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Reading my mind: Ethanol

The fun part of this job is that you get to talk to people in various careers. Farming is one that I have a great appreciation for, but haven't got a clue how to milk a cow. I did feed calves at my aunt and uncles when I was a kid, but that doesn't probably count. One of my loves is politics. I love it most of the time, and hate it equally as much the rest of the time.

Letter to the Editor: What is protocol?

Dear Editor,Preamble:  Tuesday afternoon on KXEL radio, Sean Hannity’s program featured a husband who called in that had lost his wife, Tammy, to the Covid virus.  I can’t relate the whole conversation, but I heard this, she was healthy, athletic, and should have enjoyed a long life with her partner, but she was taken by this brutal virus.
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Reading my mind: Cashless

Have you ever spent time to figure out how you'll get your debit card replaced without it affecting you? Believe it or not, it can be an ordeal, and I hate ordeals.My card has gone through the wringer. As I say that I realize that there might be readers out there that have no idea what a wringer is. Anyway, that's what my card has gone through. I remember dropping it once and it fell under a table.

Reading my mind: Convoy

The truckers, those mad, terrorists, the racist, thugs, had to go and start a convoy. The silly truckers think that it's time to lift mandates. Oh yes, they did. For more than 2 years these people have carted our toilet paper from sea to shining sea. They've made deliveries 24/7 and then the pansy of a man Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau decided that he's had enough.

Letter to the Editor: I'm not what I used to be

To our many readers:  Greetings and Salutations. I wish to announce openly and without reservation – I am not a strict Republican – I was once a voter for Democrats as well as Republicans, but in the ’80s or thereabouts I realized the Democrat Platform was way out there from my political thought.  That is; the Democrat Party left me not that I left them.
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Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court Nomination

Editor:Hmmm!  I have to bring this up.  History is important to our present - most would agree with that right?  We have been told repeatedly that - we can't change history, but we can learn from it.  Truism right?  Well, Well read further  ---  This is our Joe!    Thus:"WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden wants credit for nominating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.

Letter to the Editor: Grading the Governments performance on Covid

Editor:According to Stephen Moore the tally for how much the federal government spent to combat Covid-19 is $5 trillion more or less; more than the cost of WW1 plus WWII.  How successful was this effort and was it well spent?  Two years later what is the honest assessment?  Could things have been worse if the government had spent nothing and done nothing?  What would have happened if we had not shut down businesses, churches, schools, restaurants, parks, basketball courts, and playgrounds?  Would we as a free people have been better at protecting ourselves with the proper knowledge – without government interference?  We will never know the answer, but the left believes that it was government intervention that saved millions of lives.

Letter to the Editor: Russia - who else would they invade?

Editor:Russia 100,000 + soldiers and heavy equipment on the border of Ukraine.Hmmm!  One wonders is an insertion into Turkey next and would Greece make it easier?  Good Grief!  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.Regards,John Stiegelmeyer
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Reading my mind: Goodbyes

The upside to getting older is getting older. The downside is the many, many goodbyes that you say. Part of my job is reporting the obituaries that come in. Each time you realize this was someone's father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, or son. Then at some point, it hits you. Eventually, you'll find me on this page. You begin to realize just how short life is.

Hey! Where'd you go???

Did you miss me?? Apparently, when I need to get a new debit card ordered because the last one had been through the mill, I forgot that it would stop all of the emails going out!Had my poor tech guy looking for technical issues that weren't there, ooops, aren't I embarrassed!  But it was nice to hear that you all missed your email!Here's a lat
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