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It's funny how the game of basketball conjures up memories for me, and not good ones. When I was a teenager, baseball/softball was more my game. That started in the backyard of the neighbor. Being the chubby player in high school, it was assumed that for sure I couldn't hit a baseball. Every time I stepped up to bat, the players moved in. I knew that if I could get them to move up to the baseline, I had 'em.

Happy Easter!

Hopefully, most of you will be able to spend time with your family this weekend.  The kids will be able to enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt provided by the local Kiwanis Club with the help of the residents at Windsor Manor and the Easter Bunny of course. Traditions are something that you don't realize until you're a bit older that you can look back on with a fond memory.
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“Cor·rup·tion” Defined

First I need to set the record straight. If you read the last opinion piece about the “F***” word....In that article I misspoke in the section concerning the role of the sheriff in the narrative. He was requested by Mr. Ben to be a witness to the removal of the camera. My heartfelt apologies to the Sheriff for getting that part wrong and I wanted to correct that for the public at the top of this article.

If Biden loses, it will be because Democrats defeated him

By Dave NaglePresident Joe Biden performed a remarkable, some would say historical, State of the Union address that sent Democratic hopes soaring toward his reelection chances. He was sharp, on occasion humorous, and handled the Republican challenges well.Many of his party members felt he had laid to rest the question of his age. Cash contributions to his campaign and the Democratic National Committee reached near record totals.

Letter to the Editor: Racoon Bounty - No!

Dear Editor,I am writing to urge the state lawmakers from Benton County to reject Iowa House File 2665, which proposes the implementation of a raccoon bounty program. As residents of Benton County, we cannot afford to support such a wasteful and ineffective proposal. The allocation of $860,000 annually towards a bounty program for raccoons is simply unjustifiable, particularly when considering the pressing needs within our community and the state as a whole.
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He's all out of F**** with which he can give

Editor’s note: This story was corrected. I misunderstood the chain of events when the sheriff entered the narrative. His presence was REQUESTED as a witness to the camera removal. My apologies to the Sheriff!)First of all, I want to say that this little county of ours rallied when it needed to. Unfortunately, it took that to probably spare a good man his job.

BENTON COUNTY RESIDENTS - Your attention is needed

On tomorrow's Supervisor's agenda there are two VERY IMPORTANT items on the agenda. Number 8 at 9:01 a.m. and number 15 at 9:30 a.m.9:01 a.m.Sue Wilber the Benton County HR director has a discussion  on the agenda concerning Iowa Code 2001: Section 331.502 to discuss the role of the Auditor. "Discussion/Classification of 331.502 General Duties" the agenda reads.

Letter to the Editor: Net zero wise or foolish

Editor:This past March 11 - the second Monday was an appointed meeting of the Ancient Order of Quiet Birdmen.  As you will learn, all members are experienced aviators.  The organization was started by combat pilots of WWI, in 1921.  Presently, there are over 200 hangars across the Nation and some in foreign areas.  Below is a portion of the Monthly report I sent to Beam HQ, my position is called "Beam Man"- the Beam is our monthly magazine with monthly reports of all Hangars, in other words, I am the "squibe".
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Don’t do away with county compensation boards

By Robert LeonardSome of the very worst elected public officials in Iowa are members of our county boards of supervisors. Sure, there are some fine ones, but many don’t have the sense God gave a goose.I’ve covered boards of supervisors meetings in seven different counties over the years, and generally, I’m not impressed. One supervisor engaged in repeated acts of domestic violence; another’s sole purpose of being on the board was to make sure he got enough gravel on the road in front of his house.

Letter to the Editor: Benton Community special election

Dear Editor, Striking to me how many citizens opt out of local and national elections. Case in point, 75% of eligible voters decided to stay home for Monday's Special election, wonder how many of these citizens will complain of the results? Mark Paulsen
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