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Letter to the Editor: SCOTUS and Responsibility

Dear Editor: Greetings and salutations. It was an interesting discussion on the aspects of the SCOTUS decision on reversing ROE V WADE.  This was never law as some have stated as the Judiciary cannot make law but only make decisions on whether the law is constitutional or otherwise legal.  The Democrat Left has made it a hallmark that if they cannot attain their result by legislation (as it should be) they search for an “activist” judge to rule in their favor.

Letter to the Editor: So, what happened with Roe V Wade on June 24 2022

Dear Editor, So, what happened yesterday when the SCOTUS overturned Roe AND Casey?  The “AND” is important because THAT is what prompted a review of Roe.  The short answer for us here in Iowa is that . . . NOTHING happened . . . not a single solitary thing changed . . . nothing . . . zilch . . . nada . . .At a national level it’s more complicated.
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Great Events for a Great Little Town

Every year I am in awe of the things that the Vinton Parks and Recreation do for our little town. They have a host of activities going year-round for the kids. Even in the winter, there pull-out bingo for a fun family night to break up the monotony. Their crowning event is always Party in the Park. It's a great time for kids of all ages. Starting with the kiddie parade, the event is clearly a fun time for all.

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the President

President of the United StatesThe Honorable Joe BidenThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.Washington DC, 20500 Dear President Biden:I am not sure whether to laugh, cry, or pour three fingers of bourbon whisky?  Just checked my Charles Schwab Account -  Hmm!  On January 4, 2022 was at its highest.  But I look today June 13, 2022, there is a paper loss of $27,663.

Thanks to all who Ran/Walked the Party in Pink Race

I don't know whether to say "most" or "a lot" of families in Vinton have a special place in their hearts for the Party in Pink Race. It's been held each year for the last 10 years, because of some women who have been there in the battle against breast cancer. Most/a lot of us have had family members who have fought the battle with breast cancer, many winning it, some losing it.
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Letter to the editor: New firearms restrictions

Editor: We now have some new restrictions on firearms pending in Congress.  But what are the numbers killed by gunfire in our major cities (short guns, i.e. pistols not long guns) hundreds on any weekend?  By who – gangs – drug runners, others?  Where did they get their weapons?  I went through the protocol – filled out the proper paperwork and was allowed to legally purchase the firearm of my choice.

Letter to the Editor: Laying Siege to the Institutions

Dear Editor,Re:  paraphrased from Laying Siege to the Institutions, Christopher F. Rufo,   April/May, 2022 issue of Imprimis a publication of Hillsdale College.He writes:  I say we need to lay siege to our institutions; because of what has happened to our institutions since the 1960’s.  (Many readers are too young to have experienced the violence of that time or the extremist organizations like, the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, or the Black Liberation Army.

Letter to the Editor: Have some gone too far?

Editor:Threats made to Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch like this one, “ I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanagh; you have reaped the whirlwind,  you will not know what hit you, if you carry through with these awful decisions”  Sounds like a threat – a bodily threat, and assassination threat?  But what decisions?  A disturbed person traveling from California made an attempt to invade Justice Kavanagh's home –WHERE HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN LIVE.
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Letter to the Editor: Do you have the right to live? Or a duty to die??

 Honest question.  Do you have the right to live?  If an evil and violent person picks you as their next victim – do you have the right to live?  Or is it your duty to our society to simply open your arms and allow yourself to be beaten, stabbed, choked or shot to death?  Do you have a duty to surrender – with the responsibility for your defense fully ensconced in whoever answers your 911 call? The response to my frustrated post on the Texas school killings has been illustrative.

Letter to the Editor: "Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs"

Editor:I received this article years ago, but it is more relevant now than when I received it shortly after 9/11.  Evil seems to be more prevalent now than decades ago; I have no answer why.  But with the latest shooting in Texas and now Two in Ames, Iowa, I must re-submit the following. as an adder - to those who carry arms. I submit the following prayer: Heavenly Father I do not wish to draw my weapon in my defense or others, but if I do may my aim be true - Amen  We need men/women of courage to defeat evil!  Blessings,John StiegelmeyerThus: "ON SHEEP, WOLVES AND SHEEPDOGS"UNCLASSIFIEDON SHEEP, WOLVES AND SHEEPDOGS By LTC(RET) Dave Grossman, RANGER, Ph.
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