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Letter to the Editor: Who is our God?

Dear Editor,The rise of secular humanism over the past 70 years has created a religion-shaped hole in our culture. Many people have taken hold of the belief that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in or need of God. Secularism dominated our culture, yet failed to offer people a philosophy of meaning, purpose, and most of all, hope.

Letter to the Editor: Reality vs. Fear-mongering

Editor: SM:  I suggest you look at our history.  This was the first year of so of John Kennedy’s Administration – October 1962 – known as the Cuban missile crisis.  He was successful in downgrading this nuke threat to our Nation (Cuba is only 90 miles away) with daring and diplomacy.  Khrushchev  (USSR) backed down; we withdrew missiles from a nearby country to the USSR as a token (they were obsolete anyway).
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Letter to the Editor: In Support of Thompson

Dear Editor, Prosecutors can't please everyone all of the time. That's why competence and experience in a county attorney must outweigh party and pleasure. It must also outweigh “nice” and “mean.” It is in a county's best interest to have a bulldog for a prosecutor.David Thompson has been serving Benton County for 24 years. Thompson swells the county budget through assertive collection of fees and debts.

Letter to the Editor: What is an “American”?

Dear Editor, In a response to one of my recent musings on this Opinion Page I was asked how I could consider myself an American. An interesting question asked of a person exercising his most basic of all individual rights set down in our nation’s Bill of Rights – expressing his opinion in a public forum. But, what the heck – let’s drill down on the reasons that I believe I am, indeed, an American.

Letter to the Editor: The things people don't want you to know

Dear Editor, are you going to stop letting the government use you as a guinea pig?When are you going to stop letting the msm lie, & keep things from you?Please people, do your research.Time is ticking my friends, the future of our children, our grandchildren, depends on us.
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Letter to the Editor: Biden orders the U.S. into Romania

Dear Editor:Citizens, soldiers, sailors and airmen be on the alert.  This is a serious matter!!Biden as Commander in Chief ordered the 101st into Romania --- did I get that right?A retired Brigader General reports that they are on a combat footing??What the hell is he doing???   War powers reside in the Congress.  If the U.S. or U.S. forces are under attack - I believe the President as Commander in Chief has the authority to order armed forces to defend the homeland or our assets overseas.

Darling Conversations - Paused for this important message

Hi Readers! I'm hitting pause on my column Darling Conversations to address something I feel is a bit more important this week. You know, priorities.I've seen a lot of bashing of our County Attorney Dave Thompson this week and I think you may be interested in hearing from someone who isn't anyone important regarding his character.I'm a nobody here in Vinton.

Letter to the Editor: They-Them

Editor:I am not sure why I am so bothered by the following – but I am.  I attended Catholic Mass today as I usually do on Sundays, and was struck by the woman hood of some of my female friends; T. M. E. and others.  I adore them not in any romantic way but in the way they carry themselves and identify; without doubt to their sex.
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Letter to the Editor: Our community will crumble if our school does

Dear Editor, Rural Americans gather in school buildings for community events. We might vote there. We certainly engage with the next generation there – at first, it’s with our children, but then grandchildren, and if we’re among the luckiest among us, our great-grandchildren. Schools are the heartbeat of rural Iowa and of rural America.

Reading my mind: Karen

A website that I love has what they call a "Wall of Shame." It's used to highlight antics like the one I'm going to write about here. A few weeks ago, I quit reading comments on the opinion page by certain people. I know what they think, and I also know they don't hum "Let it go."  Most of the time it is the same handful of people over and over clubbing each other with their version of the truth.
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