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Understanding Total College Cost

By CHRISTINE HENSLEY Iowa Student Loan Board MemberBefore embarking on one of the most expensive journeys of a lifetime, your student should understand the complete cost to obtain the education needed for a specific career.Why It Matters* The total picture is important.Although your student will receive financial aid notifications before enrolling in college or a certificate program, these only show costs and aid for the first year.

Letter to the Editor: A Lesson in History

Editor:Ms. Gould,Your ignorance shows - that war did not last 20 years 1964-1975. The Vietnam War was first started with Advisors and Green Berets ordered in by John F. Kennedy, a Democrat. After his assassination with Lyndon Johnson as the new President, a Democrat and with the CIA creating Coup after Coup of South Vietnam leaders we got deeper and deeper into the conflict until sometime in the 65-68 era it turned into America's War.
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Letter to the Editor: Kabul and America

Dear Editor, Maybe my skin is getting thin in my old age but the disaster in Kabul has been weighing heavily on me. And to top the day off, proud Christian American that I consider myself, I read a request for emergency prayer from a pastor with missionaries in Afghanistan. Seems like 229 Americans have been sentenced to death TODAY by the Taliban. Any word from the media? Any word from the President, good, honest Catholic, pro-choice, liberal slime ball that he is?! Not a peep.

Letter to the Editor: Ignorance is Bliss

Dear Editor, I have not fully realized until this day how ignorant my critics are. You even typo your name in error. You have advanced degrees but show less intelligence, than the lowest of factory workers. Those who labor to better their families and their wealth are more educated than the majority with advanced degrees. As one wise person has stated, "I would choose at random the first five people in the phone book listings rather than any who chose politics as a profession, or anyone with an advanced degree".

Reading my mind: Books

I get to babysit for a special lady and her special little lady who just happens to be my granddaughter. We are on 3rd shift now, so that means bedtime and breakfast with grammy. Right now she's 2 and LOVES her books. Of course, she loves to talk as well. The two are sometimes a funny combination. Her latest favorite book is called, "Bread and Jam for Frances.
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Letter to the Editor: Post Turtle

Dear Editor, I read an article by Frosty Wooldridge this week that sums up my feelings."Half the people in America scratch their heads in wonderment concerning the Biden Administration. How did Joe Biden, after 47 years of accomplishing about as much as a chicken scratching in the dirt for worms, ascend to the presidency of the United States?It brings to mind the story of the "Post Turtle.

Letter to the Editor: Fubar

Editor:To all you Trump haters you got what you wanted Joe Biden is President, Kamala Harris is Vice President - Now What? Error after error after error! Four previous administrations cannot be blamed; this happened on Biden's watch. FUBAR! I am referring to the debacle in Afghanistan. We have thousands of troops in Korea - shooting ended in 1953, thousands in Japan - shooting ended in 1945, and thousands in Germany - shooting ended in 1945.

Reading my mind: Trillions

You know you might be a politician when you say, "I know Trillions of dollars SOUNDS like a lot of money." That was an excerpt from a brief conversation I had with a staff member that works for our Senator, Chuck Grassley.I get news releases from most of the elected officials every time they need to brag about what they did. Or whenever they need to cover their behind because they something that they know the people back home won't be happy with, so they need to spin it.
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Letter to the Editor: Immigration/refugees and Communism

Editor:Historically the United States Government has stood tall for freedom and against totalitarian Communism. We are not helping the people of Cuba with their latest street demonstrations and rebellion? No further sanctions by our government or any help to the demonstrators. Now we know that the Biden Administration has ordered the U. S. Coast Guard to turn back any Cubans boating to Florida---- Hmmm! But the Southern U.

Reading my Thoughts: Runaways

I've watched with a bit of a chuckle, the state representatives from Texas. The group decided that it would be a good idea to take off to Washington D.C. so that they could protest a bill in the Texas Statehouse. You know, like the spouse does who DOESN'T want to talk about "it," whatever "it" is. They'd rather run away and hide rather than come up with a good debate on the topic.
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