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Letter to the Editor: Secrets

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”  Jean RacineDid you know the Vinton City Council has been keeping a dirty little secret since March 26th? Did you know that on December 12, 2019, the Vinton City Council violated Iowa Law and even admitted it?  You didn’t?  Well, I did because I caught them and turned them in on December 31, 2019.

Graduates, Today is your Day, Every Day

It’s time for the annual graduation column. The column that is supposed to be light and funny and leave you with a bit of wisdom to carry with you for the rest of your life.Between COVID-19, riots, nothing being normal, not being able to see your classmates and having to homeschool at the end of your senior year, tha Class of 2020 definitely has a lot to remember.
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Laugh with Kathy: Itsy Bitsy Spider

After a beautiful yesterday morning, we stopped at the end of the driveway to pick up the mail and paper. Gene got out, gathered the mail, opened the door of the truck and handed me the mail and got in and closed the door. I unfolded the mail in hopes that I had won Publisher's Clearing House and a giant, black spider with a big white spot on it’s back was nestled in the fold of the mail.

Letter to the Editor: The boy on the beach

Dear Editor,To see one so young who exhausted did not bend his knee. Do we have enough Americans who have the courage of convictions, who believe in the preamble to the Declaration and Constitution?  Who would not cave when things looked so bleak?  Seeing the front of the landing craft drop and hearing the bark of the German MG-42 machine gun can you go forward?  We have an auto- firearm range near my home each summer.

Letter to the Editor: Biden sucks & Trump sucks more!

Are these really our two best options out of the millions of people in the United States? I'm guessing not, & we will never have a decent candidate because our government sucks just as much as the candidates. Let's face it, between the ridiculous electoral votes, (that shouldn't even be used anymore), the democratic voting process, & the fact that you have to have millions of dollars to even be considered, we will never have a decent president that is actually for the people, ALL of the people.

Letter to the Editor: Good cop, Bad Cop

Dear Editor.I agree there are more good officers than bad ones but the bad ones like the one that murdered Mr. Floyd should not have been allowed to remain on the force.  He had many charges against him and should have been fired much earlier.  The code that police officers follow that they stick up for each other and lie for each other must change.

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Vinton Police Department

Dear Mr Paxton,Please accept this email as a token of support and appreciation for the work you do to enforce the law on behalf of the residents of Vinton.The death of Mr. Floyd has, shamefully, been exploited to fan into flame deep divisions and unrest already present in our society. Sadly, segments of our population now revolt and riot against any and all authorities - and most savagely against the Constitution of the United States of America (a document whose protected liberties are now scorned).

If variety is the spice of life, I live on a bland diet

I had a note a few months ago that it was time to visit the eye doctor. Then COVID arrived and I just put it off. Then I started using a magnifying lens to read the fine print. And then things started to look a bit blurry on the computer, which required me to zoom in to work more comfortably. So I finally broke down and made an appointment. We went through the whole hand sanitizer and taking my temperature when I walked in the door.

Letter to the Editor: Freedom from Evil is paid for with Blood and Sacrifice

A number of years ago I found myself sitting in one of the front rows of a church listening to my son-in-law deliver the Eulogy for his dad. The heart of the eulogy was that Richard had been a “simple man” – loving father, devoted husband, good friend, a union welder. Just a rock-solid man . . . someone that was exactly what you saw.Jeremy’s eulogy came to mind as I mulled over some thoughts for Memorial Day and the over 1.

Nothing like a pandemic to test Moms

This Mother’s Day, like everything else this year will be different. You probably won’t go out for lunch. And yet it will be the same, if you do get carry out you will probably be the one to clean it up.This year moms have had to pull triple duty. Not only running the house and taking care of the kids the state made you honorary teachers!  Like moms do, you clenched you’re jaw and figured it out.
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