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Letter to the Editor: The war Ukraine vs. Russia

Dear Editor:I have no way of verifying this article, but we need to see this anyway.  We can not count on the MSM to assess this war as it is. nor can we count on the Biden Administration to spend our taxpayer money wisely.  We already have a $33T national debt. How can we sustain more?Thus:Seymour Hersh Claims Ukraine ‘War Effort’ Is ‘All Lies’: ‘The War Is Over – Russia Has Won’By Frank Bergman Renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed that the U.

Are the debates worth listening to? It's debatable.

I am a political junkie. If there's something going on politically, I'm there for it. Until Wednesday night's "presidential" debate. When I think of the word presidential, I think of something with class. (I am pausing right here to let all the smart remarks pass through without saying them.)The debate was so awful that I shut it off for a while. Mostly because it sounded like all the kids were arguing and I couldn't send them to their rooms.
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Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal

Editor:I have to call out Rosemary.  I did not write that the money received by Illegals was from Social Security. They got the money from somewhere probably from  welfare funds..  The deal is the leftist Marxist of the Democrat Party loosening the requirements of welfare to give our taxpayer dollars to those who invaded our Nation; these funds should only go to our citizens who need a hand up.

Letter to the Editor: A rebuttal

Dear Editor:Why are you critics so obsessed with defending the indefensible?  The border is open in defiance of Federal Immigration Law.  These illegals are getting money from somewhere.  The video I was referring to was a Tucker Carlson segment found on TicTock.  Perhaps if you look there you will find it.  I am not surprised that you defenders could not find any information to substantiate my opinion piece.

Letter to the Editor: Caregiver Wellness Day

Dear Editor, Support local caregivers! National Family Caregivers Month in November honors family and friends who take care of an aging loved one. Caregiver Wellness Day on November 6 in Cedar Rapids will treat caregivers to a day all about themselves at no charge thanks to local sponsors. Call Heritage Area Agency on Aging at 319-398-5559 to register by October 30th.
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Letter to the Editor: Social Security vs. Illegal Arrivals

Dear Editor:It has just come to my attention by an email and video from my good friend from Arizona that the average American worker working from High School to 65 can expect an average benefit from Social Security of $1,400 plus change per month, but the Biden Administration is paying the illegal wave crossing our Southern border paying them $2,200 per month.

Letter to the Editor: Is the Biden Administration for or against Americans?

Dear Editor, President Joe Biden is in office to serve OUR country and OUR citizens.  Right??  The man is picking and choosing where he wants to visit and where he wants to send money to HELP.  I am assuming he knows where he's at and who he hands the money to.  [I know most of the time he doesn't know if he's teaching a class at some university or having a memorial for 9-11 in Alaska rather than in New York which would be more fitting.

Letter to the Editor: Yard Waste Removal Hassle

Dear Editor, I was wondering if I am the only Vinton resident who doesn't like the current hours of our yard waste site???? What a pain when working and then have to wait till 4 during the week to take out yard waste?? If there's a problem wouldn't cameras do the trick and catch the perpetrators?? Roger Uthoff
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Sound Bites: McDonald's Updated the Rules

Unfortunately, the folks at McDonald's and I have become best buddies. So much so that they now send me email. Like this one informing me that they have updated the "Terms and Conditions" I think it said. Apparently, they have been spying on me. "Obey the rules of the road," It said in part. As my kids would do, I rolled my eyes and said, "Yes, Mother.

Misguided government proposal targets ‘vexatious’ people

By Randy Evans, Iowa Capital DispatchMany decades ago, Mrs. Gentry and Mr. Halferty put up with an inquisitive kid’s classroom questions about American democracy and the workings of government.I did not imagine back then how the meaning of some words could take on such importance in government. Take, for example, a much-talked-about word in Iowa last week, vexatious.
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