you are) were unhappy about the job performance of then county attorney, Ray Lough in the 1990’s.

Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal

Note to Ms. Gould: The $80B needed to hire over 80,000 new IRS agents is justified?  Where is this money coming from?  Do you have an answer??  I think not.  You are just going along with the WOKE Dem crowd.  The majority of tax revenue is not from the super-rich, but from the rest of us.  As an aside my property taxes increased this year by approximately $2,000.

Letter to the Editor: Ads by Liz Mathis

Editor: I recently witnessed Liz Mathis ad against Congresswoman Hinson; claiming Ms. Hinson favored “no abortions” under any circumstances.  I am not writing to defend the Congresswoman’s stand on this matter; she is fully capable of defending herself, but I find this ad to be disingenuous!   One killing is a tragedy two is outrageous.

Letter to the Editor: Axne votes from Paris

Editor:Congress is no more a voting body representing the people.  Our Republic is a Representative Democracy.  We must have responsible people representing our needs.  Speaker Pelosi is running a dictatorship. No one  Representative or small group writes proposed legislation, it comes from an elite group or staff, and from that, there is no time for debate, consultation, or compromise.

Letter to the Editor: Thompson distorts the record

Dear Editor, County Attorney David Thompson has distorted the record by misrepresenting his opponent's trial experience.In the October 7th article written by county attorney David Thompson he wrongfully suggests that Ray Lough lacks major trial experience.After graduating from law school Ray was hired as a public defender for the Nashville Metropolitan area.

Letter to the Editor: Hinson Right or Wrong?

In response to Mr. Dorman (Cedar Rapids Gazette)Congress may write law and a President may sign the bill into law, but it is the bureaucracy that finalizes the regulations. Congress routinely writes law that is vague (on purpose) and requires interpretation by various Exec. branches. These regulations have the power of law and are adjudicated in an Administrative Court.

Letter to the Editor: Get Your COVID booster

Dear EditorAll signs are pointing to a winter surge of COVID infections this winter, yet less than 4% of the population - far less in Iowa - are up to date with their booster shots. This will potentially lead to thousands of needless deaths across the country in the next few months. In Iowa, this highly preventable illness has killed more people in 2022 than it did by this time in 2021, thanks to COVID-Kim Reynolds and her policy of doing nothing through denial.

Letter to the Editor: Gas Prices - who's at fault?

Dear Editor, OPEC announced they are drastically cutting back oil production, which will send gas prices higher. Who wants to bet there will be letters to the editor claiming that rising gas prices are Biden's fault? Anthony Bopp
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