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Reading my mind: EasyBaking

A few months ago, the microwave that I had been saving until my old one died, finally came out of the box. It was the Coca-Cola red color, which I am so over now. That’s how long I had been waiting to open the new microwave, It's always fun to have a new gadget, so I plugged it in and used it for a while. Then it died. The microwave I had bought on a clearance rack for $10, was worth that $10.

Letter to the Editor: We the people deserve answers!

Dear Editor, There has been a lot of controversy over these vaccines & mandates, & it's only getting worse. Our government should not be censoring us, keeping information from us, & downright lying to us about what is going on. A few weeks ago, I sent a ton of information to our Public Health director, & asked for a response to every piece of information that I wanted her to look at.
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Letter to the Editor: Living in the Present - Remembering the KIA

Dear Editor One day before Veterans Day my thoughts flow back to my time on Active Air Force Service.  I served in Strategic Air Command as a Squadron CoPilot on KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft built for the U. S. Government by Boeing.  God bless the aerospace engineers who designed and God Bless those that bucked the rivets that put the many pieces of aluminum together.

Letter to the Editor: Fear, the Democrat's tool of choice

It’s a powerful emotion that can allow a person to recall a single instant in time . . . It can turn them into a quivering mass of flesh . . . It can make them cower . . . It can “change their mind” . . . it can destroy a person. We all have such moments in our past. A few of mine would be . . . • That moment when my teacher said . . . “If you don’t change your behavior, I’ll call your mother!!” • My very first homecoming dance with Susie and my mom saying something like .

Reading my mind: Goodbyes

Bonnie and granddaughter Chloe in 2014 during one of the last farm visits with area children. The older a  person gets, the more you say goodbye. I know that's probably obvious. But sometimes you don't realize that you're officially getting old until you start counting up how many there have been. Sometimes the goodbyes are to loved ones you cared for immensely, and sometimes it's an acquaintance.  This week our little community lost a special lady that impacted more people than she probably realized.
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What happens in Vinton...stays in Vinton

Supposedly wind took out some of our Scarecrows, at least that's what one of them told me. But another of them said that the food was great, but the party was even better. Saturday these Scarecrows were standing proudly outside the businesses, especially on A Ave. but I have my suspicions that after the businesses closed down for the weekend, the Scarecrows came to life and had a little too much fun.

Letter to the Editor: Response

Response to Darrin Lindsey -Sure . . . let's get our "facts" in order. First, I never said that a militia was defined in the Constitution. Its meaning was simply understood. Britain had a tradition of militias dating back to the 1100s. They knew, in a very real way, that the individual, the family, the community were responsible for their own defense.

Letter to the Editor:2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties, Can there be such a thing

Yesterday, October 12th, 2021 Benton County became the 23rd of 99 Iowa counties to become a "2nd Amendment Sanctuary County". Just what does that mean exactly? The paragraph in the resolution that most clearly states the position of the Benton County Supervisors is this one . . ."WHEREAS, the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the defense of life, liberty and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people of Benton County, Iowa;"It is an acknowledgement that the right to keep and bear arms is "inalienable" and beyond the reach of the government.
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Reading my mind: Duck!

There's one thing I love, and it's babysitting a special little two year old. Well, most of the time. Actually, 99.9% of the time. It's that remaining teeny tiny of a percentage that brings me out of dead sleep with a scream, or the case last night being smashed in the nose. But those are even eclipsed by the times that I'm awoken with giggles in her sleep.

Reading my Thoughts: Cars

A couple of weeks ago, I went downtown to the store. I came out and my car was dead. "Oh great, I left the lights on," I thought and immediately started down the list of my kids trying to figure out which one might be able to rescue me. Of the 6, I came up with 0. Plan B. Call the mechanic."Hey, can you come downtown and jumpstart my car?" Out of the goodness of his heart, he came downtown when it was close to 90 degrees and rescued me.
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