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It's "Fair" to say that I'm a city girl

Most of the time I love this job. And most of the time I'm the weird untraditional sort of "reporter" that isn't doing it like the big guys. I'm sure you wouldn't catch a single one of them giving a hug to a gal crying because she just lost everything she owned, Nor would you see them pondering if they should go to the nearest ATM and give the gal some cash to get her through.

Laugh with Kathy: Postal Emergency

A few years ago, when I was expecting the arrival of my first grandchild, I purchased a sheet of stamps and framed it for the baby’s room.  I told my daughter-in-law that the gift served two purposes.  It was decorative art for the baby’s room and in case of a postal emergency; she could just break the glass and use the stamps.  We laughed at the time but I got a strange piece of mail in my box this week and it seems that “postal emergencies” are a thing.
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Letter to the Editor: 2 Week tour cancelled, all monies not refundable

Vinton native Jesse Hepker was very excited for his senior year. After being nominated by his high school choir teacher, Jesse was selected to represent his state as part of the Iowa Ambassadors of Music on a two week trip to Europe this July. Jesse should have been joining 3,700 other music students and families of the US on what would have been the trip of lifetime.

Tolerance will not be Tolerated

During the COVID-19 pandemic it has been interesting to watch the drive this has created to internet use. People are now finding that you need to go to online platforms for essentials like groceries if they cannot go out. We now use it to hold meetings or to even see the doctor. I actually loved my online doctor's visit. I can talk to the doctor in my living room, and NOT have to drive 2 hours.

Letter to the Editor: Drug Effectiveness Discussion

Editor:I hope none of you Gould, Linsey, or Schwartz come down with COVID-19.  I also hope if you do get it you can recover at home without drug therapy.  If you do feel shortness of breath - don't delay call your medical practitioner immediately.  If you are unfortunate enough to be placed on a ventilator pray for a miracle for you have an 80-90% chance of not surviving.

Getting lost in the curls

In all of the COVID-19 concerns, and wondering about the future, and shaking my head at what we are doing to ourselves because of it, sometimes I need some time to step away from it all. It seems like I need to do that more, the longer this goes on. With all of the debates on the Opinion page about what we should do, shouldn't do, who did what, who didn't do what and what we are doing now or aren't doing now, I try to follow along and figure out what I think for myself.

Laugh with Kathy: Known Traveler Number

Shortly after we moved to rural Benton County, the local newspaper printed a series of articles about disaster preparedness. The premise of the article was that if there was a disaster in your area and you had to leave your house for a week, could you grab everything you need in less than ten minutes? Then there would be a short list of items you should be able to access quickly.

Letter to the Editor: Gingrich on Controversial Treatment

Dear Editor:To Norma Gould and others: Did you click on the link to Democrat State Senator Karen Whitsett?  The drug therapy you state is unproven, but I don’t think it matters much to those who are out of choices.  Medicos are starting to think that when a patient is put on a ventilator that it may not be the appropriate therapy.

Laugh with Kathy: You can write

The first time someone told me I could write I was in 8th grade and my English teacher recommended me for Advanced English. She also assigned me to be the sports editor for the school newspaper for my 9th grade year.  I was shocked.  She told me that I had a gift for writing.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a gift for sports, and I was stumped on how this was going to work out for me.

It's Political Season time for Spring Training

The other day I made a rare trip to the grocery store. Hey, I ran out of milk and while the place used to be packed to the gills, I opted to spend a little more at the gas stations rather than wade into a sea of bodies for half a gallon of milk, I'm weird that way. So anyway, since the store looked relatively normal for traffic so I took a leisurely stroll through.
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